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Over $500,000, which will be used to help the low income pay energy bills, is being provided by Allegheny Energy’s Trans Allegheny Interstate Line Company to the West Virginia Utility Assistance Program. These funds will aid over 1,600 households across the state.

The Director of the Program, Mr. Snidow, says that the recent funding of money will be especially helpful to low income individuals and families across the state given the current economy and the high unemployment rates. Since Oct. 1 2008, the assistance program has distributed grants to West Virginians totaling nearly $600,000. Almost 2,000 households were helped. Read more on West Virginia utility bill assistance.

There are some conditions to qualify for the recent funding. To qualify for the program, customers must have made a sincere effort to stay current with and pay their energy bills during the past 90 days. In addition, they need to have a household income that is equal to or less than 150 percent of the federal poverty income guidelines, which many families will be able to meet this criteria.

The primary program is administered in partnership with the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources. In general, low-income individuals, families and senior citizens in West Virginia may be able to qualify for grants and other forms of financial assistance from a statewide network of community-based organizations and agencies.

In addition to providing the low income with cash for bills, another service known as Watt Watchers is available to help customers of all income levels and backgrounds learn more about saving energy, conservation and money saving tips. The Allegheny Power Watt Watchers conservation program includes a host of energy conservation programs and just as importantly information that will help customers manage their electric bills and save a substantial amount of money, as they will be using energy more efficiently in their home or apartments.

Allegheny Power can be reached at 1-800-255-3443.





By Jon McNamara

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