Assistance from Philadelphia County and City Catholic Charities.

Emergency assistance is provided by Catholic Charity Family Service Centers, which are located across the greater Philadelphia region. These locations will usually be the first place to contact when you need assistance, referrals, financial help for bills, or case management. A number of churches in the city and county of Philadelphia are part of the Catholic Social Services.

Each of the family service centers provide the needy and low income a number of services. Just a sampling of what is offered includes emergency financial aid for paying bills. There may be very limited rent or utility bill assistance, food pantries and clothing cupboards, housing referrals, and case management services. Some of the self-sufficiency and personal development resources include job placement assistance, ESL classes, GED preparation, and employment training. Other resources administered include:

  • Many of the Catholic Charity Service centers in Philadelphia also provide services for children and students. Examples include free food and snacks, service learning opportunities, and help with homework.
  • Support for single parent and parenting includes cooking and other life skills training, baby cupboard, diapers, parenting classes, and information on housing, rent programs, and public aid. Click here for details on other single mom rent assistance housing programs.
  • Immigrants and refugees benefit from translation services, free legal counsel, and referral to other services and legal aid in the community.
  • Seniors in Philadelphia can access Catholic Charity programs such as support and assistance for isolated, homebound elderly, home delivered meals, free lunches, and social services.

Homelessness Prevention program is offered at some of the Catholic Charity Family Service Centers in Philadelphia. This resource can offer outreach services, information and programs that are run from senior citizen centers, and other various family support programs. Homeless prevention can also provide job training and placement program; food distribution, counseling services; rental assistance, utility bill and mortgage assistance. Also access financial advice from specialists, such as debt reduction and consumer credit counseling services.





Food and Nutritional Development Services is provided in partnership with other local food pantries and distribution centers. So Catholic Charities provides food and related technical assistance to other organizations in Philadelphia that then provide the free food and meals directly to individuals and needy families. Most of the aid is provided directly to the poor and needy children in need in the community. So while Catholic Charities may not itself offer food to the needy, they will have information on local pantries and food banks that do. Locate free food banks in Pennsylvania.

The agency works closely with various non-profit entities and community groups to improve community and individual access to food, to improve knowledge about healthy nutrition and meals, and to enhance food resources and programs.

Some of the programs offered are called the National School Lunch Program, the Summer Food Service Program for Children, as well as the Child and Adult Care Food Program. Groceries, free or low cost food and technical assistance is also provided to local Philadelphia churches and non-profit organizations that serve needy adults, families and children through food pantries, cupboards, soup kitchens, and shelters.

Catholic Health Care Services is administered in Philadelphia, and this service may be able to offer short and long term nursing care at two assisted living, six skilled nursing homes and three independent living facilities throughout the counties that make up the Philadelphia region. CHCS also oversees a Parish Nurse program in the Archdiocese, runs senior adult day programs and provides a comprehensive medical and health care assessment service for the elderly.





Catholic Charities legal aid and case management in Philadelphia County

Immigration Legal Counseling Services is one of the key resources provided by Catholic Charities. The main program started back in the mid 1970s. A number of bi-lingual staff are available, and they can provide low-cost (and maybe even free) assistance in regards to legal counsel and representation, document preparation, translation services, and access to applicable social services and government aid. Learn about programs such as section 8 housing vouchers, food stamps, and some local agencies that may provide financial assistance for basic needs such as food.

Hundreds of individuals across Philadelphia Pennsylvania are assisted every year. Lawyers can assist clients with help with work authorization, visas, asylum, permanent residency, and obtaining citizenship. Some of the services provided include advocacy, job training, and community outreach and service efforts.

Paralegals, attorneys, and other legal services staff may be able to assist clients with citizenship issues or residency, and can help them prepare and submit applications with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. Staff lawyers may also be able to serve as advocates in state or local Immigration Courts.

Philadelphia Corporation on Aging and Catholic Social Services have worked together to start several senior community centers across the greater Philadelphia Pennsylvania region. The centers are located in South Philadelphia, Norris Square, Port Richmond, and West Philadelphia, and provide hot meals and other aid. Programs and workshops offer the elderly free workshops and classes for health and nutrition, computer usage, and consumer and debt issues.

Senior citizens in the city of Philadelphia can get free meals delivered to them from Catholic Charity volunteers. This is part of Meals on Wheels homebound service. Frozen food, meats, bread, vegetables, and other goods can be offered. There is a small donation appreciated to help offset delivery expenses. Learn about Meals on Wheels for seniors and how to sign up.





Catholic Charity locations in Philadelphia Pennsylvania

Several churches in the county as well as city are part of Catholic Charities. Food, immigration help, financial help for rent, senior housing and other services are offered.

  • 227 North 18th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103, (215) 854-7000
  • Southwest Family Service Center, 6214 Grays Ave., Philadelphia 19142, Phone number is 215-724-8550
  • St. Anne's Senior Community Center, 2607 E. Cumberland St., Philadelphia 19125, dial 215-423-2772
  • Northeast Family Service Center, 7340 Jackson St., Philadelphia 19136, call 215-624-5920

By Jon McNamara

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