Milwaukee Community Advocates programs and social services.

With a strong focus on the less fortunate in Milwaukee County, Community Advocates offers advocacy, assistance, and support. They are involved in administering housing programs for those facing eviction or the currently homeless. Support is for single parents or victims of domestic violence as well as the disabled. The agency will also partner with other organizations, such as Continuum of Care providers. In addition to those programs, other support is available from the organization.

Housing and maybe referrals to emergency rental assistance is available. Case managers from Community Advocates know that it is better for society, not to mention less expensive, to keep families housed than it is to shelter them once they are homeless. Some of the services are below.

  • Mediation is available between landlords and tenants. The goal is to help people find mutually agreeable resolution to conflicts or a dispute. This may help tenants stay in their homes or apartments.
  • While more limited, short term rental assistance may be offered by Milwaukee Community Advocates or its partners.
  • If the family or individual is homeless, case managers will help rehouse the client. They can explore low income apartments as well as government grants for paying the security deposit on it.
  • Utilities support and advocacy can assist Milwaukee County residents so they can keep their lights on and continue to heat their homes.

As noted, the goal is to prevent evictions in the first place. So staff will do what they can to keep people off the streets and out of a shelter in Milwaukee. The above solutions, and more, will be explored.

Transitional housing may be offered if the family is homeless. Staff will help individuals and families both find, and move into, stable housing as soon as possible. Once they are there, case managers from Community Advocates help them find employment, repair credit, and otherwise gain stability so that they can maintain that housing.  They also offer counseling and support for disabled clients, children, or individuals with a mental illness.

Advocacy is administered. The non-profit and its staff speak up to help the poor and unemployed. The agency will strive to be a voice for the poor and voiceless in society. They help people living in poverty take care of their basic needs, such as food, clothing, shelter and safety. Lawyers and staff work to pass laws to improve systems in an effort to end the cycle of poverty.




So advocates work with government agencies, charities, and individuals to provide them the support they need. Other programs will help patients access the healthcare they need or assist the disabled so they can secure an income.

Milwaukee County Continuum of Care is a key partner. Many agencies, including the City of Milwaukee, offer homeless prevention programs in the county. As part of this, there may be federal government HUD grants to pay back rent or other housing costs. Rehousing services are also often available.

Support for victims of domestic violence is for parents, children, and those who were impacted. Mothers and children often need a secure, safe place to live. Other, children will often need counseling or specialized help. It is also combined with programs for men, such as Nevermore.

Many of the domestic violence services are part of the Milwaukee Women’s Center. This location serves the whole family, aiming to stop and permanently end the cycle of violence in the region.




Some of the other Community Advocates assistance programs include the following.

  • Housing services help income qualified families and individuals secure or retain low income apartments or permanent housing.
  • Utilities Services will focus on preventing disconnections, especially with heating and gas services. There is also a focus on the disabled and senior citizens.
  • Medical care - Get referrals to clinics in Milwaukee County and free health or dental programs.
  • Bottomless Closet - This will offer free school supplies or work clothing for low income individuals that are reentering the local workforce.
  • Autumn West Safe Haven - This is a facility offering supportive services and housing to individuals who have mental health disorders and that are also homeless.
  • Project Bridge - Case managers from Community Advocates assist those experiencing both chronic homelessness and mental illness.
  • Milwaukee Domestic Violence Shelter - This is an emergency location for female domestic violence victims and/or their children.
  • Second Stage case management - Helps females, single parents, and women with housing transitions. It assists with homelessness, domestic violence, and other issues.

Community Advocates of Milwaukee can be reached at 728 N. James Lovell St., Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53233. The main phone is (414) 449-4777, or dial the crisis line at 414-671-6140.




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