Montgomery County Pennsylvania St. Vincent de Paul assistance programs.

Find information on resources offered by Montgomery County St. Vincent de Paul. The non-profit charity organization does it best to support families living in poverty as well as those most at risk, such as children or senior citizens. Assistance programs range from clothing to food, minor home repairs, transportation, and information on how to apply for financial help in Montgomery County.

When the agency has assistance for bills or housing needs, this money is mostly obtained from the sale of goods at thrift stores. Any support from the church based group in Norristown is first come and served to families that meet all conditions. They will also need to prove the ability to pay future living expenses on their own, or in many cases the Society of St. Vincent de Paul may not be able to help.

The Thrift Store helps fund the St. Vincent de Paul operations. The charity will also accept donations from the public and try to meet emergency needs. The store may sell gently used clothing, kitchen utensils, furniture, appliances, blankets, cribs for babies, jewelry and more.

During a disaster in Montgomery County, the St. Vincent store will also be an option to help families who may need emergency assistance. Those impacted may not only be placed into a shelter or given a voucher for motel, but in order to refurnish their home, there may be free clothing, appliances or furniture.

Free back-to-school assistance as well as Thanksgiving and Christmas Food or Gifts program helps local children. Many children from struggling households need support. Clients come from single parent homes or the underemployed, among others. There is also Christmas help for disabled citizens and senior citizens.

All of these individuals can receive free as well as meals. There may also be basic school supplies, clothing, backpacks, shoes, clothing, gift card and haircuts for back to school. When it comes to Christmas gifts in Montgomery County and cities such as Pottstown, many of these are only offered due to Montgomery County St. Vincent de Paul Angel Tree donors.

As part of Montgomery County St. Vincent de Paul financial aid programs, a volunteer will need to visit the applicant at home. They may also bring along a more dedicated Housing Specialist or Case Manager. These individuals will work with the person seeking help. Together they come up with a strategic plan to end homelessness or hunger in Montgomery County and design a “best practice” model to prevent a future crisis. The staff member will work one-on-one with individuals to enable stability.





The Society had contracted with the United Way and others in Montgomery County Pennsylvania to provide an intake center for homeless individuals and families as well as the working poor. There is also support for those in imminent risk of becoming homeless.

Services will include, but are not limited to, referrals to rent or energy assistance programs or independent housing. There is also assistance/referrals in securing benefits, including food stamps or HUD vouchers for rent. When transportation is needed for work, volunteers may offer that. Or other members of the church may help with minor home work or repairs, such as installing a disability ramp or changing light bulbs for a senior.

For low-income seniors residing in Montgomery County, there are several senior centers available to promote a healthy and active lifestyle for them. Potential clients are encouraged to call ahead and ask for a site supervisor if they need comprehensive support. Otherwise they can drop in at anytime it is open.

Each center is uniquely fitted to its location to reflect the lifestyle of the clientele. The center does the following for its senior clients. It helps people apply for Medicare, gives information on medications, and promotes all types of recreation for the elderly in Norristown. It also provides a foundation to build new friendships based on common interests.

The Food Pantry/Soup Kitchen/Daily Feeding program was established at the local St. Vincent churches. This was created in an effort to feed those that are hungry. The aim of this volunteer and donation run service is to prevent any person from their service territory from going hungry.




Using a number of donation services and fund raisers, Montgomery County St. Vincent de Paul offers a free nourishing meal to anyone in the community who is hungry. There are also groceries from the pantry or items such as baby formula. There is no participation criteria, applications needed, or cost involved. The bottom line is that everyone from Montgomery County Pennsylvania is invited to eat for free, no questions asked.

The current address of the main site, including the thrift store, is 3004 Keenwood Road, East Norriton Township, Pennsylvania 19403. For referrals, the main information number is (610) 275-5601.


By Jon McNamara

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