Helping Hand of Little Rock and Pulaski financial assistance programs.

While resources are limited, Helping Hand of Little Rock administers a crisis center for clients who need referrals or support. There may be rare cases in which they provide direct financial aid, but most of the aid available will be in the form of referrals to other local non-profits and charity organizations.

Some local groups in Pulaski County may have financial assistance for paying utility bills, rent or security deposit payments. There is other support as well. For example, people with life threatening conditions can get help with prescription medication expenses, often in the form of vouchers. Christmas meals, diapers, and much more is available.

Trained volunteers first meet with clients to evaluate the situation and then establish plans to make payments directly to their utility providers, landlord, agencies and/or retailers. Most clients need temporary assistance in order to regain stability, and this will be all that is offered. Any appointments taken and money paid out will be on a first-call, first-served basis, and clients must provide all of the requisite documentation (such as income and assets) to be eligible for financial assistance.

Helping Hand manages a list of pantries and food banks, some of which are run by the Christian ministry. The centers provide free food to individuals and families who struggle to afford the cost of groceries. The local pantries are organized in the same way as any other market and allows clients to select the food they need based on their preferences. According to the organization, the market was the first client-choice food pantry in the county.




In addition, Helping Hand of Little Rock oversees a large, well-organized thrift shop. The store features gently used clothing, Christmas gifts and shoes for individuals of all ages, as well as furniture, books, toys, home accessories and other items. The items will be affordable, yet gently used.

Inventory changes every day based mostly on donations, so what a shopper finds one day may vary from previous visits. All merchandise sold is available to the general public at affordable prices.





Anyone from any part of the county, regardless of their income, can purchase items from the thrift shop, and the store also provides volunteer opportunities for civic and school organizations, churches, businesses, and individuals. The thrift shop is one of the region's newest ventures and supports the agency monetarily, as all proceeds are used to fund the crisis center and financial assistance programs that are run.

Employment services are available in the form of referrals to classes and job training centers. The volunteers from the charity have extensive information on these services. The locations can help clients prepare for employment.

Furthermore, the agency, working with one stop job centers and other locations, helps clients develop work-readiness skills, write résumés, practice for job interviews and establish vocational plans. Mentors are assigned to each student to offer support and friendship throughout the program, as well as during employment when they find a job.

Individuals and families who are in danger of becoming homeless can explore emergency rental assistance programs. There may also be funds for paying energy bills, if that is what is leading to the eviction. There are many agencies in Pulaski County Arkansas that can provide help to the less fortunate, and some non-profits use government grants for this.

Helping Hand has information on these, or they may have funds themselves, including short term loans. The programs aim to develop a circle of support and needed resources to help clients in crisis avoid homelessness and return to financial stability.

The non-profit operates a back to school program to help students. There may be backpacks, clothing, uniforms, and other items that children need to be successful in school.

Baby items can be provided too, including single parents. The ministry and its volunteers can arrange for free diapers, clothing, and other items for qualified low income families and the working poor. There may also be free formula passed out. Find other places for free infant formula, whether the child is newborn or a little older than newborn.

In order to apply for assistance programs, certain information is required by the agency. Be sure to supply as much information as possible to help Helping Hand of Little Rock efficiently review cases.




Some of the requisite documentation applicants must bring to their appointments includes the following:

  • A valid driver’s license or photo identification;
  • All household bills from the previous two months as well as proof of total household income;
  • A copy of the current lease or mortgage agreement;
  • Proof of what caused the financial crisis, such as a car repair invoice, layoff notice or medical bill.

The main Helping Hand office can be called at 501-372-4388.  The address is 1601 Marshall Street in Little Rock, Arkansas 72216.


By Jon McNamara

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