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St. Joseph County Salvation Army assistance programs.

A combination of emergency assistance from Salvation Army in St. Joseph County as well as humanitarian support will help the working poor gain stability. They provide services from their center which is at the address below. While all assistance, in particular financial aid, is limited the non-profit does its best to help.

Some examples of their programs include items being sold at a low cost from a thrift store. There is assistance for people facing eviction in the form of one time rent or energy bill help. A food pantry will feed the hungry in St. Joseph County, and there may also be support such as medical assistance or job placement.

Basic needs in South Bend area

Whether someone is very low income, unemployed, or even homeless, the charity will try to assist this population. This is done from some or all of the following.

Salvation Army shelters are for a safe place to stay. It can provide lodging for a night or two, and may lead to placement into a transitional housing program. There are centers in the region for abused women and children, veterans, and others that are working towards self-sufficiency.

The services at the shelters in South Bend Indiana are wide ranging. As resources allow, Salvation Army affiliated social workers will provide professional counseling. There may be access to some form of child care while the parent is in job training or seeking employment. Other continuing education programs, hygiene such as showers or laundry as well as hot meals are arranged by the Salvation Army for guests.

Thrift stores are managed by the Adult Rehabilitation Center. This will sell gently used, but somewhat high quality furniture, bedding, cribs, and like items to the community. Not only that, but all the money raised from the sale of items at Salvation Army South Bend family stores pay for the programs listed on this page.

South Bend Salvation Army food pantries are for an emergency. The assistance is short term. If a struggling family needs ongoing support, they can be referred to food stamps and similar services. The items passed out from one of these centers will usually be enough to make a material difference to sustain hope for the working poor. The distributions from a pantry may be held weekly, biweekly or monthly basis, with many clients being senior citizens or the marginalized.




Financial support

While all funds are very limited, there may be small dollar amounts for families in a crisis. This will be targeted at certain expenses that could lead to a health or safety crisis. All funds will be paid directly to landlords or vendors and not to the person applying for help.

For residents of St. Joseph County that are transitioning out of a shelter or a temporary home, there may be assistance to pay for first months rent or, in limited instances, a portion of the security deposit. Then, the family can use the Salvation Army thrift store to buy low cost furniture or other items they need for their house. There may also be funds to help pay back rent, or at least a portion of it.

When it comes to utility bills or heating costs during the winter, this is also part of the mission to meet the humanitarian needs of people in need. Referrals can be given to grant programs such as LIHEAP, or their may be limited assistance to pay a portion of an energy bill.

There are also a number of low-income apartment residences in the greater South Bend region. The housing is for people transitioning from homelessness to independence. This will also include supportive housing for individuals who need a social service component.

Another focus is on holiday support. This can include free Thanksgiving or Christmas meals to the community, and anyone can stop in, no questions asked. There is also gifts and toys for children from Adopt a Family. The goal is to meet the needs of the community as well as those living in poverty so that the special Christmas season is shared with all people.




Many centers provide other services as well. They can range from youth programs, including before- and after-school services to recreational activities. Volunteers or full time staff also offer support for the elderly, including shut-in and nursing home visits. Ongoing case management can help people exit poverty. For details on the South Salvation Army programs, dial a center below.

Locations of offices and thrift stores

  • One office is at 506 S Main St, South Bend, IN, phone (574) 288-2539.
  • 1911 E Ireland Rd, South Bend, Indiana, dial (574) 299-9680
  • 2009 S Bend Ave, South Bend, IN, dial (574) 273-0157


By Jon McNamara

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