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Lucas County eviction and rehousing help.

Families can receive assistance for stopping an eviction. Government funded agencies in Lucas County along with non-profits partner together to offer tenants everything from free legal aid for their housing needs to assistance from Emergency Solution Grants and other financial aid. The goal of these homeless prevention programs in the greater Toledo area is to both prevent homelessness and rehouse families that need it.

Agencies that offer eviction help

The programs are coordinated by a few different organizations in the community. Most of them are part of the Lucas County Continuum of Care (CoC) or the the local Homelessness Board. The money to pay for these resources comes from the United Way fundraisers or the federal government, including HUD. An allotment of funds from CDBG as well as Emergency Solution Grants (ESG) are used to offer these eviction prevention programs.

The assistance is for tenants with a vacate notice from their landlord. There is also support given to families living in poverty or the low income early in the process, way before they fall behind on their rent. In fact, the earlier that someone requests help the greater the chance of success.

When applying for eviction help, there is a case management approach given. This means that not only may the family be given a small amount of money to pay rental or utility bill arrears (such as water or heating) but the root cause is addressed as well. Local non-profits such as Beach House, Inc will mandate this approach to solving the crisis.

Lucas County residents can also usually benefit from the advice of a lawyer. Pro-bono firms in the region provide free legal defense to very low income families as well as senior citizens (regardless of their income). This is especially effective when a pay or quit notice is given to the renter for a non-monetary reason, which often occurs.

Another of the leading organizations that is also part of the Continuum of Care is the United Way of Greater Toledo. This is the local branch of the national non-profit. This office does not offer direct financial help or legal aid, but rather they coordinate this eviction prevention services across the area. The United Way can provide referrals, they help oversee the funding available in the county, and direct struggling families to a wide range of programs.





Lucas County Rapid Rehousing

Anyone interested in this needs to be either homeless or on the verge of being evicted from their current residence. In some cases, agencies such as Catholic Charities will help resettle a family into a new, more affordable apartment. Also, a referral is needed from a local homeless service provider.

The goal is to get the person into a new home as quickly as possible. They will need to have taken a few basic steps on their own, before that occurs. But the organizations that offer rehousing will partner with the client to help them in a more extensive way.

The HUD sponsored rapid rehousing program combines security deposit help and basic needs such as furniture with intensive case management. When there is financial help provided, it is very short term in nature, and may also come in the form of a loan. This multi-step approach is done to help the family work towards self-sufficiency, and is used for breaking any cycle of evictions and homelessness.

Homeless prevention in Toledo for the vulnerable

Supportive Housing is often used for this group. There is assistance for tenants in which the adult’s disability is a barrier to maintaining their home. Local non-profits such as Bethany House coordinate eviction assistance for women or children fleeing from domestic violence, and Harbor House assists single mothers. There are also groups that assist veterans in the Lucas County Ohio area. Therefore different agencies, such as the City of Toledo Department of Neighborhoods (DON), are focused on individuals with special needs.





There is financial aid provided for deposits, rent, and moving costs using HUD grants. Also, the vulnerable client needs to also demonstrate a willingness to manage their disability or other hardship so they can maintain the property on their own.

In order for a non-profit to get money to pay for these eviction programs from the U. S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) or the United Way, they can't discriminate based on age, religion, gender, etc. This one big reason why these third party providers offer homeless prevention to anyone in Lucas County.

For referrals to programs that can help stop an eviction or move a person into a new home, call 1-800-650-4357. A specialist will provide more information on what resources a resident may qualify for.




By Jon McNamara

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