McHenry County public assistance from DHS.

Learn about county of McHenry as well as federal and state public aid from the government. The Department of Human Services can help very low income families with receiving benefits ranging from food to medical care and energy bills. There are resources also focused on the disabled as well as children. Other assistance is also available in the form of referrals and more.

Almost all of the support from the government is for residents that fall under a certain income threshold. It will also come with conditions. The county will usually require that the person be working or in job training. This is required as any public aid from McHenry Couinty is time limited, so it will end after a pre-defined number of months.

McHenry County government food programs

Administered both locally and across the nation, SNAP food stamps are available to families as well as seniors in McHenry County. This is paid for using funds from a federal government funded program, however it is offered locally by the Human Service Department. In order to enroll, the total household income as well as spendable resources need to be within specified limits as set by the county.




All applicants will also be screened by social workers for emergency food stamp benefits during the interview process. A crisis is determined by assessing the household's financial and nutritional situation for the entire month the application was submitted. If the applicant is determined to be in need of emergency SNAP benefits, then the EBT card referenced below will be given to them within 7 days.

As noted above, an EBT - electronic benefit transfer card is given to the participant. They can use this to shop for groceries at most stores in McHenry County. This public benefit will limit the amount that people can spend each month, but in general there is enough provides so the family will not go hungry. People can purchase healthy items such as grains, dairy goods, fruits and vegetables as well.





Senior Nutrition is also addressed. This is a public assistance program that was created to lead to better health for people age 60 and older. It is paid for using USDA resources, such as surplus commodity funds. Not only will this ensure the older population has healthy food given to them, but it can be combined with other benefits for seniors such as Medicare. Another component of this are the nutrition education services that will encourage more healthful eating habits at home.

Cash aid type services in McHenry County

Indigent families, which means those in poverty and with no assets available to them, may get help from state of Illinois programs that help with burial costs. While this is limited, and funding may not always be available in McHenry County, this may be offered to deceased County residents who have no other financial resources to pay for these services on their own.

Utility bill programs are available from a few public sources. There is assistance for electric and telephone bills, with a focus on stopping a disconnection. The main resources in McHenry County are as follows.

  • -Telephone assistance is available from Lifeline and Link-Up. This will offer credits to households so they can save money on a recurring phone bill or on connecting service.
  • -Applications to LIHEAP can be processed by the Department of Human Services in McHenry County. Grants are used for paying utility bills, particularly for seniors as well as the disabled.
  • -Homeowners can inquire into weatherization for also saving money.

The McHenry County Department of Social Services TANF or general assistance is a program of last resort. All applications will be evaluated by a social workers on a case by case basis to determine eligibility.




Many different services are available as part of this. Social workers will help clients develop a plan for paying everyday bills in the future. Public housing can be arranged when there are units available. This may include shelter or transitional housing. Or social workers from McHenry County can refer individuals to one of the local shelters run by the Salvation Army or other non-profits.

TANF will require the clients to be moving off of welfare and toward long term self-sufficiency. So while cash assistance or grants will be given to those that qualify, the program will also require families to sign a contract that details their plan for getting off of public assistance.

Vouchers to pay for day care bills are available using state and federal funds as part of CCAP. McHenry County Department of Human Services strives to ensure access to quality, safe, and affordable child care for children in the region. The county is closely involved in supporting the independence of families by enabling responsible adults to secure and maintain employment and meet the basic needs of their children.

Not only will public aid from CCAP be used for paying a portion of costs, but the county will also work with parents so they can participate in job training or educational programs. The mid to long term goal is to help them gain employment. There is also free day care given to children receiving protective services.

Department of human Services McHenry County health and dental care

The main service is Medicaid, which is part of the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services (HFS). This is a public health insurance program for Medical Bill Assistance in McHenry County. It will pay for some or in rare cases, all of the expenses for eligible low-income people who cannot afford the cost of health care on their own. The regulations set by the government as part of Medicaid are a combination of both federal and state of Illinois laws.

For those seeking other options, DHS McHenry County social workers can offer advice. There are private policies, Medicare for the elderly, and much more. Some are low cost, but they will assist. More on free health insurance policies as well as how to find them.

For more details on these entitlements programs and addition services, the number is (815) 338-0234.



By Jon McNamara

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