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Find help when Social Security benefits are cut or stopped.

From time to time, the Social Security Administration (SSA) may cut back on a recipient benefits. The changes can impact the disabled who are receiving SSI or SSDI, a senior citizen who is retired, someone on survivors benefits or some other form of monthly payment. Find how to get assistance below when the SSA either reduces or stops your monthly cash benefit payment.

There are a few options available. They include getting low cost or free help from a lawyer or social security advocate to contest the changes in the payment. There are short term loans that can help pay bills, rent, address medical needs and more, and a loan may help fill the gap in a short term reduction (or stoppage) of social security payments. Another option may be to seek assistance from a local charity or non-profit organization, as they may offer emergency financial aid or free items too, such as food, clothes, or transportation. Or individuals can apply for a grant. The assistance may fill the gap while during the time in which the benefits have been reduced.

Anyone who gets any changes to their social security payments (otherwise known as Old Age, Survivors And Disability Insurance Program (OASDI)) can start an appeal. It is recommended to get professional help or advice as the process can be complicated. Many of the resources are also free for those facing a cut to their disability, retirement check, or other SSA benefits.

How to get assistance when social security payments stopped or reduced?

The disabled can turn to a social security disability advocate, or an attorney, if their payments have been stopped or reduced. These are professionals who deal with all sorts of disability issues and claims, including both SSI as well as SSDI. The advocate can be a lawyer, paralegal, or another highly trained professional. They will appeal and content the reduction in a monthly check.

Many people who receive social security live check to check, so they are considered to be low income. Or maybe they are elderly and/or disabled. In these instances there is free legal aid for the low income, and part of that service is addressing government benefits such as social security, SSI, and others.




As far as social security disability advocate, many work on a contingency basis. This means that they will only get back if they reverse the cuts or reductions to your benefits. This in effect means they are often free to families. Read more on disability advocates.

Senior citizens will always qualify for free legal help from LSC - Legal Services Corporation organizations. See the contact information below. This service is available regardless of their income. A lawyer will give free advice to the senior on how to get their monthly benefits increased, which is often a retirement check. These lawyers can also help with other public assistance programs, both in applying for financial help or in addressing any changes or reductions in their payments. It can cover Medicare, TANF cash aid, food stamps, low cost housing and more.

In order to help pay the bills, mortgages, health care needs, and more there is emergency financial aid offered when social security payments have been cut. The funds can help anyone who is impacted, and one option will be cash loans for the disabled. Anyone applying should seek a low interest/affordable payment plan. Another option is to apply for a disability grant from the government or a charity.

All other types of benefit cuts, whether your monthly cash payment or something else that comes from the Social Security Administration (SSA) can also be addressed. Anyone who is faced or threatened with a reduction, or who actually had their payments reduced, should ask for help as soon as possible. This not only improves the chances for a successful appeal, but it also gives the beneficiary more time to apply for financial help, loans, government grants, or other forms of support. It is recommended to find a local free lawyer for advice, most of what are part of the non-profit LSC.





Anyone that has received notice from the  Social Security Administration (SSA) that their monthly check will be reduced should take action immediately. It can take weeks if not months to appeal. I the meantime, there is emergency financial help available for individuals with a cut, reduction, or stoppage of their social security payments.


By Jon McNamara














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