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Energy and utility bill assistance programs New Hampshire.

Low income families and individuals in New Hampshire will get help for paying utility, electric as well as winter heating bills. Many of the assistance programs give emergency financial assistance or grant money to the elderly, single moms, and disabled in the state, but low-income consumers have various options available to them. Find details on payment plans, government grants, and low-income utility bill help in NH below.

Some of the emergency financial assistance programs are offered by the state, but most of them are offered by utility companies and non-profits that are located across New Hampshire. There are payment plans, utility bill forgiveness programs, government grants and more. In addition to funds from the state or LIHEAP  (fuel assistance in NH) and financial support, customers can also learn about ways to reduce their energy bills through free conservation.

Government programs that help with utility or electric bills in NH

An energy conserving program in New Hampshire is offered to electric utility customers across the state. Various individuals may be able to take advantage of statewide energy efficiency products, weatherization programs and services funded by the energy efficiency portion of the System Benefits Charge (SBC).

Qualified low-income customers living in an apartment or house, whether the house is owned or rented, can receive thousands of dollars in free energy conservation services. There may be window replacement, roof repairs, furnace or HVAC tune ups and more, with grants also able to rep[air a window for the low-income. More on free window replacement service.

Also note that the maximum amount of aid offered can be increased up to $5,900 if customers also qualify for the NH Weatherization Assistance Program. Some of the services offered can include lighting upgrades , a customized report analyzing their home, improvements including insulation, thermostats, and efficient refrigerators, and recommendations on how to use energy more efficiently and save money. Contact local community action agency to explore this service. Qualifying customers can receive a discount on their monthly electric bill. The utility bill discounts provided will range anywhere from 5 to 70%. Read more on the electric assistance program.

Government assistance - The state of New Hampshire receives grants from the federal government to pay for programs such as LIHEAP or Fuel Assistance. The funds are primarily disbursed during the winter time and go towards helping to pay heating bills. Money may occasional be offered during the summer for cooling bills. Another option is weatherization, which will help families save money on their utilities. Continue with fuel assistance and weatherization in New Hampshire.




New Hampshire statewide Neighbors Helping Neighbors program is currently administered by most of New Hampshire's regulated utility and gas companies, and they all participate in a statewide fuel assistance and cash grant fund that is administered by the Salvation Army as well as community action agencies in coordination with LIHEAP. The "last resort" fund operates year round, serving households after any federal government LIHEAP funds are exhausted. You need to call your local community action agency to get help.

LIHEAP crisis grants in New Hampshire can be used to prevent the shut off of heat or electricity, with a focus on keeping people warm during the winter. The funds can be provided to stop a disconnection and the aid is immediately issued, as funding allows. Learn more on the assistance from crisis LIHEAP grants.

Statewide New Hampshire program is known as the tiered-discount program (TDP). This is a so called modified percentage of income payment plan and is also called Electric Assistance Program, or EAP. It will generally support tens of thousands of people across the state (most years).

The various tiers are structured to provide qualified low to moderate income households with monthly energy bill payments that have a maximum value assigned to them. On average the maximum bill charged to an eligible customer will be four percent of their total household income for general use customers and six percent for electric heat users. Apply at a local NH community action agency.

Winter heating bills - The state and energy companies offer conservation programs, referrals, home improvements as well as cash assistance. Resources can help low income customers pay their bills in a crisis and provide for free weatherization and conservation measures. Continue with New Hampshire heating bill programs.

In addition to those statewide programs offered there are noted above, find more local options below. Or you can read about free heating oil programs, which can help low-income households in New Hampshire that rely on heating oil for the winter.





Financial assistance for energy bills from New Hampshire utility companies

Eversource (formerly Public Service Company of New Hampshire) – A 35% discount is offered to low income customers, and the discount may provide them with a 35 percent or more discount off their monthly heating and electric bills. You need to contact one of the six local Community Action Agencies (CAA) that are located throughout the state of New Hampshire to apply for help from this particular program or to get more information. Dial 800-662-7764

Eversource (formerly Public Service of NH) - Several other financial assistance and grant programs are offered. Some are federal government created programs such as weatherization or LIHEAP, and other payment plans are offered directly by the energy provider. Read more on assistance from Eversource in NH.

Liberty Utilities (formerly Granite State Electric) – They also administer an Electric Assistance Program. Qualified low to moderate income customers can receive discounts on their monthly electric service. Contact a local Community Action Agency for application. The phone numbers are Cheshire & Sullivan 603-352-7512 or 1-800-529-0005; Coos, Carroll & Grafton 603-752-7105 or 1-800-552-4617; Hillsborough 603-668-8010 or 1-800-322-1073; Rockingham 603-436-3896

Liberty Utilities of New Hampshire (previously Granite State Electric) runs a Home Energy Bill Assistance Program, which can help reduce energy costs and bills for low income customers. The program is targeted at those individuals and families with electricity bills that are currently averaging more than $30 per month. You will be assigned an Energy Manager to help you save money, and they will see if you qualify for other energy conserving measures such as ENERGY STAR lighting, ENERGY STAR refrigerators, water saving measures and insulation and air sealing measures

  • Call Hillsborough County- Southern New Hampshire Services 800-322-1073.
  • Cheshire or Sullivan Countym - Southwestern Community Services Dial  (603) 352-7512 or 800-529-0005.
  • Coos, Caroll or Grafton County Tri-County Community Action. Phone 888-842-3835 or (603) 752-3248
  • Rockingham County - Rockingham Community Action. Dial 800-639-3896.

National Grid (formerly known as New Hampshire KeySpan Energy Delivery) – Certain low income customers may still have this provider in New Hampshire. The company can potentially receive a discount on their monthly gas or utility bills. Qualifying low to moderate income heating customers will receive a 50 percent discount on the gas delivery portion of their heating or utility bill.





To qualify for this assistance, the household needs to receive or be qualified to receive benefits from one of a number of federal government or state assistance programs such as Food Stamps, LIHEAP, SSI, WIC, TANF and others. Contact National Grid NH (KeySpan) at 1-800-233-5325 or 1-800-262-4111 to learn more or apply for the discount.

National Grid (formerly NH KeySpan Energy Delivery) – The Low-Income Weatherization Program can offer free home weatherization services and programs to New Hampshire customers who are currently getting R32 and R4 discount rates. Renters and homeowners may qualify for up to $3,600 in cash grants to pay for weatherization measures including insulation, heating system replacement for homeowners, or air sealing. Call the following. Community Action Program (Belknap-Merrimack Counties) 603-225-3295. Southern New Hampshire Services, Inc. ( Hillsborough County) 603-668-8010

New Hampshire Electric Coop – Energy conserving updates are offered as part of Home Energy Assistance. This options is for income-qualified members and families who are currently living in an apartment or house, whether it is owned or rented, and these individuals can receive up to $3,600 in services from the program. Energy bill saving improvements may include Improving windows with energy-saving storm windows, Upgrades to ENERGY STAR rated appliances, or Sealing air leaks with caulking and also installing weatherstripping.

There may also he free Upgrades to ENERGY STAR lighting, Replacing old thermostats on heating systems with new programmable thermostats, Installing thermal covers on windows, sliding glass doors and whole house fan, and Upgrading insulation in attics, walls and basement ceilings.  Call 1-800-698-2007

New Hampshire Electric Co-operative - Qualifying low income members may be able to get a discount on their bills from the Electric Assistance Program. This will provide a discount on their monthly electric bill. The amount of the discount provided is based on the household gross income and the type of space heating used in the home. Contact local Community Action Agencies in New Hampshire for more information or details.

Unitil Corporation (formerly Northern Utilities) - Qualifying heating customers of this energy provider may be able to receive a 50 percent discount on the gas delivery portion of their utility/gas bill starting November 1, 2005. To qualify for aid from this service, similar to above, a household must receive or be qualified to receive benefits from one of a number of government assistance programs such as TANF, LIHEAP, SSI, Food Stamps, WIC, or any of many other government programs. Contact Unitil at 1-888-301-7700 to apply for help in NH.

Unitil (Concord Electric) offers Home Energy Assistance. The program is for income-eligible customers, and they may be able to receive an energy audit, attic and building shell insulation, new lighting and fixtures, air-sealing, weather-stripping, programmable thermostats that are installed for free, electric hot water measures, and ENERGY STAR refrigerator replacements. To learn more or to apply you need to contact Unitil's Customer Service Center at -888-301-7700 or 800-852-3339.







Unitil offers the Electric Assistance Discount (EAP). This is the statewide energy assistance program that provides low income-eligible, the working poor and other qualified residential customers with a discount on their monthly utility and/or electric bill. To find out if you qualify for financial help or cash grants from this energy provider and program, and to apply for the Statewide EAP, please contact your local Community Action Agency (CAA) at the number listed here. The phone numbers include:

  • Rockingham County Community Action Agency (Portsmouth, NH Phone: 603/436-3896 or 800/639-3896)
  • Belknap / Merrimack Counties Community Action Agency (Concord, NH Area Center: 603/225-6880)
  • Atkinson, Danville, Newton & Plaistow should contact the Salem, NH office at phone number 603/898-8435.

Unitil - There are several other government assistance and cash grant programs offered. Click here for information on additional options as there are many Unitil financial assistance programs.


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