Oakland California Salvation Army assistance programs.

The Salvation Army offers an extensive number of emergency assistance programs and services for Alameda County and Oakland residents. The non-profit tries to meet needs of all types, including basic financial needs. There is where rent, utility bill help, and medications may be offered. The Salvation Army also assists with physical issues, mental challenges, financial issues, and they provide extensive social support and spirituality. Some examples of the social services administered are below.

Financial help from Salvation Army in Alameda County

Arguably the main program is known as Family Services. It provides most of the resources listed here. There may be referrals to rental and mortgage assistance. Case managers may give information to people who are faced with a crisis and who meet other qualifications. The Salvation Army has information on local housing/rental/mortgage assistance programs, as they were created to help tenants and homeowners in Alameda County who cannot afford their monthly payment due to an emergency or crisis that is out of their control.

It is also a homeless prevention program, and the emergency aid can help prevent eviction. Importantly it will give stability to those who are struggling in a time of crisis. A qualifying low income individual/family can receive financial assistance if they have an eviction notice. Funds can also help pay first month’s rent.

Find short term housing in Oakland. Shelter and Emergency Lodging is offered by the Alameda County Salvation Army. This crisis program provides assistance to those families, single parents, and individuals in need of temporary shelter. A qualifying family or individual may even be provided with lodging at a local motel or hotel if they have no other options. This lodging program is intended for emergency situations only, and is offered as a last resort. People only get temporary shelter, and it is very short term in nature.





Utility bill assistance is for those faced with a financial hardship. The Salvation Army utility assistance program can offer emergency relief for those who are experiencing a crisis in Oakland California and who cannot pay their monthly energy bills. A qualifying individual or family can be assisted with preventing service interruption of their power. They also work closely with programs offered by utility companies such as PG&E. Find additional utility assistance programs in California.

Food Pantry distributions are held in many Alameda County Corps on a monthly, weekly, or biweekly basis. Meals and groceries are usually passed out to senior citizens or the working poor in the region. The food provided serves as emergency assistance and it sustains health to those who could not otherwise afford it and would go without.

Oakland and county wide social services from Salvation Army

Other social services are available. Some of these so called miscellaneous services include free food, furniture, clothing, and prescription medication assistance. Services are limited, and are only offered if funding is available.





Programs for children include summer camps. They can help serve as a place for students to go to during the summer, and can also be looked at as a leadership development program for youth that contains components of other leadership projects. It is offered by the Salvation Army for members of the community.

Women`s assistance and ministries are offered. This Salvation Army program offers a wide variety of activities including educational topics, worship, parties, information on government resources such as WIC, and group outings.

Other assistance programs include the following.

  • Groceries and food from the Emergency Food Box Program, USDA Commodities Program, and emergency food bank programs.
  • Utility assistance is offered in partnership with a program known as REACH, which is a PG&E Bill Paying Assistance Program.
  • The Oakland Salvation Army is also a great place for information and referrals to program such as CALFresh.
  • Baby Items such as clothing, furnishings, diapers, etc. when available.
  • Supportive Social Services - Receive basic case management, advocacy, emergency assistance, pastoral counseling, and referral services.

Annual and Seasonal services include the following.

  • Holiday assistance includes Christmas and Thanksgiving Assistance Program. The Angel Tree and Adopt a Family programs also can give kids, teenagers and seniors gifts, such as clothing or free toys for children.
  • Back to School and ChildSpree can help children and students.

Thousands of older adults get help from Senior programs. The Salvation Army allows elderly and senior citizens in Alameda County the ability to attend educational and recreational activities, receive visitors when house-bound, enjoy free or low cost nutritious meals, or participate in adult learning programs or recreational programs. Silvercrest housing in Oakland is another resource, and it allows low-income seniors to get safe and secure housing.

The agency will often have information on local GED Programs and Computer Learning Labs. Many of these were created to strengthen skills towards obtaining a high school GED. The classes are offered in Alameda County, and students can work at their own pace. Some may even be given items for their education, including find free computers. In addition, tutoring and guidance can be provided every step of the way. A computer lab may also be used for educational purposes, job searches, and resume creation. The Homework Club can help students as well.

Developmental group programs are for adolescents, children, adults and developmentally disabled adults. Services and various programs are often provided on a daily basis to sustain social development for qualified residents who would not have access to such social and development services without benefits of The Salvation Army.





Salvation Army locations in Alameda County

Locations of the centers are below. Social Services, a thrift store and emergency aid is offered by appointment only. Services are offered in both English and Spanish.

1027 A Street, Hayward, phone (510) 538-2759
2794 Garden Street, Oakland California, (510) 437-9437
36700 Newark Boulevard, Newark, CA main number is (510) 793-6319
601 Webster Street, Oakland, CA (510) 836-8971
1918 Park Street, Alameda, CA, phone (510) 769-7401
379 12th Street, Oakland, (510) 645-9710
1535 University Avenue, Berkeley, California dial (510) 549-3098

By Jon McNamara

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