Financial assistance from Dominion in West Virginia.

West Virginia customers who are struggling with paying their Dominion gas bills have a number of assistance programs, payment plans, and conservation methods available to them. There are a combination of government resources as well as programs that are offered directly by Dominion. Options include discount rates, weatherization, the Dollar Energy Utility Assistance Program, and payment plans.

One of the leading services is the West Virginia Dollar Energy Utility Assistance Program. This is offered by a non-profit and it is a charitable financial assistance program for families that meet low to moderate income standards. Aid is offered for those people who have a low to moderate income but who do not qualify for the state-run Low-Income Energy Assistance Program as maybe their income is slightly too high. So this may be an option for the more moderate income Dominion West customers.

A number of resources are offered by the Dollar Energy Fund, and it will help cover the cost of paying for natural gas bills, electric, and even water bills. It does this by offering a direct cash grant directly to Dominion West or to your utility company. So the applicant will never receive the money and it goes directly to the energy provider.

To qualify for the Dollar Energy fund, an applicant will need to have a low income and they need to have paid a minimum of $50 towards their water bill or $100 towards their electric bill in the last 90 days. So people that apply and that can benefit need to have a history of paying some money towards their energy bills. To learn more or to apply, households can apply at one of many local community-based organizations such as a Salvation Army or a community action agency. Dial 1-866-366-4357.

Budget Plus Plan – May be able to help customers (of all income levels) pay off past due balances. It works by spreading any outstanding bills due over 12 months. So it in effect offers customers more time to catch up on their account.. However when someone is on this budget plan they still need to pay their monthly bills per the budgeted amount.





Government programs for Dominion customers

Weatherization can help Dominion West customers save money on their natural gas and heating bills. Qualified low income customers can receive insulation, heating system retrofits, weather stripping, caulking, and other energy and conservation saving measures. Education and advice is provided too. The program is free to income qualified residents. Call the local Community Action Office in your West Virginia County.

West Virginia Special Reduced Residential Service Rate Program is offered for qualified customers, and provides a 20% Low Income Discount on their gas and heating bills. It is available during the winter and it may extend into the spring or fall months too..

If after applying, if you are found to be qualified, a low income family will receive a 20 percent discount off their monthly gas bill under the program. There are a number of conditions that need to be met by applicants, including in order to qualify and receive aid, an applying family must of course have a low income. However, in addition, applicants need to also currently be receiving government/public assistance from a state or federal government program such as West Virginia Works, food stamps, or Supplemental Security Income (SSI). All of this must be certified by the state.

Applications and more information is available at senior citizen centers, your local Community Action agency, or call your local West Virginia Department of Health and Human Services office. That phone number is 1-800-642-8589. You can apply or learn more on this 20% discount that can be used for your Dominion West bills.

Usually a family who is receiving government aid will be automatically sent an application in the fall. However if you do not receive one please call.





LIHEAP, or Low Income Home Energy Assistance, is also offered for Dominion West customers. Financial aid is offered for those people who meet low income guidelines, people who are out of work, or on a low or fixed income. Those working poor or low income customers and people faced with poverty may be eligible to receive a cash payment to help with paying their gas bill, and a crisis component will help if someone faces a disconnection.

By Jon McNamara

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