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Family Violence Prevention and Services Program.

Victims of domestic violence can receive shelter, transitional housing, financial aid and other support from the the federal government Family Violence Prevention and Services Program. The service provides grants, resources, legal aid, and funds to states as well local governments. Non-profit organizations and social service agencies oversee the program in your town or county, and the phone number is below.

Victims, regardless of their income, age, or background can receive housing and other supportive services. Most of the assistance from FVPSA is for women, single moms, DV survivors and children as well. Some resources are also focused on the children of any victims.

While the program is paid for by the federal government, social service and non-profit organizations run it at the local city, town, and county level. There is also a confidential, tool free number at the bottom of the page as well. The exact type and amount of services provided will vary by location and state, so you will need to call a section 8 public housing authority, church, or government organization for specifics in your area. Many counties will offer emergency shelter and more longer term self-sufficiency services. It is important to not only address the immediate need or crisis, but to also ensure that victims and their children can get back on the path to stability and long term support.

Assistance from Family Violence Prevention and Services Program (FVPSA)

The Family Violence Prevention and Services Program and the organizations that administer it will normally also provide support groups, legal advocacy representation, limited cash assistance, food, clothing, furniture and household items, and primary medical care. Case workers also give information and referral to government and public aid. Some of the other social services offered include Outreach, Case management, Counseling, and Psychiatric assessments.

While once again, the exact amount of assistance and resources will vary by state and center, some of the types of financial assistance that may be provided by the Family Violence Prevention and Services  program includes these.

  • Food - Both the parents and their children can receive free meals, perishable items, baby formula and more.
  • Emergency hygiene and personal products, such as school supplies, soaps, shampoos, diapers for infants, and more.




  • Relocation assistance, which can include advice in finding a new, safe affordable apartment or home, and maybe even money to pay a security deposit or first months rent, including section 8 housing vouchers near you.
  • Clothing vouchers for work attire, school clothing, and other critical items.
  • Utility deposits and help in getting your service established.
  • Gasoline for job interviews or doctor appointments.
  • Find additional financial help for single mothers who are DV survivors.

Some of the more case management and referral services offered by Family Violence Prevention and Services Program may include some or all of the following. They help women who are domestic violence survivors get safe and back on track..

  • Counseling
  • Disease Prevention
  • Substance Abuse Prevention Programs
  • Health and Nutrition Education, including Exercise
  • Parenting Skills
  • Employment Training
  • Educational Services, include ESL and GED
  • Work, including home based jobs.

After all, the grants being provided to local agencies were intended to not only provide immediate shelter, but the intent was always to offer related assistance for victims of family violence and their dependents. The funding will support the establishment, maintenance and expansion of assistance programs and related projects to prevent incidents of further family violence, and to ensure that people stay safe. It is important to protect the most vulnerable members of families and end family abuse where it has occurred.

A primary mission is to reduce the incidence and severity of all forms of family violence. The program is open to people of all income, socio-economic status, and personal situations. The main beneficiaries are women and their children who are alleged victims of domestic violence or abuse. Case managers will work with impacted parties in order to prevent family violence, maltreatment and neglect in all its forms, including domestic violence, child abuse and elder abuse.







The Family Violence Prevention Program is paid for by many national organizations, including for Children and Families (ACF), the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), and also the Family Violence Prevention and Services (Indian Tribes).

Free confidential hotline for domestic and family violence

If you, or someone you know is the victim of or is currently experiencing domestic violence, dial the National Domestic Violence Hotline. Women can call it as well to be safe. Dial 800-799-7233 to get information on the various assistance programs.

By Jon McNamara

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