Milwaukee public assistance.

There are two main sources of public aid in Milwaukee. There is the Housing Division as well as the Department of Health Services, or DHS. This is in addition to all of the non-profit and charity organizations that operate across the city and county.

Section 8, shelters, support for the homeless, and other housing resources are available for the very low income. The Housing Division administers many of them or have referrals available The objective is to offer Milwaukee County residents affordable, decent and safe home to live in. The public aid they oversee also serves as a safety net for those that are struggling.

Subsidies for paying rent are from the government funded Section 8 Housing Program. It is run in partnership with HUD, or the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. The voucher program was created to help very low-income individuals and families, including seniors, with rent assistance. The homes people can live in can even be by private units. The government Milwaukee Housing Division is the main PHA (public housing authority) for the Milwaukee County region.

So not only are the typical functions and responsibilities of the PHA administered by the county, but they are also involved in distributing grants/vouchers and setting policies. All assistance is done so following HUD requirements. Phone 414-278-4894.

The Milwaukee County Housing Division also administers a regional home rehabilitation program. When public funding is available, it can provide financial assistance to low-income, owner-occupants of single-family homes. The money or low interest loans issued will be used to make necessary repairs to their dwellings. This can also help the elderly or disabled bring their home to safe living standards for their needs. 278-4917.

The housing situation of the disabled or homeless are also a focus. The government has a Special Needs group. This will offer clients a wide variety of housing assistance and related supportive services. Some of them are below.

  • Shelter Plus Care - Emergency rental assistance to qualified individuals who are homeless, were evicted and are disabled. (414) 257-7818.




  • Permanent Supportive Housing is also for the disabled or those with mental illness. Get help in locating and moving into a new home or apartment in the county.
  • Safe Haven is public, supportive housing in Milwaukee. It helps the often hard to reach homeless persons with severe mental illness in the county. Dial (414) 257-7818

Burial or Funeral Assistance may be offered. For information or to learn how to apply for financial assistance for cremation or burial costs, dial 414-289-6714.

Energy and Hearting Bill Assistance is a main use of public and government funds. Department of Health Services in Milwaukee processes applications for the Wisconsin Home Energy Assistance Program, or WHEAP. This is the state’s main utility program. It helps households with incomes below the state median level pay for home energy costs and gas bills.

  • WHEAP regular energy assistance will help pay a portion of heating bills. This is more ongoing and the program will not pay all of your bill.
  • In an emergency, the Crisis Assistance program in Milwaukee includes furnace repair or replacement retention of utility services, oil deliveries or reconnections.
  • If a resident does not qualify, then referrals may be made by Milwaukee DHS for other heating related services.

DHS Interim Disability Assistance Program is another option. It is known for short as IDAP, and it operates as a county wide, government funded program that provides a monthly cash payment to financially needy residents. They can be married couples without children who are unable to work due to a disability. It is often run in partnership with SSI as well. It is for very low income families.




Some of the other DHS public assistance in the county can include the following. Emergency Food Assistance Program, Medicaid Applications, Women, Infants & Children (WIC), and of course FoodShare Wisconsin.

To apply for public aid in Milwaukee from DHS, try these locations.

South Side, SDC, 2701 S. Chase
Central/Downtown, Community Advocates, 728 N. James Lovell
Northwest Side, SDC, 6848 N. Teutonia in Milwaukee
East Side of the county - Contact SDC, 4041 N. Richards

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