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Rental assistance programs in Milwaukee County and city.

Find how to get help with rent or housing costs Milwaukee County. There is assistance for low-income families, single moms or seniors among others and they can get free grant from today or loans from churches, government resources or charities. Get emergency rental assistance to stop an eviction, applications section 8 vouchers for income based housing, and security deposit help (or guarantees). Locate rent assistance in Milwaukee County.

Depending on the situation and the need of the tenant or homeless person in Milwaukee, the assistance is provided in the form of a grant or there may also be additional short term financial aid provided. There are also attorneys that help low income and/elderly tenants in housing court - for free. Or get second chance housing or no-wait list apartments in Milwaukee WI. Other agencies in the county help with security deposits, give out free motel vouchers or offer advice to stop an eviction, including referrals to rent programs.

While more information on organizations to contact is below, one of they key programs is the EA Grant. This can cover various housing expenses for Milwaukee families. Whether a resident needs money for paying back rent, funds to turn on their utilities, mortgage or security deposit help, this or other forms of financial aid may be able to assist. However, this is not the only option for those seeking financial help for their rent, as other charities may also have resources available. Or find other details on rent grants at the national level.

Get help with rent in Milwaukee WI area

The Milwaukee based agencies listed below all provide rent help from a program known as JAL, or the Job Access Loan. This needs to be focused on a homeless or eviction event that could result in the loss of employment. The free government grant money can not only help with back rental expenses, but also utility bills or moving costs to families (as well as single mothers) with children. The JAL can also help the under or unemployed, gig workers, elderly, or disabled.

Another assistance program offered by many (if not all) of the Milwaukee agencies listed below for rent or even a security or utility deposit is the EA - Emergency Assistance Grant. This is only for families with children, but it can also assist single moms or a senior taking care of a child as well. The grant, which is from the agencies above, can also be applied to utility or water bill arrears that could lead to an eviction, or rent on private or public housing.




  • Maximus - W2 Office West Central Region is based at 4201 N 27th St - Eaton Building. The primary phone number for information on EA grants for rent is (414) 203-8500.
  • Ross Innovative Employment Solutions - Address is 7800 W. Brown Deer Road, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53223. The number is (414) 760-6060
  • UMOS - United Migrant Opportunity Services is located at 2701 S Chase. Dial (414) 389-6600
  • America Works Of Wisconsin - YWCA Southeast Wisconsin is based at 1915 N Martin Luther King Dr. Call (414) 374-1800  for intake.

Lad Lake only helps youth with mental illness or who are in/leaving the foster care system.  Address is 3801 N 88th St, Milwaukee, WI 52222. Young adults or teenagers in Milwaukee County can receive rent or housing assistance from the Independent Living services program. Learn about low income apartments, government grants for bills or rent, and more. Call (414) 466-9450.

Volunteers of America of Wisconsin assists veterans, the homeless, and poor (that have a plan for stability). Funding is limited, but eviction prevention or emergency assistance for rent may be offered for veterans. Shelter and transitional housing is also available. Address is 1661 North Water Street, Milwaukee, WI 53202. Telephone - (414) 847-1515

Legal Aid Society of Milwaukee has volunteer and pro-bono attorneys that help renters. Downtown Office - 728 N James Lovell St, Milwaukee, WI 53233. Very low income tenants, and senior citizens regardless of their income, ca.n get free advice from lawyers. They can help stop evictions, assist with applications to rent or housing programs, give consultations in city or county housing court, and offer other support. Phone - (414) 727-5300

  • Legal Action of Wisconsin is another option at 633 W Wisconsin Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53203. Dial (855) 947-2529 for information on legal eviction defense.

Volunteer attorneys also provide free advice from the Eviction Defense Project. They represent renters in housing court, review leases, provide referrals to grant programs for helping with rent, and fight discrimination. Find more details on the eviction defense program in Milwaukee.





Housing Division, Milwaukee County Department of Health & Human Services offers homeless prevention, street outreach, rent grants, moving help and more. Location is 600 Walnut Street, Milwaukee, WI  532212. Struggling families, lower income seniors, and the disabled can learn about everything from section 8 rent vouchers to job placement. There is also information on LIHEAP, free government grants to assist with rent or mortgages, motel rooms and other housing resources. Assistance for various costs may be arranged. Main phone - (414) 263-0989 or (414) 278-4902.

Emergency homeless assistance programs support tenants that are behind on their rent, homeowners with a mortgage, and the people that need rehousing in Milwaukee. Applicants can be provided money for housing expenses such as security deposits, utilities or rental arrears. Other services include legal aid or motel vouchers, and read more Milwaukee County homeless prevention programs.

St. Vincent De Paul Society Of Milwaukee - The charity and its volunteers may have limited funding for rent and related costs, such as energy bills. There is also free furniture for an apartment as well as basic needs from 9601 W Silver Spring Dr, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53225. Telephone - (414) 462-7837.

Salvation Army of Milwaukee County has multiple locations for emergency rental assistance. There are also other social services, including emergency lodging or free motel or hotel vouchers. While funding is limited, some of the local centers may have money for rental expenses, referrals, deposits, or operate shelters that can provide a family time to save money for their housing needs.

  • 4129 W Villard Ave, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, (414) 463-3300
  • 6341 S 27th St, Franklin, Wisconsin, (414) 761-7733
  • 11315 W Watertown Plank Rd, Wauwatosa, WI, (800) 264-6412

Milwaukee Jewish Free Loan Association helps people of all faith, religions, etc. in Milwaukee County. Zero percent loans can be issued for housing costs, including rent, storage, or moving. Or the funds can pay for education, job programs and other bills for people in a financial crisis. The non-profit is at 409 E. Silver Spring Drive, Milwaukee, WI 53217. Call (414) 961-1500.




Community Advocates has limited financial aid, budgeting, and counseling for women as well as low-income renters. One service is homeless prevention. Meet with case workers to apply for financial help for energy bills or rent at 728 North James Lovell Street, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53233. Call (414) 449-4777. They also offer security deposit guarantees, which is a commitment to pay back the money.

Supportive Services for Veteran Families (SSVF) is for veterans or their survivors (spouses, kids, etc.) that live in the county. There is a wide range of financial assistance and case management offered in Milwaukee County. Apply for grants to pay rent or mortgages, deposit help, get help transitioning to permanent housing or funds for security or utility deposits. Also find gasoline vouchers, housing for disabled veterans and self-sufficiency from 3430 West Wisconsin Avenue, Milwaukee WI, 53208. Phone 414-345-4254.

AIDs Resource Center Of Wisconsin, Inc. is at 820 North Plankinton Avenue, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53203. They only support households with a member of the home or apartment that has HIV or tenants with AIDs. Call (414) 273-1991.

Community Action Agency and the Societal Development Commission also runs rent, deposit as well as housing programs. Low income tenants, minorities, and immigrants as well as others can learn about grant programs for paying rent, home buying solutions, and get eviction help. There is also the MERA program. Job and debt programs are also combined with emergency rental assistance. More on housing resources from Societal Development Commission.

Housing Authority of the City of Milwaukee is a non-profit - quasi government agency at 1419 N 8th St, Milwaukee, WI 53205. Call (414) 286-5678. When the waiting list is open, section 8 vouchers are for very low income families that are employed. This can help pay for a portion of future rent, but deposits are not covered. This is the main government program for Milwaukee County families in poverty.

Regional Housing – Rent Program has various grant based resources. One service is part of section 8, and it allows clients to pay 30 to 40% of their income for rent on a private home or public housing in the city. They also offer other eviction prevention services, loans, or immediate financial help from 5011 West Lisbon Avenue, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53210. Telephone - (414) 286-5650.







Housing Resource Center is at 728 N . James Lovell St, Milwaukee, WI 53233. Various non-profit and government agencies work together on housing issues. There is mediation for landlords - tenants or legal aid. Or get help in apply for housing vouchers, emergency rental assistance money, and other solutions. Call (414) 895 7368.


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