Transitional housing and shelters Franklin County Ohio.

Across Franklin County are several different transitional and short term housing centers. They may be located at charities, churches, or non-profit agencies. Some of them may operate in partnership with the local government or maybe the state of Ohio. The shelters can provide people a place to stay and often a meal, while the transitional housing programs offer more self-sufficiency type services and counseling.

The main places to try in Columbus Ohio and the county are below. Most organizations have an application process in place and they may focus on certain clientèle. For example, some transitional housing programs may be for veterans, others for single women or maybe children. Space is usually limited so it may be a good idea to call for more information.

Address: 455 East Mound Street
Columbus, OH 43215
(614) 242-1284
Rapid rehousing may be available. In addition, the location runs transitional housing for families and women who are homeless, facing relapse or that are recovering for a substance abuse issue. Social services facilitated include parenting education, counseling, case management, linkage to community resources, independent living skills instruction, career guidance, and employment services.

Huckleberry House
1421 Hamlet Street
Columbus, Ohio 43201
Call the hotline at (614) 294-5553 24
This center will help homeless teens learn how to live successfully and safely in the Franklin County community. Guests / clients will be assigned an Independent Living Mentor, Community Support Provider, and a Counselor who assist youth to reach goals.





Rahabs Hideaway Inc.
Address is 118 Graceland Boulevard
Columbus, Ohio 43214
Telephone: (614) 593-5033
Transitional housing is administered for women from the region who are victims of human trafficking. Services and programs include clothing, free food, connection to medical services, individual and group therapy and assistance with obtaining employment or education.

Southeast, Inc. - New Horizons
Main address: 371 Carpenter Street
Columbus, OH 43205
Call (614) 360-0120 or the emergency shelter can be reached at (888) 474-3587
The non-profit organization coordinates housing to chronically homeless and seriously mentally ill individuals from the country. It also offers supportive case management and stability while individuals learn basic living skills. Also work with staff on finding and paying the rent on a more permanent housing solution.

Another location of Southeast, Inc. is at 16 West Long Street, Columbus, Ohio 43215. Call (614) 225-0990. They offer many of the same housing solutions as above.

United Restoration Ministries
Location is 1004 Parsons Avenue
Columbus, OH 43206
Call the location at (614) 542-0838
Short term shelter or transitional housing is for the homeless, abused women, and also adults with alcohol, drug and other addictions. Social workers arrange treatment, case management, and address mental health issues.





Open Shelter Inc.
Location is 61 E Mound St
Columbus, Ohio 43215
(614) 461-0407
Guests may eventually be placed into a transitional housing program in Franklin County.

FAITH MISSION - Emergency Shelter for Men
51 N. Sixth St.
Columbus, OH 43201
Meals, job training, and more is available.
Find more details on Faith Mission of Columbus Ohio assistance programs.

Volunteers of America of Greater Ohio
624 Harmon Avenue
Columbus, Ohio 43223
Main number is (614) 849-0145
The location provides transitional housing and case management services to address the needs of homeless veterans. The center offers a stable environment through supportive services including peer support, intensive case management, meals, clothing, and clinical treatment.

YMCA of Central Ohio - Downtown YMCA
40 West Long Street
Columbus, OH 43215
(614) 573-3616
Those facing eviction or the homeless can receive help. The center offers supportive housing program for adults with the objective of providing the housing assistance and support needed to stabilize and maintain independent housing. Programs include employment services, job training, life skills counseling, health and free medical care, and transportation assistance in Franklin County if needed.

Rebecca's Place Women's Homeless Shelter
924 E. Main St.
Columbus, OH 43205

Van Buren Shelter
Address is 595 Van Buren Dr
Columbus, OH 43223
Phone number - (614) 715-2030





YMCA of Central Ohio - Sunshine Terrace center
272 South Gift Street
Columbus, Ohio 43215
For intake, dial (614) 421-6130

YWCA Columbus
Main address is 65 South Fourth Street
Columbus, OH 43215
(614) 224-9121
The charity organization offers a supportive housing program for women. The goal is to provide the assistance and support needed to stabilize families and maintain independent housing. Get help with self-sufficiency, budgeting, information on job training and more.


By Jon McNamara

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