Florence County rent assistance programs.

Before facing an eviction, some agencies in Florence County can provide help for paying past due rent. These programs are for a crisis only and are for families that otherwise have a source of income and are stable. The resources from the charities are often combined with other housing assistance, ranging from funds for security deposits, shelter, to government grants which may also assist with rent.

When applying from a charity, the organization will want to see that the individual did not cause the crisis which is causing them to need rental assistance. So this will generally mean an applicant needs to be facing an unexpected financial hardship that they did not cause on their own. Any funds for rent will target seniors, children, or the disabled as well, with other residents next in line for aid.

If someone is not qualified for a grant or loan, then they can either be referred to other rental subsidies for their apartment in Florence, such as section 8. Or mediation services may be arranged to resolve landlord and tenant disputes.

Salvation Army Family Services
Main center 2210 Hoffmeyer Road
Florence, South Carolina 29501
For housing resources, dial (843) 662-4461
Another site is at 1609 W. Palmetto St., Florence
Housing programs range from rent help for tenants that are in arrears or furniture for a new home or apartment. They also offer referrals to utility programs or HUD vouchers too.

Pee Dee Community Action Agency
Address is 2685 S Irby Street
Florence, South Carolina 29501
(843) 678-3400
Low income families with a Florence County court ordered eviction can apply for an ESG grant for rent. They also offer LIHEP, can direct families to low income apartments or rental deposit programs and other financial aid.




Florence Office of South Carolina Legal Services
Address is 320 S Coit St
Florence, South Carolina 29501
Phone - (843) 413-9500
They offer free legal counseling, Landlord or Tenant Assistance, Representation, and ensure access to safe housing for the less fortunate.

LHM-First Friday
Main address - 201 E Elm St
Florence, South Carolina 29506
(843) 629-0830
Call for information on rent programs, credit counseling, and other emergency financial assistance.
The Housing Authority of Florence is based at 400 E Pine St. Applications are for public housing, section 8 HUD vouchers for income based rent, and counseling from FSS. Call the PHA at (843) 669-4163.

411 Jarrott St.
Florence, South Carolina 29506
(843) 744-9039
Resources range from shelter to homeless prevention and one time rental assistance. They also offer medical care or place seniors into transitional housing.

201 E Elm ST
Florence, SC 29506
(843) 629-0830
The church operates as a charity. Funds are for lot and apartment rent. There is also aid for travelers and rehousing services, including loans for certain housing expenses or rent.




House of Hope of the Pee Dee Women and Children Shelter
Main address - 1020 W Darlington Street
Florence, SC 29501
(843) 667-9000
This is a homeless shelter only for single moms, domestic violence victims, and children. Short term housing is arranged as well as workshops in applying for employment or rental subsidies.

House of Hope - Men Shelter
Address is 1327 Olanta Hwy
Effingham, South Carolina 29541
Main phone - (843) 661-5377
A homeless shelter for men.


By Jon McNamara

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