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Free government tablet.

People on SNAP food stamps or other benefits, or that have a low-income, are able to get a free tablet from the government. Free devices are provided to low-income families and households living in poverty through the Lifeline and Link-up programs. Learn how to get free Samsung, Google or Apple tablet from the government for low-income families or those on benefits.

The tablet assistance programs are for people on government assistance such as food stamps, section 8, LIHEAP or other benefit programs. The service is operated by the federal government in partnership with telecommunication companies. Verizon, Assurance, Safelink Wireless, Tracfone and AT&T (among others) give free devices to qualified low-income households. While the free tablet given out may be an older model, the government program can be a great option for students as well as adults.

Free iPads or Samsung Galaxy tablets for people on benefits

Government grants pay for this program, which of course includes the contribution of taxpayer dollars and monthly FCC fees that people pay on their phone bills. Anyone that currently has benefits from the government, including EBT card (meaning SNAP food stamps), is automatically qualified for a free government tablet or cell phone devoice. This is also an option for people on other public assistance programs, such as Medicaid or LIHEAP, and the low income in general.

The government run free Lifeline and Link Up programs were created to ensure all people, including low-income families, seniors, the unemployed and disabled among others have access to free devices for emergency or regular communication. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) mandates that phone companies and manufacturers of devices participate, and they oversea the free tablet distribution program.

Another other reason for this program, free government tablets are meant to help address the digital divide. The telephone assistance programs will ensure people that have an EBT card and/or receive SNAP food stamps (or a state’s equivalent) have a tablet or wireless smart phone. As low income families that get help from the government will need a device for educational purposes, a job, or emergency communications.

The three types of commonly provided free tablets will be Samsung and a Apple iPad, Google Pixels tablet as well as other Android devices (or tablets). Everything from the latest model to older, refurbished devices are offered as part of the assistance program. There are also other options too, such as a free iPhone from the government.




While the government (FCC) sets the rules and guidelines on the free phone and tablet assistance programs, individual phone companies administer them. In effect, free tablets from Samsung or Apple are provided by all of the national as well as local phone companies. Even the largest providers such as AT&T, Verizon ,or T-Mobil participate. Many pre-paid, budget cell phone companies, such as Assurance and other carriers, also provide free tablets or accessories as well.

How to get a free tablet from the government

As noted above, the two free government phone programs are Lifeline and Linkup. Some states may call these a slightly different name. However the program are for people on public assistance (food stamps, LIHEAP, Section 8 etc.). The programs themselves, as well as sending families a free tablet, are administered by wireless companies and those companies process applications.

All of the phone companies, including Verizon and ATT, are required by federal government law to provide help to low-income families, including single moms or dads. There are also free tablets for veterans, the elderly on social security and anyone that meets the low-income guidelines.

In addition to offering a free tablet to low-income families, most phone companies will also often have a very low priced, if not free, internet plan. The newest, most expensive tablet models will not generally be provided. However, some companies may give the newest iPad or Samsung models as it is their best interest to develop a long term relationship with the customer.

To apply, contact a cell phone company. There are also phone numbers to your state government if additional help is needed. The customer service phone numbers below.

Assurance Wireless focuses on helping low-income households. They are also part of T-Mobile. They give away free cell phones and/or wireless tablets to people on government assistance, including food stamps, TANF cash assistance, EBT and others. Assurance is a leading provider of the Lifeline and Linkup programs with generally one year old tablets given out for free. Call 1-888 321-5880





ATT has multiple phone numbers. The national Lifeline customer support number is 800-377-9450. However, in Texas dial 866-547-0033 or in Oregon call 855-824-3198. Either free tablets, mostly gently used/refurbished, are given out or financial help to low-income families with an EBT card or that get Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) food stamps.

Verizon has a dedicated customer support team that will help people apply for free government tablet programs. The company will help people currently on food stamps, or that are applying for Lifeline free phones or discounts. Call (800) 417-3849 to reach the Lifeline Customer Support Team.

  • Safelink Wireless and Tracfone are owned by Verizon. They help people on LIHEAP, EBT, Medicaid or food stamps get a free tablet. The budget carriers also offer discounts, financial help, payment plans and more. Call 1-800-867-7183 for Tracfone or 1-800-723-3546.

Free phone with food stamps or EBTXfinity, owned by Comcast, has free tablets and cell phones as well for people on government assistance, including those that get an EBT debit card for SNAP food stamps. The company participates in the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP), in which low income families on SNAP will get a free Samsung, Google, or Apple tablet for work or studying. Dial 855-846-8376.

Phone numbers to get a free tablet with an EBT card or benefits

Each state has a number of different phone bill assistance programs, including free cell phones or tablets for people on public aid (including SNAP food stamps) to discount programs. The service can be combined with free government internet programs and more. Both federal and state grants pay this service.

Find a state below for more details on free government tablet programs. Low-income families, students, kids, and people with an EBT card (food stamps) or other benefits can apply. The government, through the Lifeline service, will ensure they are able to get a free tablet for work, school or home use.
















New Jersey

North Carolina





South Carolina





Conclusion - Free tablets and cell phones are available

The FCC overseas the program at the national level. Learn more about the FCC phone program here. The government agency ensures that people on food stamps, cash aid, EBT and other public benefits have a free phone or even a tablet.

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