Upstate South Carolina Urban League programs.

Covering the entire upstate South Carolina region, the Urban League works with clients to address housing, employment, rent, and educational needs. There may be limited financial aid for making a partial rent or mortgage payment. Self-sufficiency includes education and job training from programs such as Project Reconnect. The non-profit helps low income families in Spartanburg, Greenville, Anderson, Pickens, and Laurens South Carolina, which includes the greater Greenville MSA.

Rent, mortgage and Housing Services are available from the HUD approved agency. There are a few different focuses of the Urban League of the Upstate. The goal is on helping residents gain access to affordable, safe, and sustainable housing solutions. Resources offered include the following.

Specialists will help persons with disabilities as well as elderly individuals that are living in federal government funded multifamily housing. During this process they will also gain access to any needed supportive services from local, non-profit community agencies in Greenville. The assistance is meant to prevent inappropriate and premature institutionalization. They also run the HUD Section 202 Housing Developments in the region, including Spartanburg and Greenville County.

Other resources are offered from the HUD agency. A goal is on addressing housing needs and preventing homelessness. For those that need it and that qualify, the Urban League may also have emergency one-time rental or mortgage assistance. The homeless may get referrals to shelters or low income housing / apartments.

Youth assistance is available. One department works with children, teens and youth ages 5 to 18 to help give them the resources to succeed. Programs address educational needs and future career aspirations.

Pre-College Enrollment will help students prepare for college enrollment, whether it is a private or public college in South Carolina. Case managers from the Urban League will also educate parents so they too can participate and assist students to achieve educational goals.

Some of the support for college includes ACT, SAT and college application fee waiver cards. There are various SAT workshops, financial aid, grants and scholarship assistance programs offered. Other services include career and post-secondary education counseling, college admissions applications, college fairs, and other related teenage services.




An after-school program is known as Urban Achievers. It provides students and youth from Greenville, Spartanburg, and other areas with a comprehensive curriculum to improve student’s math, reading and general test performance. Students that can enroll will receive 40 hours of individualized academic instruction various topics.

The Urban League Project Ready is for 8th-12th grade students in counties such as Greenville, Anderson, and Spartanburg. They can get help in making academic progress, get the opportunities and develop important skills, and also benefit from cultural enrichment. Project Ready can help them transition from high school and position them for successful college and post-secondary education.

Right Step Juvenile Diversion was created to help prevent teens and from becoming further involved in the juvenile justice system. Services include life skills workshops, case management, community service projects, youth leadership development (see below) and more.

Youth Leadership Development Institute is for foster youth. Assistance and case management will help them transition out of foster care. Clients can gain necessary skills to make a smooth transition from their current foster care status to become independent. They can learn about affordable housing, get help in applying for public benefits and be placed into jobs. The Urban League goal is to help them gain self-sufficiency.

Adults and the unemployed can also access Employment Services. The Urban League of the Upstate runs a CDLC - Career Development and Learning Center in the Greenville area. The program will offer them job-training in activities such as computer technology skills and general office management. Case managers and teachers will work with job seekers.

A Career Link service will give job seekers employability assessment, employment counseling and assistance with conducting an effective job search. Workshops will offer GED classes, job readiness workshops, and resume writing. Job seekers may be referred to the Greenville County Business and Technology Center for additional training. There is also a State Wide Diversity Career Fair that is sponsored by the Urban League of the Upstate and partners, such as Greenville News.





Self-sufficiency and empowerment helps low income, unemployed, seniors, and struggling families. They can find help for housing needs (such as rent, mortgage or utilities), career counseling and financial literacy. The goal is to help families gain stability.

One additional component of this is the Individual Development Account, or IDA. The Urban League offers grants to those who save money, and this is known as matched savings. The funds can be used to pay home ownership, improved educational achievement, or business entrepreneurship.

Other resources are offered a swell. The Urban League of the Upstate has a couple main offices, and they are as follows.

15 Regency Hill Dr., Greenville, South Carolina 29607, dial 864-244-3862
430 E. Main Suite 102, Spartanburg, SC 29302, telephone 864-562-4400




By Jon McNamara

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