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Find help negotiating credit card debt.

A key to negotiating credit card debt is to remember that what is beneficial to the debtor (you) is sometimes not in the best interests of the credit card company. So you have to overcome that and make it worthwhile for the creditor to negotiate. Here are several helpful pointers for your credit card debt negotiations.

When you are trying to come to an arrangement to reduce or get rid of your debt, remember that the creditor - debtor relationship is often times one in which if one party benefits the other party stands to loose. While it is possible to negotiate your credit card debt yourself, and we provide helpful tips and methods to do that, always keep in mind that you can use debt negotiation companies, debt settlement plans, and counselors, and they may be your best option, as you will have a debt mediator to work with you on your situation and represent your best interests  negotiating your credit card debt with your creditors. But here are some steps that might help you if you proceed on your own.

Debt negotiation steps

-Remember to think about and plan for a debt negotiation tactic from the creditors' point of view and their interests. Document and be prepared to address the possible points and concerns that your creditor or credit card company is likely to discuss with you during the negotiations process. Before you start the process, do your homework, prepare a list of concerns and possible issues (many noted below) that are likely to be discussed during the credit card debt negotiation process. Research and find all the possible answers which can be provided as solutions to the creditor’s concerns. This all so important preparation will enable you to quickly counter your creditor’s concerns and denials and allow you to overcome them and proceed with further negotiations. Even better, suggesting possible alternative ways and means to get your creditor thinking about other possibilities like debt elimination programs or credit card debt consolidation plans you an opportunity to score something positive and gain the upper hand.

-One wrong approach is that many debtors think that they can basically force their creditors and credit card companies into offering debt elimination plans or waivers of their debt to help reduce their total outstanding credit card debt. This is a wrong belief and approach. There is not one creditors that is obligated to consider what is beneficial to you nor do they ever need to accept your conditions or terms. This best advice is to take a a gentle but straightforward and confident approach to your debt negotiations to help you create a positive impression about yourself, and it will help you pave a healthy environment for continued negotiations, and will help lead to success.





-Typically creditors are less than sympathetic to your financial concerns. Your credit card and other debt borrowings are just a number to them, and another source of income and they usually are not interested in listening to your personal “sob” story on the phone. So, be professional,, stay to the business facts, and be sure to offer creditors something tangible in exchange for their assistance with your debt. It is give and take.

-We hear cases of debtors who use the so called trump card of “Bankruptcy” and say they are filing for chapter 7 bankruptcy. While it is true that if you file a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy act, your credit card companies can’t get  anything from you. The bankruptcy filing may also stop your from having to pay your credit card bills. The downside is that a Chapter 7 filing may damage your credit status and rating for a very long time (several years) and it very well may prevent you from getting further loans, such as a mortgage or car loan, in the future. So while you can play the bankruptcy card with your credit card issuer, it needs to be a last resort. Instead of filing a bankruptcy, you can also consider a debt arbitration program. Click here to learn more.

-One little one trick is that you should try to negotiate your credit card debt towards the end of the month, since creditors like to resolve outstanding issues by the first day of the month. This tactic will enable them to keep their goals and numbers, as well as their bill processing process, clean through bill consolidation process.

-If you find yourself running out of options in the negotiating process, you may want to consider “subtly” reminding the credit card issuer that the long, intensive bureaucratic process of negotiations and debt recovery can consume a lot of their resources, time, and therefore cost them money. So why not get down to the issues, negotiate fairly right now and try to find common ground in which it is possible to communicate effectively and work out a solution to benefit both your and the credit card issuer.

-As you proceed thru the negotiating process, be sure to regularly review your credit report for any negative feedback, false reports or bad marks that may lower your credit score. If any are included on your report, you then also need to negotiate this with your creditor to remove the bad marks from the credit report. Always be sure to check your credit report, and stay on top of it, in the following months to make sure that your request has been addressed and that no new bad marks have been put on the report.




-If you find yourself running out of time, or do not have any success, a credit counselor may be able to help. Find a listing of credit counseling agencies.

These are several valid points and steps that have been show to be very useful and helpful when negotiating credit card debt with your creditors. Good luck, and always remember that you can also turn to a professional to help you eliminate and consolidate your debt.


By Jon McNamara

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