Johnson and Johnson patient assistance programs.

Patients who lack health insurance and/or have a limited income can qualify for a patient assistance program offered by Johnson and Johnson. While household income and insurance coverage are two of the main criteria to determine if you are qualified, many other factors may also be considered. A full review of the indfividuals’s financial condition will take place when a patient applies to the Johnson and Johnson prescription drug programs.

Examples of some of the other criteria that will be reviewed to determine program eligibility include the medication you are taking, the applicants family size, and other special circumstances. J&J will also need to make the prescription that the patient needs as well, otherwise they will not be able to help. Almost one million doses of medications are being distributed each and every year.

Terms of the Johnson and Johnson patient assistance program

There are several terms, conditions, and criteria for joining and receiving help from the program. Among them including the following.

-Eligibility criteria for the program will be determined based on the federal government poverty guidelines, and it is adjusted each year to account for inflation and cost of living increases. Another criteria is the applicant can’t have public or private prescription drug or health insurance coverage.

-Dozens of medications are included. Currently, more than 40 different Johnson and Johnson products are available through the program. In addition, more than 20 medicines and other drugs are also available through a retail pharmacy card that the pharmaceutical company offers.

-The Foundation which administers the plan does not collect any fees from patients or providers that participate. So all of the assistance is available at no cost from J&J.

-Patients who apply and are accepted will be eligible for up to 12 months of assistance and they can also decide to reapply each year as needed for additional help.





Prescription drugs offered for free by Johnson and Johnson

There are dozens of medications offered. Some of them include the following. This list is always expanding as resources allow, and it can include both generics and brand name drugs. Call the company for a complete list.


How to apply for the J&J prescription assistance program

To learn more, or to apply, dial 1-800-652-6227 to speak to a representative about the Johnson and Johnson prescription assistance programs.




By Jon McNamara

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