Tippecanoe County Salvation Army assistance programs.

Many basic needs and critical bills can be paid by the Tippecanoe County Salvation Army social service department. The Christian, church based charity offers emergency assistance as well as practical and spiritual guidance to the less fortunate in the community.

The center operates provides their financial aid/social services from the city of Lafayette from their office at 1110 Union St. As far as the thrift store, which sells goods and raises money, this site is at 2121 Sagamore Parkway. Whether someone needs financial help for paying their housing expenses (rent, utilities or mortgage) or more basic needs (including shelter, food, clothes, or transportation) the Salvation Army in Tippecanoe County may assist.

When it comes to monetary support, all of the assistance is first come and served. The applicant needs to be qualified, be able to proof it, and also be willing to do the work to stabilize their life. Charities, such as the Salvation Army, will rarely offer assistance for paying any bills if the client is just going to be in the same situation the following month(s).

When funds are issued, the Lafayette Indiana Salvation Army will focus on basic needs, safety, and health issues before anything else. The charity believes that every person is entitled to shelter and electricity, and this is why there may be funds to pay rent, heating or energy bills, or a mortgage. If and when the situation is too dire, and no money or financial support will be effective, then the staff will help the family transition into a local shelter.

Health issues are also a goal of the Salvation Army social services in Tippecanoe County. This means that when someone is sick and maybe needs a certain generic prescription drug or over the counter medication, then assistance (such as a voucher or even coupon) may be issued to help pay for it. Or the case workers can direct the client to community clinics in Tippecanoe County or maybe provide information on health insurance plans such as Medicaid or Obamacare.

Other uses of the social service funds may be for Transportation costs (such as a gas voucher for work) or a needed car repair. These are for a crisis only, such as when the family car breaks down and the Tippecanoe County resident may lose their job as a result. This is when some support (including referrals to mechanics) may be offered as part of the programs that offer help for car repairs.





Tippecanoe County Salvation Army practical support and basic needs can also be provided. These tend to be a little more available to the needy in the community. But the catch here is that these programs rely heavily on donations from the community. Practical support offered includes some of the items below.

If a family or individual is facing hunger, then the Salvation Army may offer free food from the pantry or hot meals from the soup kitchen. Another needs is always to ensure people have clothing on their back. The Winter Coat drive can provide jackets, hats, and boots, and there is also a clothing closet in Lafayette for work attire. Other seasonal services in Lafayette Indiana include free Christmas toys, meals, and school supplies for students and children.

When those practical items are not available, or if the family does not qualify, then the thrift store is often used. The key difference here is that the items are not given out for free, but rather the shopper needs to pay some of their income towards those goods. Whether it is furniture, clothes, a bed, or even car seat, items are sold at the Family Store run by the Lafayette Salvation Army. This location is at 2121 Sagamore Parkway S., Lafayette Indiana 47905.

The emergency programs are for a crisis only. The Social Service Department of the Tippecanoe County Salvation Army is in Lafayette at 1110 Union St. For more information, dial 765-742-0006.




By Jon McNamara

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