Westchester emergency assistance and social services.

Several emergency assistance programs are administered by Westchester County Department of Social Services to low income and other qualified families. Families can get help for paying rent, energy bills, child care needs, and eviction prevention and homeless aid. Call them to learn more about any of the services noted below, or to find information on other options and resources that may be available.

If you have a child, or are pregnant, then the Westchester County Emergency Assistance to Families (EAF) program may be able to help you through a difficult period. The EAF program is funded by the federal government, and can be turned to in times of an emergency or crisis situation that was not of your doing and that is beyond your control. The EAF program can help with situations such offering emergency rental assistance to prevent evictions and homelessness, funds for utility bills including heating and utility disconnects, and provide support for victims of domestic violence. Child care needs can also be met. Both one time as well as ongoing temporary financial assistance can be provided to help pay bills in an emergency. Applicants need to meet the following.

  • The applying family must have a child under age 19 who regularly attends secondary school or a child under age 18 who may or may not attend school.
  • The child that is part of the family receiving EAF must be living with an eligible relative.
  • A child can have no other options, and they need to be without immediately accessible resources to pay expenses, bills and otherwise meet his or her needs.
  • In addition, the Westchester EAF program can help a woman who has been medically verified as pregnant, but has no other current children.

Westchester County Security Income (SSI) recipients may qualify for financial help from the Emergency Assistance to Adults (EAA) programs. People who receive SSI from the government, and who are faced with an emergency situation that endangers their welfare, health, or safety may qualify for emergency aid. Apply for money to pay rent to help prevent evictions and homelessness. Other emergency financial assistance can help pay for utilities and moving expenses, and other housing costs.





A program that is run by Department of Social Services in partnership with the federal government Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) is the Westchester County Family Assistance resource. The county program can provide grants and/or cash assistance to qualified low income and needy families. Families must have a minor child living with the parent, a caretaker relative, a woman whose pregnancy is medically verified, or children who live with families in which both parents are in the household. The program is operated under federal government income guidelines. All employable adults who apply for family assistance need to also be working or involved in work-like activities.

The Weatherization Program is offered to Westchester families. It is a free energy conservation program for qualified low income families, seniors, disabled, and others. The program can offer enhancements to homes to help heat from leaving and which can prevent cold air from entering the dwelling unit. This can ensure money is saved from improved heating efficiency and fuel savings. Another options that is also usually offered in combination with weatherization is LIHEAP, which is an electric and heating bill financial assistance program.

The Westchester County Department of Social Services has four main locations, including the cities of Yonkers, Mount Vernon, Peekskill, and White Plains. Call (914) 995-5000. They provide a number of low income and emergency financial assistance programs as well as case management to qualified county residents.



By Jon McNamara

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