Las Vegas Jewish Family Services Agency programs.

Programs from Jewish Family Services Agency can help families that are facing a crisis. While many of the services are available for people regardless of their religion, culture, or background, some of their resources are only for those of the Jewish faith. More details on their various services are below.

Food assistance is available from programs such as Meals in Motion and a Las Vegas based food pantry. They often depend on the donations from other businesses and individuals across Clark County.

The Meals in Motion program from Jewish Family Services Agency is a fee based service, however it tends to be lower cost than many alternatives. It can deliver a hot meal directly to the clients home, and it is for the elderly, homebound, seniors, or maybe someone that was just released from the hospital. It can even help those who just need the convenience of a fresh hot meal.

The Food Pantry provides clients with free canned goods, non perishable food and also personal hygiene products. This is offered for those that are struggling from across the Clark County community at large, including the unemployed, youth, elderly, and homeless. The hours of the FSA pantry are limited. An application is also required by the agency.

There will also be documentation and proof needed as part of the application process. This will include items such as Photo I.D. for adults, copies of birth certificates, social security cards, and much more. People can use the pantry at most once per month.

If you can donate, please do so. The Las Vegas Jewish Family Services Agency relies on volunteers, businesses, charities, and individuals across Clark County Nevada to donate time and goods.

Assistance for seniors is available from JFSA. The non-profit is currently in the process of defining and growing services to elderly and senior members of the region. Examples of what may offered includes Money Management classes, information and referrals, consultation, Volunteer Services, low income housing options and meals/food.




Partnerships have also been created with groups such as Alliance for Well-Being. They offer Senior Care Management and Geriatric Care. This can provide expert assistance and information to older adults and their families.

Staff that are part of Geriatric Care will perform a comprehensive in home assessment of the client's needs. After this is done, an individualized plan of care will be created for that senior persons needs.

While the assistance available in Las Vegas is extensive, some of the items they assist with are Medicaid, Medicare, coordinating free legal advice and addressing other medical issues. Jewish Family Services Agency will offer crisis intervention and also act as a liaison for families at a distance and alerting them to potential problems. Educational services and advocacy is provided too, as well as support in continuity of care. This involves the case manager in coordinating assistance with doctors and other medical care providers. The plan of care can maximize all private, government benefits and public resources and services available to assure that client's needs are met effectively and safely.

Emergency assistance is wide ranging, however as funding is limited it may just be available for people of Jewish faith. The non-profit JFSA offers several assistance programs that are designed to combat a variety of immediate needs including employment development, direct financial assistance, and burial programs.

Most of the aid is coordinated from the Tzedakah Department. It provides modest cash assistance with paying for rent or utility bills for Jewish individuals that are facing a very short term crisis. A program known as Chesed fund helps to ensure proper Jewish burials for poor and indigent families in need. The last component is Las Vegas is Project Ezra, which provides solutions in response to the region's high unemployment rates.





Financial assistance is for those that are facing a short term crisis situation. Not only may grants, loans, or cash be paid out, but clients can also receive referrals and guidance.

Funds can be issued to those that are facing an eviction or loss of power. So if you have an eviction notice from your landlord, are facing foreclosure, or behind on your mortgage, have a notice to quit, or utility shut off notice, then Jewish Family Services Agency may be able to assist. Extensive proof of hardship, your assets, tax returns, income, expenses, and more is needed in order to qualify.

Job placement assistance is offered by the Las Vegas Jewish Family Service Agency as well as Goodwill Industries. The program, known as Project Ezra, will provide clients with Classes and Workshops, Resume Completion Assistance, Mock Interviews, Professional Attire for Employment, Assistance with obtaining Work Cards and ongoing Case Management. The phone number is (702) 732-0304.

Jewish Family Services Agency in the Clark County region is located as follows. While some resources are available to everyone from the community, others are just focused on people of Jewish faith. The address is 4794 S. Eastern Avenue, Suite C, Las Vegas, NV 89119, Main Number (702) 732-0304.




By Jon McNamara

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