Schuylkill County assistance programs.

Find non-profit organization and charities in Pottsville that can provide help with utility bills, rent assistance, and other forms of financial assistance to help individuals make it through difficult times.

Emergency financial assistance programs and grants

Low income, unemployed, and other struggling people can reach out to the Salvation Army, Pottsville Corps, which can be reached at (570) 622-5252. The programs they offer include welfare assistance for the low income and those in need of food or clothing as well as a Soup Kitchen and Homeless Feeding Program to provide hot meals, food, and groceries for the homeless and poor. They also may from time to time be able to offer rent assistance, heating fuel, and other grants for bills and expenses. More information.

The Schuylkill Catholic Charities provides help for families and individuals in need of free food, emergency shelter, housing aid, utility or heating bill grants, or rent assistance. Note the food pantry is accessible by appointment only. 570-628-0466

The agency with the most programs is the Schuylkill Community Action Agency. Phone number 570-622-1995. They offer dozens of low income, elderly, and other assistance programs. Some examples of the services they offer include.

  • Operation Help - This is a program that pays for both heating and utility bills.
  • Rent and Mortgage Assistance - One of the biggest needs offered by the community action agency is the fact that they can provide mortgage or rent assistance to individuals or families facing a hardship and/or eviction from their home or apartment.
  • Homeownership counseling - This will address foreclosures, and grants from SCA can also help people pay for closing costs.





  • Housing - Funds, or loans, may be available for security deposits or other expenses, and is part of the Bridge House service.
  • Food assistance - SCA works with pantries and groups to feed the hungry.

Some of the other services and programs offered include Housing Repair Program, Weatherization, Homeowners Emergency Mortgage Assistance Program (HEMAP), and the Family Savings Account. For more details, click Schuylkill Community Action Agency programs.

Salvation Army, Tamaqua Corps - This is another Salvation Army in Schuylkill County Pennsylvania. The programs offered include Social Service Programs for providing Emergency Food, Rent and Shelter, Disaster Relief and Food Pantry. The agency also offers Seasonal Services for Thanksgiving and Christmas baskets, as well as a Christmas Toy Shop. (570) 668-0410

Schuylkill United Way - They have received federal government funding for the FEMA program. The agency serves as the local administrator for the federal government FEMA program which provides funds and financial assistance to supplement and extend current available resources for emergency needs including rent, food, mortgages, and energy bill assistance. The money is not provided directly by the United Way, but other local agencies and charities provide the money to the needy. Phone 570.622.6421.





When it comes to emergency rent or deposit help, homeless shelters, section 8 or other housing programs, there are resources in Schuylkill County. A number of agencies can issue cash grants, loans, place families into short term housing and more. A solution is attempted to be found to stop evictions as well as homelessness. Read more on Schuylkill County rental assistance programs.

Both the Pottsville Housing Authority as well as Schuykill County authority offer rental assistance in the form of low-income housing. They will distribute vouchers that can be used to pay for or subsidize rent for eligible households. Most beneficiaries are the very low income, disabled, and seniors. 410 West Laurel Blvd 74, Pottsville, PA 17901. Phone 570.628.2702.  Or find additional rent assistance programs.

Schuylkill County Department of Human Services is one of the region’s leading Homelessness Prevention Agencies. They have information on, or can refer people to, emergency rental assistance case management, transitional and emergency housing services. Address is 420 North Centre Street, Pottsville, Pennsylvania 17901. Dial 570.628.1099.

Help for health care and medical bills

Schuylkill Alliance for Health Care Access (570-628-5515) provides information on how to get help more than anything else. For example, they offer a free referral service that provides information for low cost, affordable and no-cost prescription medicines for those who are eligible. They can also advise people on where to turn to for low cost health care, and provide information on Pennsylvania and federal government assistance programs.

Call the Good Samaritan Regional Medical Center for information on several health and dental programs they offer. The DePaul Dental Clinic, which they partner with, provides dental procedures and cleaning for underinsured and uninsured patients from all of Schuylkill County. The center also offers financial assistance for medical and hospital bills, as well as the Community Care Program.

Both of these programs are targeted at those patients who do not have medical or health insurance, those who need financial assistance for paying hospital and medical bills and debts, or patients who need more information, may their financial counselors. They can direct people on various health care assistance programs, and offer do it yourself advice, such as how to negotiate medical bills. 570-621-4000





Learn about free legal programs

Receive free access to attorneys and other legal professionals from MidPenn Legal Services. This non-profit law firm provides free legal assistance to financially eligible residents of Schuylkill County. Get help with such issues as foreclosures filings, civil legal cases, consumer debt arbitration, and much more. 570-628-3931

By Jon McNamara

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