St. Croix County assistance programs.

The agencies listed below may be able to provide funds for rent, utility bills, and other aid. Most agencies will have conditions that need to be met, however they will almost always serve as a great resource and can provide information on state of Wisconsin and federal government programs.

Assistance with bills and referrals

Assistance & Resource Center provides help to people in River Falls Wisconsin. Some of the services and assistance programs offered to qualified individuals include Utilities and Heating Bill Assistance, Auto Repairs, Food Assistance, Gas Assistance, and Help With Rent. Dial 715-338-0755.

Neighbors' Place may be able to help people facing eviction and the homeless. They can also direct people to other local non-profits and government programs. Dial 715-426-9000. They want to ensure people become self-sufficient.

The St. Croix Salvation Army is on of the leading agencies to contact. Dial 715-247-2944. They offer a multitude of resources and assistance programs.

  • Housing - Access shelters, can counseling if you are struggling to pay your rent, and avoid eviction.
  • Job development - It may be possible to use their services to find a job.
  • Children - A lunch program and food.
  • Pantry - Receive food, groceries, and commodities.

Additional services are available from the Salvation Army, including housing support from resources such as Grace Place. Find more details.




Operation Help is a 501c3 non-profit charitable organization that provides short-term financial aid to those in a crises situation. the main goal of the agency is on homeless prevention.  Their financial assistance programs focus on rent, utilities and car repairs to help keep people in their homes.

Staff from the organization also connect people with other agencies and social services such as local food shelves, social service agencies, government agencies and specialized referrals.  Other programs available in St. Croix County include (1)  a "Christmas for Kids" program that provides free children's gifts, food, and household items for families in the Hudson, WI school district; and (2) a "Warm in Winter" program that provides jackets, hats, mittens and boots for children as well as adults.

The non-profit is funded through donations from United Way, local businesses, churches, foundations, individuals and events. Currently, due to budget constraints in many of the other government and human service organizations in the region, they are one of the only organizations to provide rent assistance in St. Croix County. Operation Help has provided nearly $600,000 in financial assistance in the past five years.

West Central Wisconsin CAA, Inc. (West CAP) - The local community action agency runs these services, among others.

  • Housing programs - Families in Transition Program - Homelessness prevention, Foreclosure Prevention, Counseling, Shelters, Section 8 Housing Choice Vouchers.
  • HomeWorks - Asset Management and Weatherization and other aid
  • Foreclosure and mortgage programs - Receive counseling and advice on Wisconsin foreclosure programs.


  • JumpStart Program - This transportation assistance program from West CAP offers facilitated automobile purchase for government public assistance households.
  • Ideal Auto - Helps people find a new, high quality car.


  • Food Access and Resources - Pantries in St. Croix are usually able to provide the needy with a 3-5 day supply of food, which may include dairy products, fresh vegetables, and meat. Each recipient of the food program is generally eligible to receive emergency food or other assistance from a pantry up to once a month based on need.





Employment from West CAP

  • Job training and skills enhancement can help people find a job, or increase their income

Those are not the only programs administered by the non-profit. Call the West Central Wisconsin CAA, Inc. (West CAP) at (715) 265-4271. Or click here.

Food assistance

River Falls Community Food Pantry is a charity organization and partnership of local churches and agencies that can provide low income and working poor with food. (715) 425-6880

Or, residents of the county can call upon the Salvation Army or CAA community action agency, which are referenced above. They have details on local pantries and government programs.



By Jon McNamara

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