York County Pennsylvania rental assistance.

Rental assistance is offered in York County Pennsylvania. A number of non-profit organizations, government agencies and charities can provide low income housing, emergency rent assistance, shelter, and other housing aid.

While some of the program have limited funding, or may have strict income criteria that need to be met, it is always encouraged that anyone facing homeless or eviction from their home or apartment ask for help. A number of emergency rental assistance programs operate. Even after applying, and if you do not qualify for rent help, the York Pennsylvania organizations can often refer families or individuals to other local non-profits, charities or government housing/rent programs. The point being is that organizations around the region want to try to prevent evictions and homelessness.

Community Progress Council, Inc., based in York Pennsylvania, runs the the Rental Assistance Program. This is a service that receives funding and partners with the state and federal government Homeless Assistance Program (HAP). This Rental Assistance Program may be able to assist individuals and families who meet income guidelines and who are also currently homeless. Some funds may be provided for security deposit and other costs. Support may also be available for those who are facing eviction and are near homeless. Location is 100 West Market Street, York, Pennsylvania 17401, phone (717) 771-5110, or find other Community Progress assistance programs.

York Salvation Army is a non-profit organization that provides for the basic survival needs of low income, unemployed and struggling residents. Access low income housing, shelter, thrift store, and emergency rental assistance. 50 E. King St., York, Pennsylvania 17401, phone number 717-848-2364.

Hanover Community Progress Council Inc. - Can offer emergency assistance for paying for rent, housing, and fuel. They also partner with and can direct people to other assistance programs in the Hanover Pennsylvania region.





Assistance Housing Council of York Inc. - Call this agency and speak to a counselor for crisis intervention, advocacy, and referrals. Learn how to get information on programs and resources to prevent homelessness and help people find stable, low cost, yet safe housing.

York Department of Community Development. Call them for information on the Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing Program. It was created from federal government stimulus funds, and money and grants can help pay for things like moving costs, security deposits and first month’s rent. There may also be some financial aid for ongoing monthly rent. If someone is homeless and needs shelter, both hotel and motel vouchers can be distributed. (717) 849-2264

New Hope Ministries, Inc. has two locations around York County Pennsylvania. The non-profit charity organization provides crisis services including housing, heating assistance, and emergency rental aid. There are two offices, and the phone numbers are Dillsburg Center 717-292-3441 as well as Dover Center 717-432-3053.

Bell Socialization Services is a social empowerment charity. Many programs around housing assistance are offered, including referrals to rent help, shelter, and transitional housing. They cover the surrounding area. Office is 160 South George Street, York, PA 17401-1408. Call (717) 848.5767 .Low income housing grants for rent, budgeting, lease review, and other assistance is arranged too.

Trinity United Church of Christ can provide emergency mortgage or rent assistance. Some clients may be issued a loan for these expenses. Call 717-848-1775 for information.

York County Assistance Office receives federal funds from Emergency Shelter Allowance, or ESA. This may include government grants to pay rent. The homeless may qualify for security deposit assistance. There are also short and long term low income housing units, shelters or apartments. 130 N. Duke Street, York, PA, 17405-7041, 800-991-0929.




Southern Community Services of Shrewsbury, Pennsylvania runs a number of services, including LIHEAP and referrals to rental assistance. Case management is offered too. Telephone - (717) 227-9084.

MidPenn Legal Services can offer free legal aid or representation from attorneys. They can help prevent evictions, advise on unsafe housing, and offer other support. The office is at 29 North Queen Street, York, PA, 17403. Phone - 717-848-3605.

York County Planning Commission, Housing and Community Development Division – This is another non-profit that also provides help from the Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing Program. Call  (717) 771-9870. The program operates the same as indicated above.

This is one of the counties may resources to use for stopping evictions or finding a new apartment for the homeless. There are agencies that provide federal grant money for rental arrears or energy bills, and the service can also distribute motel vouchers or provide funds for security deposits. So many homeless prevention services are available from the Community Department that go above and beyond just paying rent. More on York County eviction and rehousing.

While not offering direct financial assistance on their own, the United Way of York County partners with almost 40 non-profits, charities, and other organizations across the region. The United Way of York helps low income and struggling people in need in the community. The non-profit works to prevent problems, including homelessness and evictions, from occurring in the first place. Two locations are in the county, including Hanover Office (21 Baltimore Street, Hanover, Pennsylvania  17331, Phone 717.632.8047) as well as York Office (800 East King Street, York, PA 17403, Phone 717.843.0957)





Catholic Charities - Provides referrals and professional counseling services to anyone in the community, regardless of religion, age, race, or financial circumstances. From time to time there may be limited financial assistance, or zero percent interest loans, to help pay rent and or housing expenses. York Counseling Office:  253 E. Market St., York, Pennsylvania 17403. Phone number - 717-845-2696.


By Jon McNamara

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