Oklahoma City water bill assistance.

If you need help paying your monthly water bills in the Oklahoma City area there are a couple options and programs available. The options can include payment assistance plans and another resource known as the H2O program. Learn more about these resources below, including who to contact to apply for help. If these solutions are not available for a customer’s situation, then then administering agency may offer referrals. On average about 4,000 families receive some form of financial help each and every year for paying a portion of their water bills.

For customers who are having problems paying their water bills, there are resources available from a Utility Service Center. This is a clearinghouse that offers assistance in a number of ways. The program can help financially needy households pay their monthly water bill and avoid a shut off of their service. Funding is limited, and various conditions need to be met before any financial aid is distributed.

The Oklahoma City Help 2 Others (H2O) water bill assistance program gives money to low income and struggling families via the Salvation Army. While they process applications, the non-profit does not use their own resources to pay for it. Funds can assist those qualified individuals who need help paying their monthly water utility bills.

The program is funded by donations and contributions from local businesses, private individuals, and also matching grants from various resources. All of these donations are tax deductible. By rounding up your water bill and any other utility bill payments to the nearest whole dollar you can contribute to the "Help 2 Others" program. All of the money raised will be used to help other families in the Oklahoma City area, including those faced with a job loss or medical emergency. So people are empowered to in effect help others in the community pay their bills during a financial hardship.

Apply for water bill help in Oklahoma City

To learn more, or if you are interested in receiving water bill assistance through the H2O program, you will need to contact the Salvation Army at (405) 270-7800. They can provide additional details, including more specific program eligibility requirements. Another option available for those who would like more information is to call a Utility Customer Services at (405) 297-2833. If you want to make a tax free contribution to H2O, just check the contribution box on your monthly utility or water statement and send it along with your payment. All of the money contributed will go to those who need help in the community.





The staff at the Utility Customer Services Center an also provide advice to Oklahoma County households on how to enter into payment plans. In some cases, income qualified families can be provided more time to pay past due expenses that they owe to their water provider. This is not the same as financial aid though, as the bill will still need to be paid in full. But an extension can offer the person more time before their service is disconnected.

Contribute to the program

Many people want to know how to participate and donate funds. It is simple to do. You just need to sign up using your monthly statement. Or to make things simple you can even contribute online. To sign up using your monthly paper bill just follow these two easy steps. First is you need to round up your water utility payment to the nearest whole dollar amount. Then just check off the Round it UP box on the statement that is send monthly. It is that simple.

Every penny that you donate will count towards helping others in the community, and as indicated it is tax deductible. In addition, a statement of your annual contributions will be mailed to you each year for tax purposes. For more information about the "Help 2 Others" program, water bill payment plans, or other resources please call 297-2833.




By Jon McNamara

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