New York City temporary housing and shelter.

Families and individuals in New York City who are faced with a housing crisis, who are homeless, or facing imminent eviction may be able to get help from the Department of Homeless Services Intake Centers. The city can support individuals, families, adults, single women, parents with children, and others in the community.

One of the primary centers to contact is the Prevention Assistance and Temporary Housing (Path) Office. If after applying for help, if you or your family is found eligible for assistance, residents will be placed into temporary emergency housing and gain access to an extensive array of social services, public aid, employment programs, and receive other aid. The various shelters are run by non-profit and other organizations. Some of the social services offered, and requirements of clients, include the following.

  • Families will need to apply for public assistance, section 8, or some other type of federal or state of New York housing subsidy.
  • Individuals will need to develop an Independent Living Plan (ILP). This will document the steps people need to take in order to receive permanent housing, and includes job programs, child care, educational opportunities, and more.
  • You will need to work with a housing specialist/caseworker to find an affordable, safe apartment in the New York City area. The process needs to be actively followed.
  • All guidelines, rules and regulations that are set by the shelter or transitional housing unit need to be followed. If they are not, someone may be evicted from the housing units.

Qualifications for housing/shelter in New York City

The program is only offered for people with no housing options. If you currently have a place to reside, but say are just behind on rent, then you can look into various homelessness prevention and emergency rental assistance programs. The goal of these resources are to help keep people in their current home/apartment. If you already are homeless and were just evicted, then Department of Homeless Services Intake Centers can provide you with short term housing, if you are eligible. Only people in need of short term, emergency shelter may qualify.




An investigation will be started, as proof of this need is required. Applicants need to be able to document their lack of housing. Some of the information required includes copies of eviction papers, letters from people you used to live with, a marshal’s 72-hour notice, documents from doctors that show that an apartment no longer may be appropriate, and letters from landlords or managing agents.

Emergency housing is only offered for people who have applied for in the past, or who will apply for in the immediate future, Public Assistance. Social workers from New York City can help people apply, so they are available to support you throughout this process.

Certain housing may be offered for families too. DHS considers a family as single parents with children, those who are legally married couples with or without children, pregnant women or even unmarried couples, with or without children, who have lived together for a long period of time and can provide this.

Other conditions are in effect for families with children under 21 years old. These applicants need to go to a local shelter or to the Prevention Assistance and Temporary Housing (PATH) Office that is located in the Bronx.

Pregnant families, which are defined as pregnant couples, single pregnant women, or parent/grandparent(s) with a pregnant child 21 years of age or over also need to go to the PATH office in the Bronx.

Adult Families with no children can look into programs as well. They are administered from the Adult Family Intake Center, which is located in Manhattan. All of these centers are open 24 hours a day. The Adult Family Intake Center is located at 29th Street and 1st Avenue, Manhattan, NY 10016

New York City, and the Department of Homeless Services, require that all residents facing imminent eviction, homeless individuals and families are entitled to safe, temporary shelter. They are also entitled to be able to work with a social worker to find permanent housing in the region. So the city will work with people of all ages, backgrounds, and cultures in order to help them access housing.

Prevention Assistance and Temporary Housing (Path) Office is the place for families to apply at. The address is 346 Powers Avenue, Bronx, NY 10454. Another location of PATH is 151 E. 151st Street, Bronx, NY 10451.





Women shelters are located below, including parents with children.

  • Brooklyn Women's Shelter, 116 Williams Avenue, Brooklyn, New York 11217
  • Franklin Shelter, 1122 Franklin Avenue, Bronx, NY 10456
  • Jamaica Armory (Women), 93-05 168th Street, Jamaica, New York 11434

Single Adult Men can also receive housing at this location. 30th Street Intake, 400-430 East 30th Street (near 1st Avenue), New York, NY 10016


By Jon McNamara

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