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Columbus Ohio Catholic Charities assistance programs.

Churches and the non-profit Catholic Charity agency provide a number of services to families in the Columbus Ohio region. Programs focus on seniors, working poor, and low income in the area. Some examples of the resources administered are below.

Senior assistance programs are organized by highly trained and licensed social workers. They provide the elderly and senior citizens in Franklin County Ohio and surrounding areas with ongoing care planning, in-home needs assessment, advice, and consultation to help vulnerable and lower income seniors maintain their health and independence. Assistance is provided by Catholic Charities to qualified seniors to help them with transportation, financial management, medical and doctor appointments, insurance, rent and housing needs. The agency can also refer people to other community services and non-profits in the region.

The program, known as Senior Supportive Services, will be able to assist older adults with maintaining their independence so they can continue to live in their own home or apartment. Catholic Charities provides seniors access to caring, professional, licensed social workers for a number of case management services.

Without the benefit of using the agencies Senior Supportive Services, many of the elderly in Columbus Ohio would be burdened with undue stress and financial hardships. They may not be able to maintain their independence, which would of course dramatically reduce their quality of life and level of health. The Supportive Services staff is committed to the highest professional standards of practice, and the staff provides a helping hand to senior citizens and older adults. Specific assistance programs offered to the elderly and seniors include those listed below.

  • Financial services – Receive assistance with basic tasks such as organizing bills, creating a monthly budget, and balancing the checkbook.
  • Medical bill assistance – Get support and help with reviewing medical bills and insurance claims for accuracy. A case manager can help you fill out forms. Read more on help with medical bills.
  • Transportation assistance is offered to help seniors get to medical appointments.





Receive information, referrals, and details on other community resources in Licking and Franklin County. For example, learn about and get help applying for government benefit programs such as Medicare, Social Security, HEAP, physicians, section 8 housing rental vouchers, housing, and Medicaid.

The Catholic Charity Lady of Guadalupe Center serves the needs of the growing Hispanic community in the area by providing emergency food and grocery assistance; legal aid; medical and health screenings; information on financial assistance programs, such as rent, nutrition, housing and guidance in acquiring basic necessities.

The Columbus Ohio Guadalupe Center operates as a so called choice food pantry. This means it runs similar to a grocery store. How this works is that a client will be provided “points” and not a pre-selected box of food. The points will in effect allow families the ability to select and shop for canned goods or food items of their choice. This will be similar to what they can do in a grocery store.

The benefit to this type of food pantry is it really offers a two-fold benefit. It will allow individuals and families to select the exact types and amounts of groceries and foods that they need to help eliminate waste of unwanted foods. It eliminates waste, and will ensure people only buy what they can prepare and eat. Also, using a point system teaches the Catholic Charity clients how to assess needs, budget, prioritize, and really gain all necessary skills for managing a household.

Homemaker services are provided to seniors, disabled and older adults, and the program has been operating in Franklin County Ohio since the 1970s. Professionally trained home care assistants that partner with Catholic Charities will provide seniors with grocery shopping, light housekeeping, laundry, errands, and other aid on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. These resources enable clients to maintain their independence in their own home for an extended period of time.

Without the benefit of this Homemaker Program, many elderly and senior citizens would not be able to maintain their independence. This would in effect negatively impact their level of health and satisfaction. Catholic Charity staff provides a helping hand to disabled individuals and older adults, and it will help reduce any concerns they have with a loved one.





Payee Services will help seniors deal with finances, pay their bills, and budget. For many people, including seniors, monthly bills can be difficult to understand. Credit card and medical bills are often confusing. The Catholic Charity Payee Services provides individualized financial advice and management to people who are unable to manage their own financial affairs due to a disability. It can also help those who need help in effectively handling their fiscal matters.

Some of the specific services offered can assist clients and help them better understand and meet their financial obligations. The Payee Services program can helps each qualified individual across Columbus establish a budget and manage their monthly expenses. The service will help people budget and manager their various accounts, such as credit card statements and bank accounts, and the program will help people pay their bills on time. Additional credit and debt reduction services can help people avoid getting behind or building credit card or medical debt that cannot be resolved. Hundreds of people use this resource.

Catholic Social Services' Transportation Services are offered in some towns and regions, including Licking County and in Columbus. Seniors citizens may be able to maintain their independence by getting transportation to essential non-emergency medical appointments. Without these services many elderly people would not be able to attend needed doctor or hospital appointments. Door-to-door assistance is provided to and from your appointment. The agency will also provide convenient scheduling of transportation to your appointments.

Addresses of nearby Catholic charity centers

  • Catholic Social Services, 197 E. Gay Street, Columbus, Ohio 43215, dial (614) 221-5891
  • 1025 Kinneys Lane, Portsmouth, Ohio 45662, main phone number (740) 353-3185
  • 575 B Industrial Parkway, Heath, Ohio 43056, dial (740) 345-2565
  • 45 North Fourth Street, Zanesville, Ohio 43701, primary phone number (740) 452-5057
  • 441 Industry Drive (corner of Valleyview Dr.), Columbus, Ohio 43204, call (614) 274-4521



By Jon McNamara

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