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Find types and examples of freelance job opportunities.

The term freelancer means to have different short-term assignments, jobs, or contract for a variety of companies, websites, or organizations without any long-term commitment. Being a freelancer working in some of the types of positions we have listed below will in general provide you with flexible hours to work whenever you want to, or course a hiring company may have deadline oriented projects that limit that flexibility. You also have in general more control over your income in that you can work more hours for more money.

If you are a single mom, facing disability, a retiree looking for some work, or anyone that needs additional income, freelancing can allow you to earn some money working from home or your local city/town/or community. There are countless types of positions available out there. Freelancing is a great side hustle that can be done around your regular job to generate an extra income to pay off debt, increase savings or to help cover necessary expenses.

Americans now spend more than 1 billion hours per week doing freelancing work, and they were three times more likely to find jobs compared to traditional employment. The survey reported that 43% of freelancers were unable to work for a traditional employer due to childcare needs, health issues, and other personal circumstances. They also reported having more control and better work-life balance, which resulted in better health and less stress.

The freelancing industry has an opportunity for all, and there is work for everyone. Whether college educated, seeking an entry level positions, only have a high school degree, or seeking an advanced type of position, there are opportunities out there. You can even “freelance” on question and answer websites for extra income. As a freelancer, there is no restriction as to how much you can earn. Your earnings depend on how the time you invested and the amount of work you produce.

There are many types of online or offline services you can offer as a freelancer to start earning money. Each has different jobs, positions, and even potential careers available. Each year, there are over 100 million new startups and businesses launch across the globe, and they are always looking for new skills and talent to grow their business. Listed below are the different types of freelancing opportunities that you can start for free by using your existing work experience, expertise, and skills.

Almost half of the freelancing industry is made up of Millennials. Since retirement is not achievable for most older workers, seniors are also often freelancing for more money so they can pay the bills. With the current growth rate, it is estimated by 2027 that the majority of the US workforce will be freelancers and remote workers. Since the workforce is shifting away from the traditional 9-5, businesses still need experts to help grow their company and preferences are given to freelancers over full-time employees.




Therefore, if you are underemployed or have no luck finding a job, want a little more flexibility, or if you want to earn some more money, the freelance marketplace is loaded with work opportunities. In fact, millions of openings. Below are some reasons why you should consider freelancing (and why companies favor it). Or find a list of other ways to make free money.

Why freelance?

There are definitely some pros but some cons too. The truth is you still need to work for someone, so you still have a “boss”. But you can pick the projects to try to be selective. And freelancing positions often come and go based on the general economy, so when economy slows there will be less jobs available. But there is more flexibility in trying to to select projects, jobs, roles, salaries, etc. that are a better match for you. Of course, the big downside may be the cost of health care, less stability (need to always hustle), even less certainty to future income (but of course no full time job is guaranteed either) and others.

Working Independently: As a freelancer, you have more control over your level of independence. While you still have to deal with coworkers, distractions or demand from bosses, it is more possible to pick environments and situations you are more comfortable with. You are in control of your time, and you can accept and reject tasks. Companies prefer independent workers because they don’t have to go through the hassle of investing and training new staff.

Flexibility: If you are not a morning person, you can choose to work evening and the ability to work anywhere at any time. You can also save money and time on commuting, or if you are a full-time employee, you can freelance to increase your income. By hiring freelancers, employers and businesses also benefit from flexibility. A freelancer could be responding to their emails, updating their website, or scheduling blog posts, thus resulting flexibility for both the contractor and businesses.

More Skills and Maybe More Profit: As a traditional employee, you will have to wait years for a promotion or an increase in your salary, which sometimes isn't guaranteed even with effort and long hours. As a freelancer, you can set your price, and you can learn new skills to increase your earning potential. Businesses and employers also profit from contractors and a flexible workforce since they do not have to cover rent and other overhead costs. Most freelancers also pay for their healthcare, which is of course a downside to these positions.





Income: Since you can work as much as you want, there is the potential to earn more money if you want to work harder and longer. Or if you have a short term need for cash, then pick up a freelance job.

Security: The freelance industry is growing at a rapid speed with thousands of job listing and websites to find work. As a contractor, you don’t have to fear losing your “primary” job or rejection, blame, and insults from your boss. Freelancers also provide security to companies. There are millions of freelancers on the internet, and they do not have to deal with the hiring process.

Valuable skills: Freelancing requires discipline and an endless amount of learning which can reap huge rewards.

Examples of freelance positions and skillsets

Sales & Marketing: In the digital age, sales and marketing have become important to businesses and companies. Since there is a shift in online sales, businesses (local, online and national companies) are always looking for people that will market their brand, product, and services. Very similar to a physical store if you have retail experience.

As a freelance sales and marketing specialist, your role is to reach out to customers and help to increases sales. This can be done through social media, email marketing, search engine, telemarketing, and display advertising.

Customer Service: The success of any business depends on excellent customer service, and companies are always looking for people that deliver great service. Freelance jobs are available for both online and offline work, and college degrees are not always required. As a freelance customer service representative, your job is to interact with customers and clients by offering support through phone, email, and chat.

Design & Creative: A freelance creative designer is someone who uses their skills to promote businesses. Since online appearance matter in the digital age, companies are always looking for ways to improve their marketing materials like logos, website banners, product labels, packages and other designs used in the publishing and advertising industry.

Creative designers must have artistic skills, creativity, and web design knowledge. Having some form of artistic ability, or being good with latest computer software, is always a major positive. A freelance creative designer typically works on short-term projects like presentation, logo design & branding, illustration, and other creative arts.

Writing: Every industry, blog, and most websites need written communication. They need content. New startups and businesses are always hiring writers to educate their audience and to attract new customers from search engines.

Freelance writers must have strong research and writing skills. Freelance writers are hired to write web content, copywriting, editing, creative writing, and other written marketing as well as advertising projects. Read more on how to write articles for money.

Data Science & Analytics: For those with experience or currently employed in the tech or IT field, a freelance scientist and analyst is a great way to earn extra money on side projects. This generally requires an advanced degree though, but the compensation and flexibility tends to be very high.

Companies and businesses hire freelance data analysts and scientists for short-term projects. They can be research or IT related (among other fields) and that often involve collecting data, sales figures, marketing research, and help companies make business decisions.

Admin Support: Companies and business owners are always looking to hire virtual administrative assistants who have excellent communication, writing and organizational skills. Or these positions can be done in an office environment.





Freelance administrative assistants can earn money by providing admin service like typing, researching, answering phones, emails, updating social media accounts, making travel arrangements and other tasks. No experience is required to become a freelance administrative assistant, but prior work experience and tech-savvy skills will be desirable to employers.

Software/Web/Mobile Developer: Software developers are always in demand for new startups and companies that are looking to complete one time projects. There is a tremendous demand for this skillset and general coding ability.

Software development can be self-taught if your goal is to become a freelance developer. This position will often test, create and develop mobile apps, websites and other components. A software developer should have technical, problem-solving and analytical skills.

Contractor, local, and neighborhood positions: There are countless local positions. Homeowners, small businesses, consumers and others are also seeking freelance drivers for car ride services, electricians, pet sitters, photographers, plumbers, landscapers, and others. More on freelancing locally.

Engineering & Architecture: Engineers are also in high demand. The freelance marketplace is booming with these positions. Engineers, architects, and others can use your expertise and skills to freelance online. Individuals, small business owners, and companies are looking to hire engineers and architects for interior designs, product design, and chemical, mechanical engineering tasks.

Legal: If you are a lawyer, paralegal, or attorney that is looking for a freelance job, or maybe to gain new skills, you can increase your income and make some money. You can use your legal experience and work a freelancer online. Companies and individuals are always looking for legal help to write documents, draft legal contracts and legal advice.

Translation: If you speak a second language, become a translator and make money online. There is a high demand for those that are fluent in another language. Interpreters are needed in medical/science research, entertainment, academics, government, and law. As a freelance translator, you will be paid to translate assignments, documents, and books.

By Jon McNamara











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