Wood County Salvation Army emergency assistance.

Emergency assistance as well as general social services are available from the Wood County Salvation Army center. The charity offers short term support in the form of a “hand up” to the working poor and struggling in the community. Not the programs, such as money to pay for rent, utilities, food, and more are not a “hand-out”. Applicants need to be well on the path to gaining stability in their lives.

Some of the social services are around everyday needs, such as food from the pantry, clothing, hot meals, and employment resources. Other emergency assistance, specifically financial to pay for bills such as rent or utilities, is for critical living expenses only to help stabilize a family. The Parkersburg Salvation Army social services will change throughout the year as the needs of the community evolve as well as resources change.

Housing, Food, and Clothing Services : There are several forms of assistance available under this category. These are so called basic needs, and the Salvation Army works to address this in the Wood County community. It is a fact that families need food for their family, a roof over their head, clothes for work or everyday use, and much more.

Qualified families can apply for some or all of the following. There may be funds to help pay for costs such as rent or heating and utility bills. The help provided will allow the family to keep a roof over their head and not go homeless. Money will only be provided in a crisis.

The other type of support is around food and clothing. This is where the Parkersburg Salvation Army food bank can assist. A small bag of groceries may be provided to help feed a family for a new days. The pantry also has other goods, such as cleaning supplies, clothing, paper products, and other supplies. Or for people seeking a free Thanksgiving turkey or Christmas meal or gift, the pantry can help there as well..

As noted, the housing assistance is available if the home the applicant lives in is sustainable over the mid to long term. If the person seeking a grant will not be able to afford to pay the rent or other bills on their own in the future (without using charitable or government benefits), then the Salvation Army will help them locate a new place to live. This may include a short term into a Parkersburg shelter or transitional housing program.





Parkersburg Salvation Army thrift store :  The site will sell goods for the families home or apartment. But there are other benefits to the store. It allows people the ability to volunteer there, so they can gain some basic work skills for their resume. The Family Store also accepts donations from the community, so this provides the ability for residents to give back to the less fortunate. What will be sold there includes some or all of the following:
Household goods
School supplies as well as uniforms
Birthday and Christmas toys
Vintage goods

Social Services : Case managers coordinate this in the community. This is the primary resource used to  get the client to overcome their hardship. No Wood County household should ever rely on a church or charity such as the Salvation Army for help. Individuals need to understand what caused their situation and come up with (and adhere too) a plan to gain stability.

There are a few categories of support under the umbrella of the social service programs. They include Substance Abuse Rehabilitation, Youth programs such as summer camp or after school care, and also Education as well as Job Training Programs. Any client that meets the requirements of the Parkersburg Salvation Army may be assigned a case-worker as part of this process.

There is a Salvation Army church located at 534 5th St, Parkersburg, WV 26101. Appointments are needed in order to get assistance, and the main number is (304) 485-4529.



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