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Discounts from the New Hampshire Electric Assistance Program.

The electric assistance program provides a discount on utility bills to low and moderate income families and individuals. The discount provided on their monthly bills will range from 5 percent to 70 percent. The exact amounts of savings will depend on total household income and size. Last year the average benefit provided was about $450 per customer.

The New Hampshire electric assistance program (EAP) program is a 12 month electric bill assistance program. Benefits are subject to the availability of funds, and like many resources, funding is limited. If you are interested in learning more or apply to the New Hampshire electric assistance program, contact your local community action agency.

The EAP energy bill discount helps make electric bills more affordable and it greatly reduces the chance a customer will have their electric service shut off for nonpayment of their energy bill. To be eligible for the assistance program eligible customers need to receive an electric bill from a regulated electric utility and they need to also have a gross household income that qualifies them for aid at the time of application.

Currently the electric assistance and energy efficiency programs have a total budget of about $35 million per year. New legislation introduced by the state government would earmark $19 million, or an increase of $3.5 million, to help low income people pay their energy bills as part of the $35 million.

The program is funded by both government sources and by customers and the utility company themselves. All electric utility customers pay towards the statewide EAP through the system benefits charge that they now pay on a portion of their electric bill. Electric customers already pay into the programs for electric assistance and energy efficiency.

There are many examples of low to moderate income customers getting up to one-third of their light bill paid for some time. This allows people to have extra money for paying for food, medical bills, car repairs, and other critical expenses.

Apply for New Hampshire EAP

Over the last year, almost 30,000 individuals and families across New Hampshire received assistance, according to the public Utilities Commission Chairman Tom Getz. Find how to apply for the New Hampshire electric bill assistance program, and get more information on how it works.





By Jon McNamara

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