Faith Mission housing assistance and social services.

With a focus on the low income, including the homeless, Faith Mission is an organization committed to supporting the less fortunate in any way they can. They address a few basic needs, including that of shelter, medical care, food, and employment. These are some of the key resources that people need to have in order to gain long term stability and self-sufficiency.

While the main office is in Columbus, they focus their resources on the greater Franklin County area. Those that need help can contact the faith based charity for information and/or referrals. The organization will also partner with other churches in Franklin County if and when needed.

The homeless may be able to receive basic medical care from their free clinics.  Many doctors, nurses, and other professionals volunteer at the community center to help the less fortunate. What they offer is done so at no cost to patients.

The care arranged by Faith Mission is usually for more simple needs. It may be for dental check ups, vision care, general medicine, podiatry, or immunizations. However, if a medical professional that is on site can’t meet your needs, then referrals may be provided too. The Franklin County clinic operates from 245 N. Grant Ave. in Columbus.

Employment programs and other services are coordinated from the Resource Centers on site. The locations offer those seeking help access to computers with Internet access, phones and personal voicemail, a fax machine, bus passes for a job interview, and more. There may even be directories of Columbus services and charities. Clients that use the Resource Centers can also conduct housing searches, set up interviews, learn about job training opportunities in the Franklin County community, and even use their job hotlines.

Free food and meals may be arranged. For example, they operate a major Community Kitchen for the homeless and poor. The Faith Mission center may offer the needy in the city or county with a breakfast, lunch and a free dinner. There will also be special Thanksgiving and Christmas meals and programs available too.

The charity will also arrange nutrition education classes. This is offered in partnership with local businesses, and is for those families that use the Faith Mission kitchen. Clients can learn about healthier eating, such as the benefits of fruits, vegetables, fish, and more. Also please donate to the center if you can, as they depend on both volunteers and donations to feed the hungry.




Emergency shelter has always been the focus as well. Faith Mission, working with local churches, provides people a place to go. It is for women, children, men, and even single parents in Franklin County. They also offer guests a meal, access to case management, and other social services. The shelter is also open during the cold winter months, and it has benefits many homeless individuals during that time frame.

Transitional and permanent housing is for the disabled. Not it is only for women, however others may receive referrals to similar services in the area. It is operated, and paid for, as part of the federal funded Shelter Plus Care Program as well as the Columbus Metropolitan Housing Authority.

Case management is administered, and is in addition to all the resources noted above. The shelters and clinics will have staff that are trained to deal with the challenges faced by individuals. It may include things such as helping people obtain social security cards, birth certificates and other documents.

The case managers from the centers also provide access to numerous emergency assistance or housing resources. The goal is to get the formerly homeless person rehoused, and sometimes financial support may be available for that.

For more information, address is 245 N Grant Ave, Columbus, Ohio 43215, telephone (614) 224-6617.




By Jon McNamara

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