GLEAMNS Human Resources Commission assistance programs.

The non-profit community action agency for the counties of Abbeville, Greenwood, Edgefield, Laurens, McCormick, Newberry, and Saluda is the GLEAMNS Human Resources Commission. The organization runs a number of programs for low income families in this portion of South Carolina. Examples of services may be funds for paying utility bills, weatherization, and other emergency aid. However the goal of the GLEAMNS centers are to really help people gain self-sufficiency and stability in their lives.

The community action agency receives grants from the government in order to operate both weatherization, Workforce Development, and the LIHEAP utility bill assistance program. All of these, and more, are provided to qualified low income families in counties including Greenwood, Laurens, Newberry, and others. A focus is on those households with young children, elderly, or disabled member in it.

Energy bill programs and conservation from GLEAMNS

The Weatherization Program will help families save money on their energy costs. It operates in counties such as those in the so called the Upper Savannah Region, including Laurens, Greenwood, Edgefield, Abbeville, Saluda, Newberry and nearby regions. Qualified homes can have some or all of the following done to them, including insulation, caulking, weather striping, and more.

The goal is to help reduce cooling, utility, and heating bills for low-income families. It is available for both homeowners and renters in the state. Due to the demand as well as the limited government and GLEAMNS resources, in almost all cases applicants will need to go onto a waiting list.

The Human Resources Commission provides help with utility and cooling bills using federal government grants that are issued from LIHEAP. There is also a crisis component that can help very low income families that are faced with a disconnection on their service.

Much of the aid for GLEAMNS comes from the federal government as part of the Community Services Block Grant, CSBG. This is one of the nation's, and regions, primary tools for helping the low income and those that are struggling overcome barriers. The assistance from it is wide ranging and can include utility bill assistance from Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program, housing, rent or security deposit assistance, LIHEAP, food, and budgeting classes.




Employment assistance

Job placement and training is part of the Workforce Development. This is available from the community action agency and is one department of the GLEAMNS Human Resources Commission. Among other things, it will provide assistance to underemployed and/or unemployed members of the service territory. Specialists will work with clients and help them get placed into new careers, or even part or full time jobs in South Carolina. The goal is to help people achieve long term economic self-sufficiency and job stability for themselves and their families.

A Case Management approach is used and goals are set in order to ensure the clients objectives are met. This is organized as a flexible activity in which the client works with a case manager to come up with a self-sufficiency and employment plan.

The Workforce Investment Act (WIA) pays for this job training in the region. It is the primary federal government development program that is involved in offering services to job seekers, youth and even local employers, who are able to find skilled help at the centers.

CSBG grants are also used to pay for community-based educational activities in the region, including the counties of Greenwood and Saluda. These will help residents be put into place to receive a greater degree of self-sufficiency.

Head Start classes and sessions are also available in the region. These will help children learn, grow, and otherwise develop. It is for children under the age of 6. GLEAMNS Head Start a child-focused agency and they have an overall goal of increasing the social competence and school readiness of young children in low-income and working poor families.





The money for Head Start comes from the state and the federal government as part of Department of Health and Human Services and other tools. Do to this funding, the community action agency is able to run over 20 Head Start centers across the ten county region that encompasses McCormick, Richland, Greenwood and several other town and counties.

Teachers and staff that are part of the program offer a wide a range of services to both children and their parents. The classes and workshops address needs such as medical and dental care, education, assistance for the disabled, and early childhood development. Parents can access social services as well, which may include

The locations of GLEAMNS and their job centers are as follows.

Saluda Works Center, 407 West Butler Avenue, Saluda, South Carolina 29138, call 864-445-2035

Newberry SC Works Center, 833 Main Street, Newberry, SC 29108, telephone 803-276-2110

Laurens CSBG Office, 221A West Laurens Street, Laurens, SC 29360, main phone :864-984-5123

Abbeville County Learning Center, 706 Carolina Circle, Abbeville, SC 29620, call 864-459-2100

McCormick SC Works Center, 109 W. Augusta St., McCormick, SC 29835, call 864-852-2662

Brewer Annex, 301 N Hospital St, Greenwood, SC 29648, dial 864-229-8862

Edgefield County SC Works Center, 400 Church St, Edgefield, South Carolina 29824, telephone (803) 637-4029



By Jon McNamara

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