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Assistance programs in Massachusetts.

Find grant money, financial aid and government assistance in all cities and counties in Massachusetts listed below, including Boston and Worcester. There are resources that help with paying electric bills, rent, housing, security deposits, transportation and other costs. In addition to the state and local programs below, get financial assistance from charities or free stuff, including food or groceries, clothes, or gasoline vouchers for work.

Struggling families can get free personal, work, or household items in addition to emergency financial help in MA. Charities may provide free bus passes for work, daycare for parents or furniture for a home. There are also low-income housing programs, mortgage relief services, as well as transportation services, including car payment assistance. Find details below.

Get financial help for bills, housing, free food and social services in Massachusetts

Health Safety Net Fund (Free Care)
The Health Safety Net is a government health care assistance program that helps low-income patients get care at community health centers. It will provide financial help for people who are not eligible for health insurance or people who cannot afford their medical bills. Massachusetts residents who qualify for the Safety Net can get medically necessary health services free free or at a reduced charge. Health Safety Net can also pay for medications. Call (800) 841-2900 or 508-860-7700

MassHealth is a public health insurance program for residents of Massachusetts. It is both Medicaid for the low-income / working poor as well as CHIP health insurance for kids or teenagers. Call 1-800-841-2900 or 1-888-665-9993. Learn more on getting assistance with medical bills.

Help with Mortgage and Foreclosure Prevention
Massachusetts also has a mortgage assistance program that will help residents with refinancing a mortgage and it also assists with preventing foreclosures. Resources are offered across the state. There are also home buying programs as well. Continue with Massachusetts mortgage assistance.




Numerous non-profit agencies that are HUD certified may be able to provide homeowners with free or low cost solutions to paying their mortgage or avoiding a foreclosure. Find a list of HUD counselors. Learn more on Massachusetts free HUD counseling agencies.

Prescription Advantage
The Prescription Advantage program is a state-sponsored prescription drug insurance plan for both Massachusetts disabled residents and seniors who meet eligibility requirements. It can pay for insulin, cancer medications, generic or name brands drugs and more. There are some low cost premiums, deductibles and also co-payments there are based on household income. Call  1-800-243-4636. There are even free prescription drug discount cards.

Massachusetts Rental Voucher Program
A rental assistance program available in Massachusetts that offers tenant-based vouchers as part of section 8.  These vouchers can be used to help pay rent for any housing unit that meets the standards of the state sanitary code. Low-income residents, single moms, families in poverty and others may qualify.

Working with the federal government HUD organization, the state of Massachusetts can provide very low income families, the elderly, and disabled with a rent subsidized apartment. More on Massachusetts housing choice voucher section 8. Call (617) 573-1150

Home Buying in Massachusetts
The cost of housing is very high. The government and non-profits may be able to help low to moderate income families with loans. A number of services are offered. Find details on getting free loans.

SNAP, the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.
The federal and state government SNAP program will help low-income Massachusetts households pay for food so that they can have a healthy diet and still have money left over to pay other bills. EBT cards help pay for groceries and nutritional items. Call (877) 382-2363

Disability Programs
Additional resources are offered for residents with a disability. They include assistive technology, job training, legal aid, and in-home care. Other cash assistance and benefits may be available in Massachusetts for paying bills such as heating costs or housing expenses. Learn more on disability help in Massachusetts.





DTA Child Care Services
DTA child care is low cost or free child care program. It is government aid  for current and former TAFDC families. The DTA child care program is for families who are looking for a job, working, in an approved education or job training program, or disabled. Call (877) 211-6277

Crisis Assistance Funds
One of the leading non-profit charities, the Salvation Army, can help Massachusetts families. The agency offers limited amounts of emergency cash assistance, grants, case management, gasoline cards or bus passes and other aid. Read more on Salvation Army Massachusetts.

Free Legal Aid
Qualified families and individuals in Massachusetts can receive free legal advice and assistance from non-profit law firms across the state. Lawyers will offer their services to people in need of help. Click here to read more on free lawyers in Massachusetts.

Financial Counseling, Budgeting, and Debt Reduction
Families in Massachusetts who are struggling to pay their bills and debts may qualify for free or low cost debt management and credit counseling. Non-profits operate across the state and provide this resource. More on Massachusetts free credit counseling.

Income-eligible Child Care
Income-eligible child care vouchers and financial aid is low price, government subsidized child care resource for low-income non-TAFDC families who are looking for work, currently working, disabled, or in an education or job training program. The amount a family needs to pay for child care will depends on their family size and income, and the government will pay a portion as well. More Massachusetts free child care programs.

RAFT (Residential Assistance for Families in Transition)
The RAFT programs helps families who are behind on their rent, mortgage payments, heating, or utility bills. RAFT will also assist families who have to move but do not have enough money to pay some of the costs involved, such as utility startup costs, a security deposit, or first/last month’s rent. Families can hundreds (maybe thousands) of dollars in financial aid from the government to apply towards rent or expenses. Call (617) 573-1100 or 1-800-224-5124, or read more on rental assistance Massachusetts RAFT.

Cash Assistance and Public Aid
Several Massachusetts organizations provide social services and emergency assistance. Programs can help people find a job, get help with energy bills and medical care, assist with auto payments and other financial aid. Read more public assistance in Massachusetts.





Emergency Aid to Elders, Disabled and Children (EAEDC)
EAEDC is a government benecfit that will provide cash grants and other benefits to low-income elders, children, and disabled in Massachusetts. EAEDC aid is for individuals and families who do not qualify for other government run cash assistance programs. Call (877) 382-2363 or 617-573-1600

Transitional Aid to Families with Dependent Children (TAFDC)
TAFDC is a government assistance program that gives benefits and cash assistance to low-income families with dependent children. The government assistance can also help single moms or dads in MA with bills, housing, and job expenses. Dial (877) 382-2363.

Energy and Gas Company Programs
Most of the utility companies that operate in Massachusetts offer low income assistance programs, in particular for paying heating bills or gas expenses during the fall, winter and spring. Click here for more information on emergency grants and weatherization programs in Massachusetts that are available directly from utility and gas companies. Continue with energy bill help in Massachusetts.

Government Grants, Employment Services, and Case Management
Non-profit community action agencies can help the underemployed, working poor, seniors, and unemployed. Resources offered include job training, grants for paying bills in an emergency, Head Start, child care, and energy assistance, among others. More on community action Massachusetts.

One-Stop Career Centers are another place to call for help in finding a job, registering for training sessions in Massachusetts, and clients can receive ongoing employment assistance services. Read Massachusetts job training programs.

Eviction Prevention and Homeless Programs
Emergency rental assistance as well as rehousing is offered from government programs such as ESG or Continuum of Care. Charity and government resources include transitional housing, funds to pay security deposits, and free legal aid to those facing eviction. Continue with eviction help in Massachusetts.

Massachusetts Senior Programs
Elderly and residents over 55 years of age can receive help and advice from the Agency on Aging. Resources available include information on health insurance, free food, home delivered meals, job training, and much more. Learn more on Massachusetts Agency Aging.

Telephone Bill Assistance or Discounts
the state and federal government provide help with phone bills and/or free wireless phones to the elderly, disabled, and other low-income households in Massachusetts. The goal is to ensure communication is available for emergencies. More information on phone discounts in Massachusetts.

Health Care Centers and Free Clinics
While Massachusetts does have a health care law, the low income have other options for free or low cost medical or dental assistance. Clinics can help those in need. Read more on Massachusetts free community clinics.

Find how to get help from dental clinics. Oral care, checks ups, and other forms of assistance are provided by dental care centers. Click here free dental clinics in Massachusetts.

Residents who lack health insurance can receive assistance from resources targeted at them. These programs can also complement any state of Massachusetts mandated health coverage. Receive medications, check ups, cancer screenings, and family medical care. More on uninsured health care in Massachusetts.







Free Food Bank and Distribution Centers
Non-profit organizations located throughout the region can provide free or low cost food, groceries, and other support to people facing a hardship. Get more information on free food pantries in Massachusetts.

Massachusetts Good Neighbor Energy Fund
This organization will provide energy assistance to Massachusetts residents who are in a temporary crisis and who may be struggling to pay their heating or utility bills. It can help stop a shut off for those who do not qualify for federal government or state energy funds. More on the Good Neighbor Energy Fund.

Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) and Free energy conservation
This will help lower income families pay their heating bills and often summer electricity bills for cooling. The government assistance program is for both renters and homeowners. Most households will also qualify for utility discounts, weatherization, and emergency furnace repairs.

Assistance From Massachusetts Counties and Cities

Barnstable County

Berkshire County (Pittsfield)

Bristol County (Taunton)

Dukes County (Edgartown)

Essex County (Salem and Lawrence)

Franklin County (Greenfield)

Hampden County (Springfield)

Hampshire County (Northampton)

Middlesex County (Cambridge)


Norfolk County (Dedham)

Plymouth County (Plymouth and Brockton)

Suffolk County (Boston)

Worcester County

By Jon McNamara

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