Mustard Seed Outreach Ministries emergency assistance.

In a crisis, Mustard Seed Outreach Ministries is a Toledo Ohio based charity that may be able to assist low income families. The support from the organization comes as a hand up and not a hand out, so this means that applicants need to be facing a short term emergency situation. Also, the individual seeking help in Lucas County needs to be willing, and able, to address the cause of their hardship, no matter what the challenge is.

While referrals are available, there may be instances in which the agency has their own financial aid available. This of course will be very limited and come with various restrictions and conditions. If and when possible, there may be funds for expenses ranging from utility bills to other expenses, and this will be to prevent homelessness due to stop utilities from being turned off. Examples of other support is free food from a pantry and more.

The food program is to help hungry people in Lucas County. In an effort to meet this goal, an emergency pantry is available to qualified low income families. This can offer groceries as well as advice from caring volunteers. Families in poverty can even learn about federal government benefits that can be a long term solution.

For people in a disaster or during certain seasons, the Mustard Seed food bank also provides assistance for special events such as a fire, flooding, hurricane, and other emergencies. This food is usually passed out for free, and may be canned, dry goods, meat, milk and fresh vegetables. This service is monitored and verified with the intake application.

During the November and December months, there is also an increasing number of people seeking help. They often need it for the holidays, and the Mustard Seed Outreach Ministries charity will offer a larger food supplement as well as hot meals. The recipients, many of whom have children or senior members living in their home, receive the food at no cost to them. However, the support is limited and this seasonal aid can change depending on the individual's plight.

Also, advocacy is always taking place across Toledo. The team will develop and supply leadership in areas to bring visibility to the hunger problem. They advocate on the behalf of the working poor, hold food drives, and work on generating financial support. The food pantry is always in need of volunteers as well monetary and donations, so please contribute if you can.





Emergency assistance may sometimes be available. This is only for eligible Lucas County residents, who can prove their need, income, and meet other targets. They also need to have their own money available to pay a portion of the bills that are due for those expenses. They have information or referrals to some or all of the following.

  • Foreclosure and mortgage help – Staff from Mustard Seed Outreach Ministries can refer homeowners to non-profit HUD counseling agencies for free counseling on their hardship.
  • Medical needs, such as vouchers for prescription medications.
  • Assistance to prevent disconnection of heat and utilities can be arranged.
  • Referrals to low interest loans for living expenses, if no other financial aid is available. There are other financing programs in the community. Read more low income no credit loan programs.
  • Applications for supplemental food programs, such as Meals on Wheels or TEFAP (The Emergency Food Assistance Program).

Through the provision of this type of financial assistance (or other solutions) Mustard Seed Outreach Ministries tries to immediately prevent households from homeless situations. Ongoing advice is available too, as this will ensure that people will remain in stable housing long-term.

Those are just some examples of services. All are limited, and in most cases the client will be linked to some other charity in Lucas County that may be able to assist. The main reason this is offered as the staff realize that basic needs must be met before intensive case management can occur. People need to have some type of food, or a home to live in, before they can gain stability. This aid can be effective in helping struggling families achieve self-reliance.

Specialists from Mustard Seed Outreach Ministries tend to be knowledgeable of what services or even public benefits may be available to assist a resident. If a family has a need for short or long term assistance, but does not know where to seek help for that need, they should contact the center for advice.

Additional support is available in the form of local shelters or low income, transitional housing. There are services that provides lodging as well as intensive, group-based case management to participants. There is an emphasis on the homeless as well as single moms. Anyone that benefits from any form of supportive housing must be willing to participate in all activities mandated by Mustard Seed Outreach Ministries or the leading agency, ranging from intensive case management to much more.

Often provided at the same time as case management, work ready solutions and job training will help clients overcome any barriers to employment. There are also post-secondary learning institutions in Ohio, or GED support is also available. Assistance provided is designed to move participants toward employability and then eventual self-sufficiency. Past participants do tend to experience increased job prospects and exposure to good work skills.




The Mustard Seed Outreach Ministries faith based group is at 5420 302nd Street, Toledo, Ohio 43611. Dial the charity at (419) 727-1800 for details.

Note they do not offer rent help. Anyone seeking housing assistance, including low income tenants, can try other local agencies in Lucas County. This can include grants for rental expenses, such as from ESG. Try a partner agency, the Salvation Army in Toledo.


By Jon McNamara

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