Mortgage Assistance from Kentucky Homeownership Protection Center

The state government of Kentucky has organized various resources and organizations across the state to help homeowners across Kentucky. Borrowers can get free help from various attorneys, financial counselors, non-profit organizations and public assistance agencies. All of these various groups have been made available to help you get mortgage help, and understand your options and alternatives to a foreclosure filing.

The primary reason that the Kentucky Homeownership Protection Center was created is to provide a single, centralized location that borrowers can turn to for help. The center, and the agencies that participate in it, provide information on numerous public services. All of the programs offered are intended to assist Kentuckians in keeping their homes and preventing a foreclosure. Homeowners across the state can find information on the foreclosure process. But the programs offered do not stop there. They can also learn about both home repair assistance and utility assistance, all of which will help people make smart choices and avoid losing their homes to a foreclosure filing.

If you live in Kentucky, and if you expect to soon fall behind on your mortgage, or if you are currently delinquent on your home loan or monthly payment, if you are in danger of becoming delinquent or are just starting to have financial problems that may affect your ability to pay your monthly mortgage payment, do not risk losing your home and immediately contact Kentucky Homeownership Protection Center. Free options are available, and are highlighted below.

Programs offered by the Kentucky Homeownership Protection Center

Some of the participating agencies and programs offered include the following.



Law firms and attorneys

Numerous attorneys and non-profit law firms are providing free legal foreclosure advice and assistance to individuals across the state. Attorneys will provide homeowners information on what exactly the foreclosure process is, how it works, and provide solutions. Many lawyers will even negotiate directly with your lender or bank to implement a solution. Read more on free Kentucky legal aid.

Housing and Mortgage Counselors

Various housing counseling agencies work with the Kentucky Homeownership Protection Center. These groups work together to provide foreclosure intervention and prevention counseling resources and services to Kentucky state residents. If you are one of the thousands of homeowners across the state who in danger of foreclosure or need budgeting, debt and/or credit help, call the center.

Local Salvation Army

Your local Salvation Army branch may have emergency financial assistance and funding available. From time to time the funds may be distributed by the Kentucky Salvation Army to assist homeowners across the state who are behind on their mortgage payments or who may be facing a foreclosure. You can visit the Salvation Army Web site to find a location near you, or click here to find local Kentucky agencies.

Kentucky Homeownership Protection Center phone number

The help provided from the center is free to qualified individuals. Whether you speak to an attorney, housing counselor, the Salvation Army, or a mortgage center, all the assistance provided will be at no charge. Dial (502) 564-7630 to learn more or apply for hlp from the Kentucky Homeownership Protection Center.




By Jon McNamara

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