Fairfax County Salvation Army assistance programs.

Low income families that live in Fairfax County can get help from the Salvation Army. The non-profit provides support to the needy, senior citizens, and people living in poverty. The charity will not only offer emergency financial assistance when possible, bu case management and social services are emphasized.

The location can assist with some of the more common requests of families facing a crisis. These tend to be grants to pay heating bills during the winter or rental costs. Maybe the most other common request in Fairfax County is for the Salvation Army food pantry. So these needs can be met as well as many others, including free Christmas gifts from Angel Tree.

However this center also assists with more unusual requests as well. As examples, there is an after school program for children from low income households. This also help parents that are working and have “latch key” kids or immigrants. There is also a Women’s Auxiliary as well as worship service coordinated by the Salvation Army.

In total, almost 15,000 households are assisted per year. Many of them have an income that is just a fraction of the area median of $100,000 per year. Many of the clients are also senior citizens or the disabled too that are struggling on a fixed income. The Fairfax County Virginia Salvation Army helps people regardless of race, religion, age, or faith.

Programs from the Fairfax Salvation Army

Applications for Social Services/Financial aid are accepted Monday to Friday. With thousands of families struggling, the Salvation Army does its best to meet demand but many referrals are given. When they can't help they can direct clients to DSS food stamps application sites or rental vouchers from section 8, among other resources.

The Salvation Army in Fairfax County will provide cash grants to pay for heating or gas bills during the winter. If a family is out of options when it comes to housing, then short term rent help may be issued as well to keep people sheltered. Another Social Service will solve medical needs. This is covered in the form of vouchers to pay for prescription drugs or referrals to clinics in Northern Virginia.





Referrals are also given to partners as well. The location is a key partner of the Washington Area Fuel Fund (which helps during the winter) and the state of Virginia EnergyShare utility bill program. Both of these may free up a household's income for other needs.

With tenants of thousands of children living in poverty, many do not get the holiday or seasonal help they need. This is one main reason the Salvation Army provides free toys and Christmas presents from Angel Tree. Donations of games, dolls for girls, trucks for boys, winter jackets, and other items are for children of all backgrounds. Many single moms and immigrants also enroll into the Angel Tree.

Free school supplies in Fairfax County are also issued. The Salvation Army collects pens, pencils, uniforms, backpacks, and more. They pass them out during the summer or fall months to children from very low income families.

Kids can also sign up for the Gospel Arts Program. There are dozens of teenagers and school aged children that take part in this. There are mentors that help them study, read books to them, and partner with children on their spiritual or educational development. Snacks and meals may also be given to them.

The food pantry is also used by a decent percentage of the almost 1,000,000 people in Fairfax County. When an emergency strikes (such as a job loss, illness, unexpected car repair, etc.), the charity may be able to help. The Salvation Army pantry has groceries, baby formula or supplies, and more. There may even be special holiday food baskets.




Two other services worth mentioning include a thrift store as well as clothing closet. Both have clothes, household goods, appliances for the kitchen, and those items that people often struggle to buy for their home or apartment. The Fairfax County Salvation Army may offer vouchers to pay for these goods, or some are sold at a low price.

An excessive number of people live in poverty or struggle from time to time. The Fairfax County Salvation Army does its best to give them relief and support when this occurs. Not only is financial help given as noted, but they also-stress case management and employment. The location is 4915 Ox Road, Fairfax, VA 22030. Dial (703) 385-8700.


By Jon McNamara

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