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Georgia Alliance To End Homelessness programs.

There is a free service provided by the Georgia Alliance to End Homelessness that gives people information on housing programs as well as other social services. The 501(c)(3) non-profit organization has partnerships with hundreds of local agencies that each administer some type of program in the community. GAEH can refer struggling families to these resources.

In order to be more efficient, the Alliance has divided the state into several different regions. This allows them to both coordinate services with the agencies that administer the aid as well as ensure the caller is directed to that correct resource. When someone calls the hotline that is in place (the phone number is below) they may be linked to any of over one-thousand social service agencies, charities, or housing providers. Each of those 1000+ agencies wants to stop homelessness in the state.

Not only can the Georgia Alliance To End Homelessness give referrals to callers, but they also advocate for the poor and homeless. It is very challenging for many low to moderate income families to keep up in today's economy as well as housing environment. Wages are not keeping up with the cost of annual rent increases in Georgia. Many apartments are just not affordable to families living in poverty. To help tackle this major problem, the Alliance has staff that work with many companies and individuals to find solutions.

They also advocate at the state government level. They are trying to ensure that any housing benefits, such as section 8 vouchers as well as income based apartments, are available to the working poor. They also advocate for the vulnerable in the state. This includes everyone from veterans returning from overseas to immigrants as well as the mentally or physically disabled. Another key service is on addressing the housing needs of single parents in Georgia, and they too can find help. Find more details on single mother rent assistance.

Utility providers are also part of the housing challenges in Georgia. Even if a family can keep up with their rent, the cost of electricity, heat, and water continues to increase at rates greater than inflation. The Georgia Alliance To End Homelessness will advocate on this issue as well to ensure that rate increases are kept as low as possible and that families have access to the support they need.





GAEH will work with the Georgia regulators and utility companies to ensure that payment plans for paying utility bills are available to residents facing a hardship. There is also a focus on ensuring that United states Department of Energy (DOE) grants are given to the proper local agencies for distribution to the working poor. This advocacy service also crosses over to water bills too, as many residents need help keeping up with that expense as well.

When it comes to information on assistance programs though, the GAEH Homeless Info HotLine is available. There is a database full of information for anyone that is struggling. The referral service is the most heavily demanded program GAEH offers. It covers people threatened by homelessness, single parent seeking child care, government grants, and any form of financial aid.

The amount of housing information provided by the HotLine is extensive. This after all is the focus of it, and better yet, the service is free to those who call. The Georgia Alliance To End Homelessness will provide details on temporary accommodations, including shelters and available transitional housing programs in the state. There is a filtering process that can be used in the database which makes it more effective in finding the exact resource that is needed. When it is discovered (as there are over 1000 agencies to review), then the caller will be referred to it.





The database is used for many reasons. Whether it is finding a low income apartment to live in, a local food pantry, or any other social service, the customer support team at the HotLine will help. They also refer callers to job training and self-sufficiency programs. Many homeless people of course need a place to live, but they often need much more help as well.

Hotline number for Applying for Georgia Alliance To End Homelessness

To learn more, or to speak to an advocate at the Georgia Alliance To End Homelessness Info HotLine, dial 877-540-4671. Information is available five days per week.


By Jon McNamara


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