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Rental assistance programs in Philadelphia.

Low-income families and tenants in the Philadelphia Pennsylvania region have a number of rental assistance programs as well as housing services available to them. Below find a listing of churches, charities, government programs, and other ways to get support. There is emergency rent help, low income apartments, grants to pay security deposits or section 8 housing vouchers. Get help with rent near you in Philadelphia.

While the demand for affordable housing in the Philly area is great, and many organizations have waiting lists or limited funding, you can still call and see what type of financial aid, if any, that they may offer qualified applicants to help with rent. Or there may be free legal aid to stop evictions in Philadelphia, government grants for utility bills or rental arrears as well as other resources, including section 8 vouchers. Or look here for details on emergency section 8.

Agencies that offer rent or security deposit help in Philly area

A rent and Transitional Housing Program is provided by an organization known as Tenant's Rental Assistance Corporation (TRAC). Their address is 21 South 12th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19107. Various rental and housing programs are administered, including emergency funds and other forms of cash assistance. Dial the agency at (215) 940-3900 or (215) 575-0700.

Department of Public Welfare - Philadelphia offers some or all of the following programs. Housing counseling, financial management, and budgeting help. As funding allows and for those that qualify, there may be information on affordable housing and rent assistance, homeownership assistance, and financial aid for the currently homeless as well.

The statewide Homeless Assistance Program, or HAP, can offer qualified individuals in Philadelphia County a variety of grant programs for paying rent, an overdue energy bill or a security deposit, shelter services, and rehousing support. The local address is 801 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19107, 1-800-692-7462.

In the city of Philadelphia, both help for paying rent, and even energy and heating bill assistance, is provided by Multi-Service Related Programs that are primarily run by the Community Action Agency of Delaware County. However this is available for people in Philadelphia as well, as funding allows.




Financial assistance programs are focused on the low income, unemployed and working poor. Counselors from the non-profit agency may be able to provide grants and direct emergency rental assistance to renters and Philadelphia families who need help. In some cases, loans may be used in lieu of a grant for paying rent. Dial (610) 874-8451 or (610) 891-5101.

The Philadelphia Emergency Shelter Assistance Program can provide Temporary Rental Assistance. Get financial assistance for paying security deposits or moving expenses, funds to prevent evictions, and immediate emergency help for paying back rent to stop homelessness. It is available in all parts of Philadelphia, including the West District, Elmwood, the Somerset District, downtown and more. Find an application site for ESA below.

  • Boulevard District office is at 4109 Frankford Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19124. Call (215) 560-6500.
  • Public Assistance Department (citywide) is located at 301 E Chelten Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19144. Rent help from ESA, disability, Medicaid, and other support is offered, and dial (215) 560-5200.
  • Delancey District of Philadelphia runs the ESA program 5740 Market St #2, Philadelphia, PA 19139. Telephone (215) 560-3700.
  • South District office address 1163 S Broad St, Philadelphia, PA 19147. For information on LIHEAP or rent grants from the Emergency Shelter Assistance Program, foreclosure or eviction help and more call (215) 560-4400
  • District F Glendale - 5201 Old York Rd, Philadelphia, PA 19141. Intake number is (215) 560-4600
  • Somerset District emergency ESA program applications are at 2701 N Broad St, Philadelphia, PA 19132. Call (215) 560-5400
  • Liberty District residents can try 219 E Lehigh Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19125, phone (215) 560-4000. Everything from emergency ESA for paying rent or security deposits, free motel vouchers and more is offered.
  • Another intake site is 1350 W Sedgley Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19132. Phone (215) 560-4900
  • County Office for the Unity District address 4111 Frankford Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19124. Phone (215) 560-6400





Or, if a site above can’t assist, call (215) 560-6100 or (215) 560-3283 to reach the Department of Welfare housing assistance programs. Clients of agency range from single moms to the unemployed, disabled, working poor, and elderly. ESA offers grants for paying rent or a security/utility deposit, homeless prevention, and even foreclosure prevention services.

Catholic Social Services provides rental assistance in an emergency, free furniture, case management, and other financial aid. There are multiple locations and churches. Tenants, refugees, immigrants (documented or not) can get help with rental housing, utility disconnections, heating for apartments, pay or quit or foreclosure notices and other basic needs.

  • Center City of Philadelphia is at 222 North 17th Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19103. Phone (215) 724-8550 or  (267) 331-2490
  • Southeast Pennsylvania Catholic Charities also offers ongoing advocacy and housing stability at 4400 North Reese Street, Philadelphia, PA 19140, telephone (267) 331-2500

The Office of Homeless Services in Philadelphia offers both (1) preventative programs as well as (2) rehousing. Get referrals to grants to help with back rent, homeless prevention programs, free pro-bono legal aid for housing court and more. The goal is to reduce homelessness in Philly, so renters, struggling homeowners, and the currently homeless may get financial help or resources. Call 215-686-7175.Rent assistance Philadelphia

United Communities Southeast Philadelphia has a Rental and Mortgage Delinquency program that helps tenants and homeowners. Emergency funds can help income qualified renters, senor citizens or homeowners catch up on a mortgage payment, rental arrears, or energy costs. Location is 2029 South 8th Street, Philadelphia, PA, 19148. Phone - 215-468-1645 ext. 223.

Society of Saint Vincent DePaul of Philadelphia is local parishes with many volunteers. The poor, homeless, low income renters, veterans, and others can get financial assistance and more. There may be funds for paying rental arrears, storage costs, vouchers for furniture to furnish a home and other social services from the SVDP parishes and churches. Dial (484) 704-7153 for referrals, or more on St. Vincent de Paul rent assistance in Philadelphia.

Congreso de Latinos Unidos offers the Housing Retention Program (HRP). It helps Spanish speakers and Latinos with paying their rent, including referrals for immigrants. Call 215-763-8870. The goal is to offer short term rental assistance as well as legal aid to reduce homelessness in Philadelphia. Location is 216 West Somerset Street, Philadelphia, PA, 19133.




Project HOME runs the Outreach Coordination Center. Homeless families or individuals can use the free service. Learn about homeless shelters with beds or get meals. Or apply for security deposit help for a new apartment or get a lease review. Or blankets, furniture, and more is offered. The charity is at 1515 Fairmount Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19130, or dial 1-877-222-1984.

Germantown Avenue Crisis Ministryonly covers zip codes of 19118, 19119, 19138, 19144 and 19150 from their office at 35 West Chelten Avenue, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 19144. The non-profit charity gives referrals to rental assistance, loan programs, and other housing services.. Call 215-843-2340

A city and county wide community action agency is available. Most of the financial aid (whether for rent, heating costs, disability, etc.) is from referrals. But the government affiliated organizations helps the working poor, elderly, and disabled as well as single mothers with housing needs. Get everything from funds to pay rent (to stop an eviction) to loan counseling and more. Continue with Office of Community Empowerment and Opportunity in Philadelphia.

Office of Supportive Housing provides emergency, immediate help to people who are about to be evicted or foreclosed on as well as the currently homeless in Philadelphia. A wide range of financial assistance programs are offered including Rapid Rehousing; free hotel measures; grants to help with rent or mortgages payments from Homeless Prevention; homeless shelters; rental assistance for single mothers or youth; Emergency Shelter and Services and more. They also offer details on housing regulations that landlords need to make. The address is 1315 Cherry Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19107. Call (215) 686-7175.

Emergency Assistance and Response Unit (EARU) can help those on the verge of evictions or the currently homeless. There may be limited financial aid or loans to pay rent or address other housing needs. Families faced with a natural disaster may be offered shelter or motel vouchers as well. Dial (215) 685 - 9087 or (215) 686-7177.

Philadelphia Housing Authority runs the Pennsylvania section 8 housing voucher program. Call (215) 684-4000. They also operate low income housing in the community. Rent subsidized and controlled homes are for the low income, elderly and disabled. This may be the leading government agency to call for support. There is also immediate / emergency section 8 in Philadelphia. The PHA is at 2013 Ridge Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19121.

Fair Housing Commission serves individuals in Philadelphia. Their main office is located on 34 South 11th Street. They can help mediate and negotiate solutions between landlord and tenants and also direct residents towards rental assistance programs, such as Section 8 and the Homeless Prevention and Rapid Rehousing Program. Call (215) 686-4670.





Rescue Relief For Senior Citizens is a social service agency for residents over the age of 60. Get information on free grant money to assist with back rent, supportive housing that can also help with mobility issues, retirement planning, homesharing programs and more. The non-profit is at 2671 E Cumberland Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19125. Call (215) 426-1977.

The Philadelphia Council for Community Advancement offers qualified individuals access to the Housing Counseling Services. It can provide eviction prevention services as well as Section 8 vouchers. Money management assistance, budgeting skills, and debt counseling is also offered as well, as needed. Phone number is (215) 567-7803.

Strawberry Mansion Community Development Corporation has limited rent or energy bill help. They partner with human services and non-profits as well. The Strawberry Mansion Neighborhood Action Center is located at 2829 West Diamond Street, Philadelphia, PA 19121. Low income tenants, or people with pay or quit letters, can call (215) 235-7505.

Inglis Housing Corporation provides low income, affordable housing for the disabled in Philadelphia, both people with mental and physical disabilities. The main office is at 2600 Belmont Ave, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19131. The assistive or low cost housing can help the disabled live independently. Phone number is (866) 246-4547

Action Wellness only helps residents with HIV or AIDs. Get free housing counseling as well as financial assistance for bills or rent. There is also support for locating and paying for affordable housing, entitlement programs, transportation, mobility services and more. Dial (215) 981-0088, or the office is at 1216 Arch Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19107.

The Salvation Army in Philadelphia has multiple locations in the county and city. Call 215-825-4601. Everything from supportive housing to apartments for senior citizens, the The Red Shield Family Residence shelter, and possibility of financial aid (including for rent) or other bills may be offered - based on funding.

Center in the Park
5818 Germantown Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 1914. For referrals, dial (215) 848-7722.
They give information, including on rent grants, housing counseling, and private landlord rented homes, including for people in Philadelphia with bad or no credit. Other concerns are addressed too.







PathStone Corporation
Only farmwoekrs-migrants can apply. Address is 930 Washington Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19147. Call (215) 551-9660
The Farmworker Emergency Housing programs provides referrals, immediate financial help for rent, relocation services and more. The non-profits resources are for farmworkers who are immigrants and refugees only. All information, including applications to free grant money for rent or mortgage payments or a deposit, is on Spanish and other languages as well.

Free legal aid in Philadelphia to help with housing issues

Legal Aid of Southeastern Pennsylvania (LASP) can help with housing matters. Free legal advice is for low income qualified families in Philadelphia County. Receive assistance with stopping evictions, landlord/tenant medication issues, details on Subsidized and Public Housing, and support for ending predatory lenders, among other services. Call (877) 429 - 5994, or read more on free lawyer services in Pennsylvania.

TURN - Tenant Union Representative Network has an eviction defense workshop. Case managers may also have referrals to emergency rent or security deposit programs, including cash grants and other aid. The organization specializes in offering help in dealing with legal disputes and disagreements between landlords and tenants. Work with counselors and lawyers to find solutions and gain access to free information on places to go for counseling and rent help. In addition, you may be able to receive assistance from the various housing options. Telephone - (215) 940 - 3900

Legal Clinic for the Disabled supports Philadelphia County residents with a disability. Get help with grants (for paying rent, utilities, or transportation costs) as well as SSI application help or details on filing disability claims. Call 215-587-3158.

Community Legal Services offers free legal services to low-income individuals, renters and families(including teen parents). The volunteer legal team is at 1410 W Erie Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19140. Free attorneys work with the housing courts to represent tenants to fight evictions, help with applications to benefits and welfare such as Section 8 housing vouchers or rent controlled apartments, employment issues and other topis. Call CLS at 215-227-2400

Philadelphia Legal Assistance focuses on women (including DV survivors), immigrants and the elderly or indigent. Get help with renting a home, housing discrimination, and more civil issues. Address is 718 Arch Street, Philadelphia, PA 19106. Call 215-981-3838.

Homeless Assistance Project (HAP) is focused on ensuring all residents have access to safe, affordable, and repaired housing. Legal teams deal with discrimination issues faced by immigrants, minorities, disabled or the elderly. They advocate for the poor and vulnerable. Call 15-523-9595, or HAP operates from 1429 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19102.




Another firm that helps resolve landlord and tenant disputes, and provides legal aid, is Tenant's Action Group (TAG). Call them at (215) 575-0700 or (215) 940-3900, or if that number does not work, try TURN at the telephone number above.

Find rent help, security deposit assistance, and housing for veterans in Philadelphia

Philadelphia Veterans Multi-Service and Education Center - Supportive Service for Veteran Families (SSVF) assists very low income veterans and their families. Resources available from SSVF range from financial aid for helping with back rent to loans, job placement, and shelter to the homeless. Dial 215-923-2600, or stop by 213/217 North 4th Street, Philadelphia, PA, 19106.

UESF helps struggling Philadelphia veterans (and their families) from an office at 1608 Walnut St, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19103. Everything from housing to income subsidized homes, emergency rent or utility bill help to stop evictions, legal aid and referrals to free lawyers, job programs, and more. They also help veterans apply for federal VA benefits, and a major focus in on helping veterans stay in their home (or apartment) or house the homeless. Phone (215) 972-5170.

Project HOME helps very low income veterans, including the unemployed. Find legal counseling, credit repairs to get into position to lease a home, direct rent or utility deposit (or arrears help), debt advice and other support. There may be low cost and supportive housing for disabled veterans too. The non-profit is at 1515 Fairmount Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19130. Call (215) 232-7272.


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