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Low interest loans from credit unions.

There are several credit unions that are able to enroll residents from any state, with very few if any restrictions. Once someone is a member, they can receive loans and other forms of financing at very competitive interest rates. The number of products offered to consumers is wide ranging as well and will vary by company.

Most of the lenders will not have too many (if any) restrictions. In general, the loans can be used to pay for buying or refinancing a car, basic needs such as rent, or other personal expenses. However, if someone is using them to pay a short term expense, such as a car payment or utility bills, they need to make sure they can pay off the loan as soon as possible. This should be done ideally with their next paycheck. Some of the leading credit unions, and the services available, are noted below.

Receiving a personal loan from these organizations is much better to consumers than some of the alternatives. They are less expensive and people can save a significant amount of money over time on interest costs. For those that qualify, the funds are often available the same day. No collateral will be needed from a credit unions for a signature or unsecured loan. Also, as noted, the funds can be used for a number of needs, ranging from debt consolidation to vacations!

The companies listed operate nationwide, which is not common for a credit union. In order to enroll, there may be some type of condition that needs to be met, as specified. Most common will be a small donation (such as $5) to a certain charity or non-profit. The amount of money that can be saved on any type of loan product makes a donation well worth it though.

Non-profit credit unions that issue lower interest rate loans

Consumers have several options available to them. The leading national credit unions to contact are below. The exact enrollment terms can change, but the latest information is below. For more locations of local credit unions, try

Alliant Credit Union operates in Chicago Illinois but they have branches in several states. People who live in other states or regions can enroll by donating to Foster Care to Success and opening a savings account with the lender. Low interest loans can be issued for a variety of needs, such as car payments, mortgages, or even a rental payment. The non-profit is offering a full array of products and services to meet all customer’s needs.




America’s Credit Union requires a membership fee of about $15. This will enroll them into the Association of the United States Army.

CommunityWide Credit Union - Sign up by donating to the Michiana Goodwill Boosters or Marine Corps League. Other members are part of the Select Employer Groups.

Connexus Credit Union requires a small donation, usually of $5. They work with charities such as the United Way, American Cancer Society, and Red Cross. They offer three different accounts to consumers, issue auto loans and other products.

Consumers Credit Union - A small donation of usually $5 is required. The funds are used to pay for scholarships. In addition to personal loans, counselors offer budgeting workshops, information on credit repair, debt reduction, and other counseling services. There is also a discount program for members.

Digital Federal Credit Union

First Technology Federal Credit Union - Can issue qualified customers affordable signature loans and other products. They also operate in Puerto Rico along with 8 other states.

GTE Financial Credit Union serves tens of thousands of families and companies that are part of the network. People in other parts of the country can contribute to CUSavers in order to join. Customers can get access to signature loans and other forms of financing. They also allow members to open saving accounts for children.

Kinecta Federal Credit Union

Lake Michigan Credit Union is an option for state residents. Others can join by donating $5 to the ALS Association. Free checking, low interest rate credit cards and signature loans and other services are available. They also offer loans on new cars or to refinance an existing one.

NASA Federal Credit Union offers no fee checking accounts, credit cards with rebates, and consumer loans. Many turn to this lender as an alternative to more expensive payday loans.

Navy Federal Credit Union allows active military members and veterans (regardless of which branch they served in) to enroll. They also allow all civilian Department of Defense employees (civilians as well) to enroll.

Pentagon Federal Credit Union - To enroll, it is for military members or others can sign up by donating $15 to Voices for America’s Troops or $20 to the National Military Family Association. Their customers have access to thousands of ATMS, low cost mortgages, and also signature loans which can be used for paying any number of bills.

NASA Federal Credit Union allows the general public to join by donating $5 to the American Consumer Council. The company operates nationwide and issues several loan products that are affordable and effective.

Navy Federal Credit Union is the nation’s largest credit union. They have millions of customers, most of which are civilian Department of Defense employees, contractors or members of the military. Others can join by contributing funds to designated charity. Many families turn to these non-profit for loan products to pay their everyday bills, housing or rent costs, and more. There are reward credit cards, personal and car loans issued, and more. Savings accounts are also competitively priced.

NuVision Federal Credit Union - Individuals can join either by living in Arizona or signing up for the sponsored educational group known as American Consumer Council.

Patelco Credit Union





San Diego County Credit Union - While the majority of its customers live in southern California, they can serve people in other states as well. More on San Diego credit union.

Self-Help Credit Union - The non-profit credit union only covers North Carolina. They offer consumer products, including vehicle loans, to residents of the state. This non-profit requires a $20 donation. However qualified low income individuals may only need to contribute $5. The loans issued from this lender are a great alternative to the higher priced payday lenders that operate in North Carolina.

State Department Federal Credit Union - People can join by enrolling in the American Consumer Council. Of course, services are also offered for State Department employees and their families.

The Golden 1 Credit Union


By Jon McNamara

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