Economic Opportunity Planning Association assistance programs of Lucas County and Toledo.

Lower income and struggling families across Lucas County Ohio can turn to the non-profit Economic Opportunity Planning Association of Greater Toledo. This is the local community action agency and they provide a number of short term, emergency financial assistance programs and self-sufficiency services. A focus is on seniors, the disabled, and families with children, however others can also apply for HEAP energy bill assistance or other forms of financial aid.

Some of the main resources administered by EOPA are noted below. However the agency, and its case workers, can also provide referrals and other forms of support to the poor and less fortunate in the community. Economic Opportunity Planning Association of Greater Toledo is based at 505 Hamilton St, Toledo, Ohio, 43604. Call 419 242 7304.

Financial help from EOPA

Home repairs are offered for the elderly and senior citizens in Lucas County. The program is known as Senior Emergency Housing Repair, and it was created to help low-income adults aged 62 years or older. Additional support is also for the permanently disabled in the region. The program can help by paying for repairs to their homes as grants and funding allow. The services are free of charge to those that qualify. For a more major repair, a loan may be provided to the homeowner. The number is 419-242-7304, or find additional free government home repair programs.

Senior Brokering includes referrals and information for the elderly. The Economic Opportunity Planning Association of Greater Toledo tries to help satisfy the needs of seniors aged 60 years and older in Lucas County Ohio. Help is also for the permanently disabled. Case managers from the non-profit provide referrals and information to help the senior population remain independent. Services provided are for home maintenance, home visits, forms, nutrition, medical care, appliances, and utility bill payments. The main phone number is 419-242-7304.





Help for heating bills is from the Ohio Home Energy Assistance Program, or HEAP. It is a federal government funded program administered by the Office of Community Service (OCS), Ohio Department of Development, as well as the EOPA community action agency.

HEAP was created to assist eligible low-income Ohioans, including seniors and the disabled, meet the high costs of home heating bills and natural gas costs. If you apply and are found to be qualified for financial assistance with paying your bills, then the amount of your one-time HEAP cash benefit will depend on many factors, including federal government funding levels.

HEAP will also consider how your total household income, many people live with you and the primary fuel you use to heat your home. Grants can help with propane, kerosene, and other types of heating service. In most cases, the one-time grant will be a credit applied to your monthly energy bill by your fuel vendor or utility company.





The Economic Opportunity Planning Association of Greater Toledo also helps lower income families save money on heating and utility bills. The department of energy weatherization program is the main resource. Government grants can help pay for modifications, repairs to an HVAC system, caulking, and much more.

Some more unique programs for Toledo County include Re-entry. This program involves the use of resources that are targeted at promoting the effective reintegration of offenders and ex prisoners back to their communities. Case managers and staff from EOPA will work with qualified clients upon their release from prison and/or jail.

As part of Re-entry programming, the individual will gain access to a comprehensive case management approach, which includes job search assistance, help in locating affordable housing and other support. All of this is done in an effort to help qualified offenders in acquiring the life skills needed to succeed in the community and become productive citizens.

A variety of government and private assistance programs and related social services are used by Economic Opportunity Planning Association to assist. These can include drug rehabilitation, pre-release programs and vocational training as well as some related work programs.

Education services

Head Start Program is a form of educational development tool, or service, for children from low income qualified families. It is paid for by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Children and Families and is for those that are three to five years of age. The Economic Opportunity Planning Association of Greater Toledo (EOPA) provides a wide range of resources are offered such as free medical, dental care, transportation, psychological, and social supportive services.

Case managers and teachers from Head start also work with parents. They can get assistance too. Parents of the children have the opportunity to participate through parent involvement activities and social services.

Educational services are part of ABLE/GED, or the Adult Basic Literacy and Education. These classes assist adults and residents in obtaining the skills necessary for self-sufficiency and employment, and there is even information on college scholarship programs. This is critical as more and more advanced skills are needed in this economy.





The services that are part of ABLE/GED are provided at no cost to students and are focused on helping adults gain self-sufficiency. Most of the sessions are held at the Hamilton Building in Toledo. GED, job placement, and more can be arranged.

Location of EOPA

Intake can be done over the phone. As far as the main address, it is 505 Hamilton St, Toledo, Ohio, 43604. Call 419 242 7304.

By Jon McNamara

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