Florence County assistance programs.

Find the main financial assistance programs, charities that offer free stuff (food, clothes, etc.), rent or deposit help from churches, and other support in Florence County. There are a number of non-profits, government cash assistance programs, and case management services. Whether it is a grant to pay bills or cover housing costs, job placement, free gasoline or car programs, or low interest loans, assistance is available to low income or struggling families.

Resources and organizations that people can turn to for help

If people need aid, there are several options for families and individuals in the area. They include Lighthouse Ministries and the Pee Dee Community Action Partnership. Learn more about these non-profits and the programs and resources they offer to both low and moderate income people.

Lighthouse Ministries - This organization helped almost 900 people people last year. Most of those who received assistance never had to previously ask for help, but they started to struggle recently from current economic and financial hardships.

Lighthouse Ministries offers a variety of resources and services that some other local and national charitable organizations don’t always provide, like assistance paying utility bills. They also can provide funds for prescription medicines, money to help someone make a rent payment, and even money for mortgages or no interest loans for housing expenses. Also, click here to find additional ways to get mortgage help.




In addition, they have other programs, such as one that will provide women with free diapers or a program known as RAMP to help the disabled. Contact them at 201 E. Elm Street, Florence, South Carolina 29506, or call them at 843.629.0830. Find more details on assistance from Lighthouse Ministries.

Pee Dee Community Action Partnership - This is the local community action agency. They also offer residents several different programs and services, including those mentioned below. Contact them at 2685 S. Irby Street, Florence, SC 29505, Telephone: (843) 678-3400 to apply or learn more.





  • Low Income Energy Assistance Program - The Pee Dee agency administers this federal government program, which will provide people with help for paying their heating and utility bills. Funds are distributed on a first come, first serve basis. There is also an emergency component, which will ensure people get money to pay their bills if they are facing a disconnection, or if they are running out of heating fuel.
  • General Emergency Assistance program- This will provide low and moderate income people with grants that can be used to pay for emergency expenses and costs, such as rent, medicines, and other expenses. Funding is limited, and both the federal and state government help fund this program.
  • Homeless Assistance - For individuals who are homeless or facing an eviction, support is also available for you as well. They can arrange shelters or emergency funds that can be used to prevent an eviction.
  • Medically Indigent Assistance Program - This offers assistance with hospital bills and medical expenses to inpatient residents of South Carolina who need hospitalization or medical care. The applicant can’t have health insurance, or they need to be underinsured. Both the state and county governments and general hospitals in the area fund the program. Find additional hospital bill assistance programs.
  • Employment opportunities - They can provide people with resources to help them find a job, including resume review, counseling, and access to information for job seekers.

The non-profit Pee Dee CAP is there for low income families. Whether it is a grant from the government (such as LIHEAP or from the continuum of care) or food stamps applications, help is available. Locate more details on Pee Dee Community Action Partnership financial aid.

Catholic Charities operates in Florence County and across the state. They offer resources for families living in poverty, senior citizens, and the homeless. Many other services are available from the Florence charity. They can refer homeless families to shelter, support single moms, and may have suggestions for housing expenses such as a security deposit. Continue with help from Pee Dee Catholic Charities.




The Florence County Salvation Army is located at 2210 Hoffmeyer RD, Florence, South Carolina 29501. Call (843) 662-4461 for information or to apply for help. This is one of the leading non-profit charity organizations in the region, and they offer a host of programs. Call them or stop by to apply for one or more of the following.

  • Clothing is offered every six months for work or school.
  • Food pantry - Can provide free groceries, perishable items, and household items. A thrift store can also sell goods at a reduced price.
  • Referrals and information on government aid and cash assistance can be provided by case workers. Read more.
  • Utility and cooling bill assistance can be provided by the Florence SC Salvation Army if someone has a disconnection notice.
  • Housing, including emergency rental assistance, can be paid to people with an eviction notice.
  • For more information on the Florence Salvation Army resources, click here.

Clothes and other basic needs can be provided by several non-profits and charities in Florence South Carolina. Some of the agencies may also have funds for expenses, though that is rare. The clothing closets will offer qualified low income families in Florence with free clothes, Christmas assistance, school supplies (such as shoes and backpacks) and other social services. Referrals are provided too. Click here.

Non-profit and government rent and housing programs can help prevent evictions in Florence County. The applicant will need to prove they can sustain the future costs on their own. Whether it is a cash grant, mediation from an attorney, or money for utility or rental deposits, some form of assistance may be arranged. Find rent help in Florence.





Hunger prevention will include the distribution of free boxes of food or linkage to government sponsored programs. There are resources such as SNAP food stamps or Meals on wheels for the disabled and elderly. There are also free Christmas meals and holiday support. Some of the main soup kitchens and food pantries include Harvest Hope ((843) 661-0826), Timmonsville Church Of Christ, and the Apostolic Church (dial 843-407-6457). However are are many other locations, and click more Florence food banks.


By Jon McNamara

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