Minnesota eviction and homeless prevention programs.

Non-profit agencies across Minnesota are partners with the federal government Continuum of Care program. The organizations listed below provide a number of assistance programs to families facing eviction as well as the currently homeless in the state. Some of what will be offered includes emergency eviction prevention assistance, shelter, free legal advice and one time financial aid for rent and other housing expenses. The homeless may qualify for rapid re-housing, case management, or either transitional or low income permanent housing.

Using grants provided by the federal government Housing and Urban Development Department (HUD), these agencies in Minnesota will collectively be responsible for ending homelessness, assist tenants with remaining in their existing homes or apartments, and also provide funding, including security deposit assistance, to rapidly re-house homeless residents. There may also be free vouchers to pay for motel or hotel rooms during the cold Minnesota winter days.

Helping to break the cycle is also a focus. So the groups partner together in this effort. They may promote access and the use of mainstream resources, including government benefits such as job training or section 8. Staff work to maximize the self-efficacy of homeless households and much more. They will do whatever it takes, as resources allow, to break the cycle.




The Services from Continuum of Care (CoC) include some or all of the following.

Eviction prevention – This can come in many forms. Some of the more common solutions will include free legal aid or representation, including from pro-bono law firms and attorneys. Some of the Minnesota based non-profits may be able to offer applicants a grant to pay their rent, or in some cases a loan.

Short term housing – For the currently homeless, or for a family that is too far behind on their rent to be assisted, there are shelters, motel vouchers for a room and transitional housing centers across Minnesota. The Continuum of Care helps pay for their operation.





Rapid rehousing – Once a family is more stable, their case managers will help them find a low income home or apartment to live in. It will ideally be permanent for them. There may be assistance available to pay for the moving costs, security deposit, and even first or last month’s rent expense as well.

Ongoing case management – The goal here is to address the cause of the struggle or homelessness. Grants from Continuum of Care and HUD will establish workshops or sessions that address employment needs, credit counseling, and help in other ways. There is also free attorneys in Minnesota that offer support or renting an new affordable apartment if an eviction is on the applicant’s record.

Referrals – For those that need additional help, or if an agency can’t assist, then linkages to other charities, non-profits, or public aid in Minnesota may be available. This can include things such as section 8 housing vouchers, SSDI disability, or energy bill programs.

Other option available is free legal support from HOME Line. This is a service that is available across Minnesota, and the priority of the attorneys and paralegals that operate it is to offer guidance to tenants. They can offer legal support to stop evictions, address housing repairs, and even try to resolve disputes between renters and landlords over the status of security deposits. Other assistance is offered too, and read more HOME Line in Minnesota.

Minnesota contact information for Continuum of Care housing assistance

Anoka County
Anoka County Community Development, 763-323-5682

Dakota County
Dakota County Social Services, call 651-554-5918

Dakota County
Housing Crisis Line, call 651-554-5751
Provides prevention, emergency shelter and housing resources services for those that are homeless or at-risk of homelessness.




Hennepin County
Hennepin Housing Development, 612-348-2199
The government agency can offer referrals to grant programs for paying back rent, transitional housing, and other services. There are other homeless prevention programs too for the area, including Minneapolis. More on Hennepin County.

Ramsey County
St. Paul Human Services, telephone 651-266-4116
The county has other programs to stop and eviction or rehouse the homeless. Resources including grants for paying security deposits to legal aid for housing needs are available. Continue with Ramsey County.

Scott/Carver Counties
Scott, Carver, Dakota CAP, 952-322-3513

Washington County
There are two resources to try for eviction help. Call 651-430-6455 (emergency assistance) or 651-739-6288 (Salvation Army) Or find addition eviction help in Washington County.

CentralRegion of state
Central MN Housing Partnership - They only provide some assistance if MN Housing administrates the property. 320-259-0393
Human Services, 651-431-3844. The organization can direct clients to loan programs and offer other help to families with an eviction notice.
Minnesota Housing, telephone  651-296-9832. A statewide service for tenants that are struggling with their rent. Case management and other homeless prevention services are administered.
Housing & Urban Development 612-370-3019

N.E. Minnesota CoC Coordinator, 651-296-9832.
Minnesota Housing, 651-296-9839 or 651-284-317
Both rehousing the homeless as well as preventing it in the first place is the goal of this Social Service Office. All non-profit and government financial aid programs, including cash grants for paying past due rent, are explored.





Beltrami Area Service Collaborative, 218-333-8190
Human Services, dial 651-431-3844
Minnesota Housing, telephone 651-297-7219
Housing & Urban Development, 612-370-3019

Three Rivers Community Action, 507-732-8555


By Jon McNamara

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