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Free health insurance and medical care Michigan.

Fond how uninsured people in Michigan can get free health insurance. The services are generally run by non-profits, however some will be administered by the state of. Families with no health insurance, a low income or no money can get help from several medical assistance programs. Find how and where to free free health insurance in Michigan as well as other low cost medical care.

Resources are offered for low income patients, families who meet income levels, seniors or disabled people as well as kids. There is help for people in MI  who either completely lack health or dental insurance plans or whose coverage is limited. The programs are fairly wide ranging.

Some of the free health insurance plans offer assistance for basic medical or dental care, eye exams, or hearing aids, while other services in Michigan are focused on specialty needs. There are also state and federal government, as well as charitable, health insurance plans. Other assistance can include cancer, inpatient care, immunizations, and more.

There will always be income and other guidelines that need to be met by applicants. Many of the Michigan medical resources are only offered for the uninsured or patients who have health insurance, but their plan does not cover the specific need.

Dental, medical., and free insurance assistance programs in Michigan

Adult Benefits Waiver, which is also known as the Adult Medical Program, is one option. This will provide basic health insurance coverage for low-income and working poor individuals who do have insurance or children. Some of what can be covered includes annual physical exams including breast and pelvic exams, pap tests, immunizations; emergency ambulance; diagnostic services; office visits; etc. Call 800-642-3195

The Michigan Breast Cervical Cancer Control Program operates from several locations. They include the Escanaba, Detroit, Lansing and Menominee office. It provides the following services, including, but not limited to, clinical breast exam, PAP test; screening mammograms, and more.

Hopefully the government resources will provide for the early detection of cancer, and the program may even be able to help address other health problems such as high blood pressure. If needed, patients can get a referral to a Michigan doctor. Other follow-up services, including diagnostic tests, may be coordinated for women with abnormal results. Call 906-863-4451 or 800-922-6266.




Children's Special Health Care Services, or CSHCS, can help families in accessing needed medical care. The program and organization can assist with the delivery of services by removing barriers and challenges that individuals who have special health care needs may be facing. The program may in fact pay for all or part of the individual’s health insurance premiums, which in effect means it is a free health insurance plan for low income patients in MI who have no other options..

Patients will still need to pay some fees, and if so, they will be based on the family’s income. Note that those fees or bills may be waived if the child is on the Michigan Medicaid program. Representatives will also ensure that people with special needs receive any needed specialty services, appropriate medical care, access to health education and more general support. Telephone number is 800-359-3722.

Disabled in Michigan have several resources available to them. There is free health care as well as insurance from Medicare or free resistive equipment, such as phones, communication devices, mobility equipment, computers and more. This can be for the disabled who lack health insurance (are unisnured) or proper coverage. One program is Michigan Assistive Technology Program (phone 800-578-1269) or try Aging & Disability Resource Collaboration (ADRC-MI), which has a number of 517-241-4100..

Michigan Department of Community Health and the WISEWOMAN program was created to address chronic diseases, including cardiovascular issues. It is offered for the underinsured, low-income, and uninsured. Call 877-588-6224. Representatives can provide information on a screening location. It will, among other things, provide a free or low cost heart disease and stroke check. The program will check your blood pressure, cholesterol, family medical history, glucose, personal medical history, and health behavior.

Healthy Kids is a Michigan sponsored insured program for uninsured pregnant women and children under the age of 19. It will pay for a large percentage of medically necessary health care needs including hospital and doctor visits, checkups; dental care, immunizations; lab; x-ray. It is the free - cheap health insurance that is part of the government sponsored CHIP program. Call 888-988-6300





Patients with pre-existing conditions can also sign up for a free government funded health insurance plan. It is HIP Michigan, and it can provide insurance coverage for those denied due to their conditions. It can pay for and address a broad range of health benefits, including specialty and primary care, prescription drugs, and other bills. All benefits are available from HIP. Note that families who enroll will still need to pay deductibles, premiums and other out of pocket limits. Call 877-459-3113

Medicaid is offered across Michigan to the uninsured who have a low income / live near poverty. This free state and federal government health insurance policy provides medical coverage to the low income. Get help paying for hospitals visits, lab work, cancer screenings, primary care, doctors costs, prescription drugs, and countless other medical bills. It is often combined with public assistance in Michigan. Call 800-642-3195 to apply.

Medicare Savings Program is a cash payment for some or all of your federal government Medicare Part B health insurance premiums, coinsurance, and deductibles. It will really allow people to save money as the cash can be used to pay a portion of your expenses. Many seniors and disabled have been able to save $1,000 on their premiums from this free insurance program. 800-772-1213

Michigan Drug Assistance Program (MIDAP) will pay for HIV-specific and related prescription medicines, vaccines, and similar expenses. Call 888-826-6565, or find other free prescription drugs for the unisured.

MiChild is Michigan Children's Health Care Coverage, and it will cover uninsured children of working and lower income families. There is a fairly minimal monthly premium due by some enrollees. Some services and care provided may not even have co-pays or deductibles due. Children can receive shots, regular checkups, ER care, dental cleanings, pharmacy, substance abuse services, hospital care, prenatal and delivery, and even mental health. Call 888-988-6300

MMAP, or the Michigan Medicare/Medicaid Assistance Program, is a free counseling service. Residents, regardless of their income, can learn about Medicare Part A, B, C, D; government health insurance policies; the affordable care act (Obamacare); medical billing advocates; Medigap; and more. A focus is on the uninsured and elderly. Phone number is 800-803-7174.

PACE-MI- Program of All-Inclusive Care for Elderly -s free home care assistance for seniors in Michigan. It also provides insurance, medical care, transportation and other benefits. It covers all needs of the elderly so they can live in their current home or apartment. Get medications, cancer checks, physical therapy and other resources. Call 517-241-4293.





Plan First! is a free family planning resource. It pays for office visits for contraceptive supplies and devices, family planning-related services, prescriptions for birth control, treatment of sexually transmitted infections, some sterilization for women 21 years of age, lab tests, and other medical needs. 800-642-3195

MI Vaccines for Children offers free or very affordable immunizations and vaccines for children. All medications go to local non-profits, clinics and community based agencies in Michigan. The shots are then provided from those locations in your town, county, and city. There may be a small fee due for both the shot and/or the patient may need to pay for the office visit. Call 517-335-9646 for information.

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