Albuquerque area free Christmas and holiday assistance.

Less fortunate children in Bernalillo County can receive help at Christmas or Thanksgiving. In addition, entire families that meet certain low income guidelines may also seek assistance at all the major holidays. Some of what may be provided includes free toys for a child, Christmas meals, gifts or food baskets, gifts cards, and even home visits to the elderly in Albuquerque in order to spread holiday cheer.

The main program in the Bernalillo County area is Toys for Tots as well as Adopt a Family. Based on donations from the community, a child may receive a wide variety of presents. There may be games, electronics, clothing, shoes, Christmas stockings, and more. There are income restrictions in place and the parent will need to register.

However, there are other holiday assistance programs as well. They range from free Adopt-A-Family services to food baskets, meals, and more. The main charities to try for information as well as referrals are below.

Project Share Inc.
Address is 1515 Yale SE
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87106
Main phone - (505) 242-5677
Food is offered from this charity. However, during the Christmas season there is an Adopt-A-Family program. Volunteers acquire clothing, small toys, food, meat, toiletries and more for less fortunate families.

Toys for Tots
This is run in partnership with various non-profits, the Albuquerque Department of Family and Community Services, local charities that offer donations, and the U.S. Marine Corps. Low income families with children can apply. Proof of residency, income, identification, age, and more is offered. The end result may be a free Christmas present or gift card for the child under 10 years of age, based on donations.
Some of the key partner registration sites in Bernalillo County for Toys for Tots include the Dennis Chavez Community Center, Los Griegos Health & Social Services, Cesar Chavez Community Center, and more. Applications can be done online too. Apply here.





Resources Inc.
They only offer Christmas help to parents or children that were impacted by domestic violence. Assistance at the holidays in run in partnership with Bernalillo County Sheriff's Department Victims Assistance Unit and the Police Unit. The phone number is (505) 884-1241.

Haven House
Rio Rancho, New Mexico 87174
Dial 800-526-7157 for information.
They also only support domestic violence victims with the help of volunteers. Thanksgiving or Christmas meals, small toys, and more may be provided.

From The Heart Foundation
Referrals may be given to Christmas programs in Bernalillo County. The phone number is (505) 256-7664.

PB&J Family Services
1101 Lopez Road SW
Albuquerque, 87105
The non-profit supports children that were abused in Bernalillo County. An adopt a family program is run.





Salvation Army Seasonal Services
There are several in the region. The non-profit can be a source of information on local programs. Everything from counseling to Angel Tree, financial aid, thrift stores, and more may be available. The Bernalillo County Salvation Army also gives out free Thanksgiving turkey meals. Locations include 501 Broadway Blvd S.E (dial 505-247-2462), 6821 Academy Parkway West NE (phone 505-761-9818) and several others.

Bernalillo County SVDP
The Society of Saint Vincent de Paul, or SVDP, runs an adopt a Family Program. This offers free Christmas food boxes, gifts/toys, or meals to low income families, immigrants, and the unemployed. A number of churches and charities in Albuquerque participate. Read more on Society of Saint Vincent de Paul free holiday assistance programs.

Para Los Ninos
Main address is 625 Silver SW Ste. 600
Albuquerque, NM 87102
Main number is (505) 243-2333
They mostly help immigrants (whether documented or not) with food, free Christmas gifts, toys, and Thanksgiving meals. Get books, games, and other goods.

Albuquerque Rescue Mission
Shelter address - 525 Second St. SW
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87102
Phone number is (505) 346-4673
Hot meals may be served to the homeless, and children can be given a small gift as resources allow.

Rio Grande Presbyterian Church
The charity address is 600 Coors NW
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87121-5148
Phone (505) 831-3779 or (505) 831-3778
Mostly food at the holidays. Turkeys, Deserts, Ham, Vegetables and more. kids may, on occasion, be giving small Christmas gifts, toys, and more.




The Storehouse
Location 106 Broadway SE
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87102
Main phone - (505) 842-6491
Income qualified, working poor families with children may be assisted. The charity will focus on holiday food baskets in partnership with other charities.


By Jon McNamara

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