Orange County Florida area Catholic Charities assistance programs.

Emergency Family Services, referrals, and guidance are provided by the Central Regional Catholic Charity Offices. Some short term financial assistance may be provided while an individual receives case management, which can help with long term financial stability.

Some of the Emergency Services provided, which will be by appointment, include access to the Semoran Food Pantry, case management, financial assistance for bills, and referrals to area providers and non-profits. The demand for their services has increased due to the recent weak economic environment.

The Catholic Charities of Central Florida Emergency Family Assistance Program serves clients and working poor who are struggling due to a financial difficulty or crisis that is not of their doing and out of their control. Examples of this may include a medical emergency or unexpected bill, job loss, major car repairs, death in the family, or a reduction in hours at work. People across Orange, Seminole, and Osceola Counties may qualify, and can make an appointment.

Financial assistance is limited, and may be provided to qualified people to pay for expenses such as utilities, rent, or mortgage payments. Food and groceries may be provided too in Orlando and nearby towns and cities. A focus is on preventing homelessness, and reducing hunger in the community.

An applicant will need to work with a case manager. They will review your situation. If qualified, and if funding allows, individuals may receive emergency financial assistance. In some cases you may also receive referrals, advocacy, details on local Orange County Florida food pantry distribution sites. Other assistance can provide for benefits screening and short-term case management.

As with any Catholic Charity program, long-term self-sufficiency is the overall goal. This is done while they try to resolve/address the immediate need through assistance such as mortgage or rent payments to prevent eviction. Or apply for assistance with a utility payment to prevent the disconnection of services. So this aid can prevent homelessness and provide families with time to regain self sufficiency.





A strong, concerted effort is made by case managers to help them understand the importance of long-term financial stability. Long-term case management services provide referrals, in-depth and/or individualized assessments, and provide information on resources and services that are available within the Catholic Charities of Central Florida (CCCF) organization or the larger community.

Health care and clinical services are offered. The centers in Orlando and nearby areas will promote wellness, provide quality and caring medical care. Other specialty services and preventive health education is provided too. In order to benefit from this Catholic Charity program, people can’t be receiving Medicaid, be uninsured, and have no VA benefits. Low income levels based on poverty guidelines are also in place.

The Central Florida Catholic Charities can help facilitate free medical care to the uninsured. This will, among other things, reduce burdens on local hospital emergency rooms serving the uninsured with non-emergency care. All dental and medical services are provided by volunteer staff under contract with the Department of Health. Health education to the disadvantaged and underserved populations is offered by the clinics. You need to make an appointment.

Homeless & Transitional Services are offered by Catholic Charities of Central Florida to Orange County Florida and neighboring counties. Homeless women, single moms, women and children can gain the basic necessities of life. This includes shelter, food, caring guidance, and meals. The various programs go by the names of.

  • Shepherd’s House – This is a housing program for single women with children.
  • Pathways to Care can support adults and seniors in need of respite care.
  • Visitation House - A shelter and housing program for pregnant women at risk of eviction and homelessness.

Senior housing complexes and a day center are operated by Catholic Charities of Central Florida. They operate two senior housing complexes. The facilities are St. Anthony Garden Courts in St. Cloud in Osceola County as well as St. Joseph Garden Courts in East Orlando. They operate apartments for qualified low-income seniors. The Senior Center is in Lake Morton and can provide emergency resources and daily activities.

These various senior programs provide affordable and safe housing for low-income senior citizens and elderly residents. Various social development programs are offered, as well as opportunities for seniors to keep socially active.

Immigration services are administered in the region. It provides free or low-cost immigration counseling from specialists. The agency has the necessary knowledge and experience that relates to immigration law and procedures. Receive legal advice, support, and consultations. All programs and advice is confidential.

Locations of Catholic Charities in Orange, Osceola, and Seminole Counties

Central Regional Offices is at 1771 N. Semoran Blvd., Orlando, Florida 32807. Call 407-658-1818 for an appointment. However smaller centers may be operated in the area and surrounding counties.




By Jon McNamara

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