Rent assistance in Little Rock and Pulaski County.

Find low income housing, shelter, and rental assistance in Little Rock and Pulaski County Arkansas. A number of non-profits, government agencies, churches, and other groups can help people who are faced with an emergency situation.

Financial assistance and information is offered by the locations below. If you have been served an eviction notice, then apply for rent help. If you are homeless or just need to move into a new apartment or home, then look for low income housing, hotel vouchers, or funds for security deposits and first month’s rent. The number of programs available for qualified Little Rock Arkansas area low income families is extensive, and get details on them below.

Central Arkansas Development Council - The main phone number is (501) 778-113, but offices are located below. Offers emergency funds for bills, which may include housing, and they are a great place for information.

  • Jacksonville CADC (501) 457-5621, 2 Crestview Plaza, Jacksonville, Arkansas 72076
  • Little Rock CADC (501) 603-0909, 5401 South University Avenue, Little Rock, AR 72209
  • North Little Rock CADC (501) 771-0745, 3901 McCain Park Road, North Little Rock, Arkansas 72116

Helping Hand of Greater Little Rock
Primary location - 1601 Marshal Street
Little Rock, Arkansas 72206
If funds are available, may have very limited cash assistance or grants for paying housing and rent expenses. More on housing assistance from Helping Hand.

Arkansas Human Development Corporation
300 South Spring Street, Suite 800
Little Rock, Arkansas 72201-2424
Administrative phone number - (501) 374-1103
One of the leading non-profit organizations in the Little Rock area. They can help individuals with everything ranging from first time home buying programs, help for rent, foreclosure assistance, up through reverse mortgages for seniors.




Little Rock Housing Authority
Location - 100 Arch Street
Little Rock, AR 72201
Phone - (501) 340-4821
Learn about government housing assistance, including section 8 housing vouchers, low income programs, and more. Case workers can help people apply for emergency rent help and eviction prevention. Other resources include LIHEAP, food stamps, WIC, and referrals.

ABBA House
Address: 1012 South Oak
Little Rock, AR 72204
Dial (501) 666-9718
This is a shelter for homeless and/or pregnant women. The location is managed by the Missionaries of Charity.

The Center Youth Emergency Shelter
6425 West 12th Street
Little Rock, Arkansas 72204
Telephone - (501) 666-8686
Runs a shelter for youth.

Saint Francis House - The Benefit Bank Of Arkansas
2701 South Elm Street
Little Rock, AR 72204
Phone (501) 664-5036
Provides a referral helpline for low income, unemployed, and seniors. They also run the Homeless Shelter For Veterans, which is administered thru the VA Drop In House .Clients can get information on loan products, subsidized rental units, and other aid.





Firm Foundation Ministries
2200 East Broadway
North Little Rock, AR 72114
Phone number - (501) 945-7412
This is a homeless shelter for men. They can also provide individuals with job placement and day labor.

Freewill Baptist Family Ministries.
3600 West 11th Street
Little Rock, Arkansas 72204
Phone - (501) 663-3129
An on-site emergency shelter for DHS involved children ages 6 to 17.

Gaines House
1702 Gaines Street
Little Rock, AR 72206
Call (501) 376-4015
Offers transitional home and housing for women with disabilities.

Hicks Mattie Sober Living Home for Women - Women’s shelter
Shelter location - 2020 South Main Street
Little Rock, AR
(501) 374-0015

Little Rock Compassion Center - Men’s shelter
3618 West Roosevelt Road
Little Rock, Arkansas 72204
Dial (501) 296-9114

Little Rock Compassion Center (Women’s)
4210 Asher Avenue
Little Rock, AR 72204
(501) 663-2972
Shelter for women and their children, provides information on public assistance, and other support.

Mission Global Ministries
Address - 3719 East Broadway
North Little Rock, AR 72114
Phone (501) 945-2645
Men’s homeless shelter for people on parole.





Nehemiah House, A Division of Union Rescue Mission
Address: 3000 Confederate Blvd
Little Rock, Arkansas 72216
Call (501) 374-1108 / 607-3837
Men’s homeless shelter. Offer housing, a work program, and case management.

Our House
302 East Roosevelt
Little Rock, AR 72206
Call (501) 375-2416 / 374-7383
Offers low income housing shelter, and other aid. For example, offered on site are educational programs, clothing, food, meals and classes available, domestic violence recovery.

Homeless prevention and Rapid Rehousing programs are available. Agencies including Our House and the United Way (among others) work together to provide shelter, rental assistance, money for job placement services and other housing help. More on Pulaski County homeless prevention assistance.

Salvation Army
1111 West Markham
Little Rock, AR 72201
Call (501) 374-8636
Different programs are run for housing and emergency rent, eviction prevention, and more for the Pulaski County Arkansas region. Access a food pantry, LIHEAP, and clothing closet, among other services.

VA Drop-in Center
Center address - 1101 West Center
Little Rock, AR 72201
Call (501) 257-4499
This location provides access for veterans to VA programs including the Saint Francis House and federal government programs.

Section 8 Little Rock
Little Rock, Arkansas - 72201
Telephone number - (501) 340-4821
They administer the federal government Housing Choice Voucher Program, which was formerly known as Section 8 rental assistance program. This resource is one of the federal government's major housing and rental programs for helping very low income families and seniors obtain decent, safe, and sanitary housing. It limits the amount of money that people need to pay towards their rent. Continue with HUD section 8 vouchers in Arkansas.





Division of Pulaski County Operations, Office of Community Services
Little Rock AR, 72203
Call (501) 682-8715
Apply for rent assistance, deposits, hotel and motel vouchers, and other aid from the Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing Program.

Little Rock Department of Housing and Urban Development
Little Rock, Arkansas 72201
Call (501) 371-6825
Has information on government housing programs, such as section 8 as well as the Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing Program.

Center For Arkansas Legal Services - Little Rock and Pulaski County
1300 West 6th Street
Little Rock, AR 72201
Call (800) 950-5817
Low income families, including the homeless, may qualify for free legal aid. Lawyers can help with eviction matters, resolve security deposit disputes, and address unsafe or unfair housing, such as low income apartments. Landlord and tenant mediation may be offered.

Society of St. Vincent De Paul District Council is a charity that may be able to direct families to emergency grant programs, or in some cases loans. The funds can be used for paying rent and other housing expenses, such as a move in or security deposit. (479) 616-1242

Center For Women In Transition
1114 Garland Street
Little Rock, AR 72201
Dial (501) 372-5522
Financial assistance programs focus on women and families with children in the Pulaski County community.

Helping Hands - Little Rock
1601 Marshall Street
Little Rock, Arkansas 72203
(501) 372-4388

Helping People With AIDS (HPWA)
1021 Jessie Road
Little Rock, Arkansas 72214
(501) 666-6900
Patients with AIDs, as well as their immediate family members, may qualify for a number a number of resources. They range from short term housing, to prescription medicine vouchers and eviction prevention advice and services.

Candlelighters Of Central Arkansas
516 West Pershing Boulevard
North Little Rock, Arkansas 72114
Dial (501) 376-4567
Cash grants or other one time rental assistance is offered along with referrals. Learn about low income and transitional housing and other programs for tenants in Pulaski County.





Low income housing units

The following locations offer low income housing units for income qualified residents in Pulaski County Arkansas. They can include section 8 housing vouchers and more.

  • Cumberland Towers, 311 East 8th Street, Little Rock, Arkansas 72202, (501) 340-4724
  • Fred W. Paris Towers, 1800 South Broadway, Little Rock, AR 72206, call (501) 340-4752
  • Jesse Powell Towers, 1010 Wolfe Street, Little Rock, AR 72206, phone (501) 340-4766
  • Sunset Terrace, 2800 Battery Street, Little Rock, Arkansas 72206, call (501) 340-4730


By Jon McNamara

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