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Food pantries, soup kitchens and free food banks in Buffalo and Erie County.

Food banks in Erie County and Buffalo New York will help the low income families as well as people with no money or income across the western New York area. Some centers offer hot meals, including at Christmas or Thanksgiving, as well as other forms of assistance This will be in addition to the free or low cost boxes of groceries. Find a free emergency food pantry near you in Erie County NY and Buffalo. Or use the referral number at the bottom of the page for more resources for single mothers, the disabled or senior citizens in the area.

While certain facilities cover the entire county, other drive-thru pantries, food banks as well as soup kitchens in Buffalo focus on local neighborhoods, towns, or even zip codes. However even if there is not a pantry in your neighborhood, then call a nearby one and more than likely you will get a referral. Many of the organizations have information on a local non-profit, charity or some type of organization that passes out free groceries today in the Buffalo NY area and that is convenient to you. For example, many free food distribution centers or places for hot meals are even located in churches throughout the area.

In addition to providing food, groceries, government commodities, free baby formula. Christmas or Thanksgiving meal as well as perishable goods, some locations may offer personal hygiene stuff or paper products, such as toilet paper. At the very least get information on nearby charities, non-profits, or state of New York or federal government benefit program, such as SNAP food stamps in NY or Meals on Wheels home delivery in Erie County.

Get free food in Buffalo NY area for low-income families

Alden Marilla Community Food Pantry
St. Aidan's Episcopal Church, 13021 Main Street, Alden  NY 14004. Call (716) 937-6922
The pantry supports Towns of Alden & Marilla, area School District, and zip code 14004.

AIDS Family Service Food Pantry
1092 Main St, Buffalo, NY 14209. Phone: (716) 852-1142
Only residents of zip code 14209 can get help.

Antioch Baptist Church
Address - 1327 Fillmore Avenue, Buffalo NY 14211. Church phone number - (716) 895-0198
Low income residents of zip code 14211 can get free food.. The location may have a bag of groceries, fruits, or other perishable goods. There is also a free drive-thru food pantry for easier access.




Salvation Army - Emergency Family Assistance
There are multiple free emergency food pantries, soup kitchens, and financial assistance programs. Resources range from free canned groceries to baby formula, Thanksgiving or Christmas dinners, winter jackets and more. Get Cereal (Hot & Cold), canned meat, dairy, Ensure for the elderly, and even Meals on Wheels or school snacks for students. The pantry will also have paper products, laundry detergent, soap and hygiene supplies.

  • 960 Main Street, Buffalo NY 14202, (716) 883-9800, Salvation Army branches can also provide clothing, food items, low income programs, social services, and possibly even financial assistance for bills and rent.
  • 46 Broad Street, Tonawanda NY 14151, Phone number - (716) 693-3110. Call the Salvation Army for food, clothing, non-financial aid, help with bills and rent, and other social services
  • Hispanic Services - Salvation Army of Buffalo, Center address - 187 Grant Street, Buffalo New York 14213. Call (716) 886-5772. Covers all of Erie County NY. Many assistance programs and social services are available. A focus is on migrants, immigrants, and Spanish speakers. Cultural meals or groceries, ESL classes and other aid.
  • Find other programs and locations from Erie County NY and Buffalo Salvation Army.

Brighton Food Pantry
Address of the facility - 1225 Brighton Road, Tonawanda New York 14150. Call (716) 832-4889
Serving: Tonawanda Township, 14150, some Amherst 14226.

Friends of Night People
394 Hudson Street, Buffalo, NY 14201. Call 716-884-5375
The food pantry may have rice, cereal, and other grocery items. There are also Thanksgiving, Easter, and Christmas meals given to the needy. There is also a soup kitchen for homeless people in Buffalo NY, with free bag lunches, breakfast or lunch meal and hygiene supplies.

Belle Center Food Pantry
Main address: 104 Maryland Street, Buffalo, New York 14201. Call 716-845-0485

Greater Works Christian Fellowship
210 Southampton, Buffalo, NY 14208. Call 716-887-2301
Volunteers collect donations. They also offer applications to USDA Commodities, the The Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP), and other benefits. The Erie County non-profit may also have clothing and a Meals on Wheels service for senior citizens. There are also free Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas food baskets for the low-income in Erie County.

Community Action Information Center
103 Wohlers Ave, Buffalo NY 14208. Dial (716) 885-5925
Serving: Deliveries made ONLY in immediate area of 103 Wohlers. Service certain parts of: 14208, 14209, 14211 & 14212, portions of these zip codes call for further info. Other programs may be USDA Commodities, information on SNAP, and more.





Another Erie County community action agency - CAO if Erie County
45 Jewett Ave, Buffalo, NY 14214. Call (716)881-5150.

They offer a wide range of free food, baby supplies, infant formula, government grants and more. Work with a case manager to apply for emergency food stamps, government grants, job programs and more. There may also be USDA commodities, furniture, and kitchen pots or pans as well as cooking supplies. Continue with Erie County NY Community Action agency.

  • Edward Saunders Center - Community Action Organization, Main office address - 2777 Bailey Avenue, Buffalo New York 14215. Phone  (716) 332-4381. Services support all regions of Erie County NY. Community action agencies can provide food, commodities, household supplies, and even help for bills and housing expenses.

Eden North Collins Food Pantry
2059 Franklin St, North Collins, NY 14111. Call (716) 374-5683
The towns and villages of Lawton, Eden, Town of Collins Center, North Collins, and Town of Collins can all contact this pantry for food and referrals.

Seneca Nation Tribal Advocate
Address of the main office is 12885 Route 438, Irving NY 14081. Dial (716) 532-4900

JFK Community Center - Emergency Services Division - CAO
70 Harvard Place,  Buffalo New York 14209. Phone number - (716) 332-4554
Part of the non-profit community action agency. Has referrals to local charities, churches, and even federal resources, such as SNAP applications and the Commodity Supplemental Food Program.

14 Holy Helpers Sharing Committee
1345 Indian Church Road, West Seneca, NY 14224. Call 716-674-3299

Catholic Charities of Erie County
They have multiple locations, churches, and assistance programs.  They do include free food, holiday meals, and personal toiletries. Get  food, toiletries, laundry detergent, beans, snacks, Christmas baskets, perishable fruits, meat and more. Some centers have free pet food for low-income families in the Buffalo area, including cat or dog food too.

  • Catholic Central Helping Hands, Address : 350 Dewey Ave, Buffalo, NY 14214. The hours are : 9am - 12 pm Friday and Saturday. For coverage, the non-profit is only serving residents in zip codes 14214 and 14215. What is available includes dry, canned foods, meat, bread, cereals, diapers, infant formula may be offered from this free pantry in Erie County.
  • Catholic Charities Rich Street, 930 Genesee Street, Buffalo, NY 14211. Call  (716)332-1168
  • 350 Dewey Avenue, Buffalo, NY 14214. Dial (716) 800-1075
  • Catholic Charities South Buffalo Pantry is at 920 Tifft Street, Buffalo, NY 14220. Phone (716)332-1168
  • Blessed Sacrament - Catholic Charities is at 263 Claremont Avenue, Buffalo NY 14223, dial (716) 837-2544. Serving: Town of Tonawanda, 14223.. Other services may include information on Emergency Food Assistance Program, WIC, and public benefits.
  • St. Mary of Sorrows, Address - 930 Genesee Street, Buffalo NY 14211, phone  (716) 835-6894. The East Side of Buffalo covered by this Catholic Charities.
  • Fulton St Brigid Pantry - Catholic Charities, Address - 170 Fulton Street, Buffalo  NY 14204. Phone number of pantry - (716) 853-4456
  • South Buffalo area Catholic Charities is at 75 Caldwell Place, Lackawanna NY 14218. Call (716) 824-5482. Catholic Charities serves people of all income, backgrounds, and religions. Groceries, food, clothing, and information on New York and federal government programs are provided.
  • Lovejoy Parish Outreach, 139 North Ogden Street, Buffalo NY 14206. Phone (716) 312-7510. This particular Catholic Charities focuses its support on the Lovejoy NY area.
  • Lackawanna Catholic Charities, Address - 75 Caldwell Place, Lackawanna New York 14218. Phone - (716) 824-4760. Catholic Charities are a great place to stop by or call. Can be a great referral for the working poor, unemployed, and those who are struggling.





Hananiah Lutheran Church
Main location: 900 Genesee Street, Buffalo, New York 14211. Phone: 716-240-9476
Programs range from SNAP food stamps to USDA summer lunches/breakfasts for low income students.

Society of St. Vincent de Paul parishes and conferences
Volunteers help the poor, disabled, and elderly among others. Get everything from emergency financial aid in Erie County to free clothes, Meals on Wheels applications, Senior Brown Bags, fresh produce and more. There are also furniture items such as stoves, pots or pans, and similar goods.

  • St Vincent De Paul St Amelia, Address of the food bank is 210 St Amelia Drive, Tonawanda  NY 14150. Dial (716) 836-0011. Call them for access and information on assistance.
  • St Vincent DePaul - St Francis is at 73 Adam Street, Tonawanda  NY 14150. Dial (716) 693-6247. Call for free food, charities, information on government food programs, and other services.

Urban Human Services Center of Western New York
1081 Broadway, Buffalo, NY 14212. Dial 716-893-7222

When the pantry is not available to meet the need, gift cards for critical food items at a grocery store may be given out.

Primera Food Pantry
62 Virginia Street, Buffalo, NY 14201. Call (716)845-6097

Provisions 139
139 Vermont Street, Buffalo, NY 14213. Main number is (716)884-5375

Iglesia El Calvario
211 East Street, Buffalo, New York 14207. Call 716-440-3410

North Buffalo Food Pantry
2 Wallace Avenue, Buffalo, NY 14214. Dial (716)836-1361

O.l.v. St Vincent Depaul Society
767 Ridge Road, Lackawanna, NY 14218. Phone (716)828-9444
They help the unemployed, single moms in Erie County and people with no money get free food, groceries and more. The low-income will get kitchen stuff, cereal, milk, dairy, and Ensure for senior citizens. Or get free holiday food baskets, meat, tuna, eggs and bread.

Upper Room Church of God In Christ
Address is 131 Florida Street, Buffalo, New York 14208. Dial the center at 716-893-6987
A soup kitchen and free food bank are on site. The homeless and working poor can get help.

Group Ministries Inc.
1333 Jefferson Avenue, Buffalo NY 14208. Telephone - (716) 883-4367
In order to qualify for food, need to live in zip code 14208.

Hispanics United of Buffalo
254 Virginia Street, Buffalo New York 14201. Phone number - (716) 856-7110
A second center, similar to above, and also covers the entire county. Immigrants among others can get free groceries and food boxes.

St. John the Baptist Church
6895 Boston Cross Road,  Boston  NY 14025. Call (716) 941-3549

Tabernacle Food Pantry
Address - 3185 Orchard Park Road, Orchard Park New York 14127. Phone number - (716) 712-1731
Orchard Park low income, unemployed, and needy can call this facility.

Buffalo Dream Center
Location - 286 Lafayette Ave, Buffalo, NY 14213. Call for help - (716) 854-1001
Clients range from immigrants to the elderly to disabled. Free food, USDA Commodities, fresh produce, and other grocery items are available from the Erie County non-profit.





TJ Dulski Community Center
Address: 129 Lewis Street, Buffalo  NY 14206. Main number - (716) 893-7222
A free emergency Food Pantry and drive thru is on site. Both of the TJ centers are similar, but there is more than one location in Erie County and Buffalo. There is also meals on Wheels home delivery for seniors and disabled people, free personal toiletries, cereal, infant milk and other items.

Seneca Babcock Community Center
1168 Seneca Street, Buffalo, New York 14210. Main phone: 716-822-5094
The food bank may have groceries, paper products, and toiletries too. Families living in poverty, the disabled, and working poor can apply for help.

Love INC (Love In The Name of Christ)
Address of the food distribution center is 62 E Main St, Springville, NY 14141. Telephone - (716) 592-3761

St Christopher Parish Outreach
530 Ellicott Creek Road, Tonawanda New York 14150. Dial - (716) 564-9023
A soup kitchen is run too.

St Lawrence Parish Outreach
25 Roma Ave, Buffalo, NY 14215. Phone number - (716) 896-0047
The 14215 zip code can get assistance from this food bank.

Macedonia Baptist Church
The free food pantry is at 237 E North Street, Buffalo, NY 14204. Phone: 716-886-3489

Buffalo Urban League
15 Genesee St, Buffalo, NY 14203. Telephone: (716) 250-2400
The Urban League can provide financial assistance, food, items such as rent help, and referrals to anyone in the City of Buffalo. A major focus is on helping single mothers, minorities and the poor get free food, applications to USDA commodities, government support and other help.

St. Casimir Church
Location is 1833 Clinton Street, Buffalo, NY 14206. Main phone number is (716) 891-8753
The free emergency pantry may have vegetables, fruits, canned meats, and fruit juices, Canned Vegetables, and paper goods too, like napkins or toilet paper.

Hearts Harvest for the Homeless
A free Food Pantry and meal site is at 870 Tonawanda Street, Buffalo, NY 14207. Call (716)877-3536

Network Of Religious Communities
1272 Delaware Avenue, Buffalo, New York 14209. Dial (716)882-7705
Various parishes and churches are in the Erie County region. Canned soups and stews, soap, laundry detergent, spaghetti and sauce, instant milk and more. Drive thru food bank is also offered for low-income families in the Erie County community.

New Covenant United Church Of Christ
459 Clinton Street, Buffalo, NY 14204. Dial (716)856-3392

St. Patrick Pantry
Location is 1119 William Street, Buffalo, NY 14206. Dial (716)768-4717

Response To Love Kitchen
130 Kosciuszko Street, Buffalo, NY 14212. Call (716)894-7030
There Is A Free Food Pantry And Soup Kitchen On Site. Box lunches, free breakfast for the poor or homeless in Erie County, Christmas and Thanksgiving and more.

Old First Ward - Buffalo River
62 Republic Street, Buffalo, NY 14204. Call 716-856-8613
The charity operates Meals on Wheels and can feed new children/babies by offering infant formula. There may also be household cleaning supplies at the pantry. Limited coverage area. The pantry only serves portions of 14204 and 14210 zip codes.

Buffalo Lutheran
900 Genesee Street, Buffalo New York 14211. Dial for help - (716) 892-7682
The food pantry can provide perishable and non-perishable items across Erie County New York.

Calvary Missionary Baptist Church
Address is 1184 Genesee Street, Buffalo NY 14211. Dial - (716) 895-3642
Zip code in Buffalo of 14211. The Erie County pantry has beans, Ensure for the elderly, canned chicken, and other items.

Church of Sts Peter and Paul Parish Outreach
Address is 36 Pine Street, Hamburg NY 14075 . Phone - (716) 648-1725
The greater Hamburg NY area can get free food from this church.

Citizens Community Development Corporation
134 William Street, Buffalo NY 14204. Call (716) 852-2324
Many USDA programs are run from this Erie County agency. Whether it is applications to food stamps or WIC - Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children, or details on housing, resources are offered.

Episcopal Good Shepherd
96 Jewett Parkway,
Buffalo NY 14214-2322
Tele: (716) 833-1151
Provides food to North & East Buffalo, zip codes 14214 up to Amherst Street, and also the regions of 14215 and 14216.

Evangel Food Pantry - Morlock Foundation
8180 Greiner Road, Buffalo New York 14221
Telephone - (716) 842-1300
Towns of Williamsville., Clarence, East Amherst New York can call for food assistance.

Evangelistic E's Food Pantry
47 Ellwood Place, Cheektowaga  New York 14225
(716) 895-0311
Free groceries can be given in a crisis. Applicants need proof of income and residency.

Expressway Assembly of God
Food pantry address - 260 Eggert Road, Buffalo NY 14211
Phone number - (716) 893-8112
Zip code served = 14215

Farmworker Training & Employment Services - PathStone Corporation
419 Central Avenue, Dunkirk NY 14048
(716) 366-9015
Pathstone provides all sorts of help, for housing issues, food, heating and utilities, and even mortgage support.

Feed My Sheep Ministries Food Pantry
Address - 6619 Southwestern Blvd., P.O. Box 10, Lakeview NY 14085
(716) 627-2183
Towns supported by this pantry include Hamburg, Lakeview and Eden.

FISH of East Aurora Inc
Harry Looman Memorial Building, 960 East Main Street, East Aurora NY 14052
Telephone number - (716) 652-7272
Zip codes 14140, 14052, 14059, 14102, 14139, 14169, 14080, 14170.

Food Pantry in Depew
20 French Road, Depew NY 14043
(716) 206-0387

Food Bank - Urban Christian Ministries
967 Jefferson Avenue, Buffalo New York 14204
Dial - (716) 882-9472
Serving: 14204.
Hot meals, including Christmas assistance, may be offered in the Buffalo region. This is in addition to canned goods.

Deliverance Temple
179 Sherman Ave
Buffalo, New York 14212
The assistance includes a free emergency food bank for the poor, winter clothes, and other help.







Madania Compassion
Main address is 150 Sobieski St
Buffalo, NY 14212
For hours, call 716-703-0622

St. Lukes Mission Of Mercy
Address of food bank is 325 Walden Avenue
Buffalo, NY 14211
Low income families, the elderly, disabled and single moms among others can get help. Free Easter, Thanksgiving or Christmas baskets, Rice, cereal, dairy, meat and more.

GEF Pantry
461 Masten Avenue, Buffalo New York 14209
Call for help - (716) 883-5327

Geri Lyons Food Shelf - First Presbyterian Church
One Symphony Circle, Buffalo New York 14201
Call the charity at (716) 884-7250

Good Shepherd Lutheran Church
2669 Sheridan Drive, Tonawanda New York 14150 9413
(716) 832-5390
Free meals, boxes of food, formula, and more is available for the working poor and seniors. Not only are groceries offered, but work and school clothes for the unemployed and students.

Grace Lutheran
174 Cazenovia Street, Buffalo  NY 14210
Phone number of pantry - (716) 822-3267
Zip code of 14210 is supported by the pantry. Everything from cleaning supplies to dairy, meats, fruits, and vegetables may be passed out by the food pantry.

Family Help Center
Main address is 60 Dingens Street

Buffalo, New York 14206
Phone: 716-822-0919
The charity provides free groceries, perishable food, meats, and more. Case managers also help women, including low income single moms in Erie County, apply for WIC vouchers for baby formula.

St Marthas Pantry
Location: 10 French Road
Depew, NY 14043
Dial the pantry at 716-206-0387

Humboldt Parkway Food Pantry
Address - 790 Humboldt Parkway, Buffalo NY 14211
Dial for help - (716) 896-4363
Will also partner with other groups, or have referrals to Meals on Wheels for the elderly in Erie County.

Jasper Parrish Food Pantry
Food pantry address - 6 Jasper Parris Drive, Buffalo NY 14207
Call - (716) 873-2362
In addition to emergency boxes of food, free Thanksgiving turkey meals and Christmas food baskets are offered to income qualified Buffalo families.

Joan A Male Food Pantry
Address is 60 Dingens Street, Buffalo NY 14206
Call (716) 822-0919 for information.
Among other things, the site will distribute fresh produce and bags of free or low cost food to families with children.

Lake Shore Pantry - All Saints Lutheran Church
Address of the facility - 6065 South Park Avenue, Hamburg NY 14075
Phone number - (716) 649-7674
Hamburg New York and surrounding areas can get food from this church/pantry.

Living Water Fellowship Food Pantry
383 Pine Ridge Road, Cheektowaga NY 14225
(716) 393-3695
The pantry serves all areas of zip codes 14225 and parts of 14211 and 14215 as well.

Lt Col Matt Urban Human Services Center of WNY
Address of the center - 1081 Broadway, Buffalo NY 14212
(716) 893-7222
Cheektowaga as well as Buffalo NY and the zip codes of 14212, 14211, and 14206 can all apply for help or free food. Apply for Commodity Supplemental Food Program and other public aid.

  • There is also another free food pantry and soup kitchen at 1081 Broadway, Buffalo NY 14212. Phone number - (716) 893-7222. Get free hygiene supplies, paper goods, groceries, soap, detergent and more.
  • Or try the Matt Urban HOPE Center at 385 Paderewski Drive, Buffalo New York 14212. Dial for help - (716) 893-7222. Part of a network of centers. Frozen foods, rice, breads, and other canned goods are offered in western New York.

Native American Community Services
Facility address - 1005 Grant Street, Buffalo  NY 14207
Call the pantry at (716) 874-4460

Network of Religious Communities
1272 Delaware Avenue, Buffalo NY 14209
(716) 882-4793
Various churches, religious facility, and charities help individuals all across Erie County NY.

New Beginnings Food Pantry
Address - 100 Willow Ridge Drive
Amherst  NY 14228
(716) 691-9456
Amherst NY and zip codes of 14228 and part of 14051 can apply for free food or assistance.

New Covenant Tabernacle Food Pantry
345 McConkey Drive, Kenmore NY 14223
Telephone number - (716) 877-9882
Zip codes of 14217 & 14223 can get free food or other forms of aid.

New Hope Baptist Church
543 Richmond Avenue, Buffalo NY 14222
Dial - (716) 883-0821
Fruits, vegetables, rice, Thanksgiving and Christmas meals, and more is served.

New Venture Housing Program - CAO
Address of the center - 99 Harvard Place, Buffalo NY 14209
Phone number - (716) 881-6277
Erie County low income residents and individuals can apply for help or free food.

Operation Good Neighbor Food Pantry - Angola
Food banks - 17 Prospect, Angola  NY 14006
Telephone number - (716) 627-5194
The Town of Evans, Brant, Eden, North Eden, and Angola are all served by the agency.

Refuge Temple Church
Address of the center - 943 Jefferson Avenue, Buffalo NY 14204
Telephone - (716) 886-2199
City of Buffalo.

Resurrection Life Fellowship Food Pantry
Address of the center - 2145 Old Union Road, Cheektowaga NY 14227
Phone number - (716) 656-8995
Only individuals and families of zip codes of 14225 and 14227 can get help.

Resurrection Lutheran Pantry
Office location - 3 Doat Street, Buffalo  NY 14211
Call for help - (716) 892-2489





SBC Food Pantry
Address of the center - 18 Church Street, Lackawanna NY 14218
Phone number - (716) 826-4940
Only South Buffalo and Lackawanna areas can get help from the pantry.

Sister Mary Josette Food Pantry at Villa Maria College
240 Pine Ridge Road, Buffalo NY 14225
Call (716) 961-2860 for free food, groceries, and other forms of non-financial support.

South Buffalo Community Table Inc.
Address of pantry - 187 Southside Parkway, P.O. Box 1067, Buffalo NY 14220
(716) 822-3193
South Buffalo and surrounding areas.

St Casimir Church
1833 Clinton Street
Buffalo, NY 14206
Volunteer serve the homeless and lonely warm holiday meals from the kitchen.

St Leo the Great R C Church Food Pantry
885 Sweet Home Road, Amherst NY 14226
Main number is (716) 835-8905
Amherst, NY region can get food from this pantry. Call for information, free food, support, and other resources.

St Luke AME Zion Church
314 East Ferry Street, Buffalo New York 14208
Phone number - (716) 883-0961
Clothing and food pantry, weekly.
Turkey giveaways at Thanksgiving.
Prayer and support daily.
Senior Brown Bags, cans of pasta, groceries, and more is distributed.

St Luke Food Pantry
Food pantry address - 900 Maryvale Drive, Cheektowaga  NY 14225
(716) 633-6752
Dial for help - 14225.

St. Matthews Gem II Food Pantry
Pantry address - 115 Kamper Avenue, Buffalo  NY 14210
Phone - (716) 822-4830
Buffalo, NY and the 14210 area code is supported. The church helps feed the poor, homeless, and disadvantaged.

St. Patrick Food Pantry
Center address - 102 Seymour Street, Buffalo NY 14210
Phone number - (716) 856-5790

St Philips Episcopal Church Food Pantry
15 Fernhill Avenue, Buffalo NY 14215
Phone number - (716) 833-0442
The Erie County center may have an on site food pantry with dry and canned goods, free paper products, and personal toiletries to those in need.

St Simons Mission Fund
Location is 200 Cazenovia Street, Buffalo NY 14210
Telephone number - (716) 822-1901

Edison Street Manna from Heaven
28 Edison Avenue
Buffalo, New York 14215
Phone: 716-895-8337
Social services and assistance programs stop hunger. Children can get free food, students sign up for weekend backpack program, and other groceries are given too.







First Shiloh Baptist Church
15 Pine Street
Buffalo, New York 14204
For hours, dial 716-847-6555

Taste of Faith Food Pantry
594 Winslow Avenue
Buffalo, NY 14211
The pantry may have canned meat, tuna, pasta, sauce, dairy, and other grocery item.

Tri Community Food Pantry
544 Gould Avenue, Depew New York 14043
Call the center at (716) 308-7352

Black Rock Riverside Emergency Food Pantry
Location - 357 Ontario Street, Buffalo, NY. Call (716) 875-1523
Serving: 14207, parts of 14217 and parts of 14216.
When out of options, this charity may be able to help. The low income, needy, and homeless all use the center for their needs.

Trinity Pantry
5448 Broadway,
Lancaster New York 14086
(716) 683-1111
Residents of the following towns in NY can get food, including Lancaster, Bowmansville., and Elma.

True Bethel Charities
Location of the food pantry is 594 Winslow Avenue, Buffalo NY 14211
(716) 895-7019

Union Presbyterian Church Food Ministry
67 Lake Avenue, Blasdell  NY 14219
Call for help or assistance - (716) 823-5137
If you need help, the pantry at this church may be able to assist. Basic needs, clothing, food, groceries, and frozen items are passed out.

University Presbyterian Church Food Pantry
3334 Main Street, Buffalo  NY 14214
(716) 836-7660
Mostly North Buffalo is covered by the food bank, including zip codes 14068,14214,14216,14221, (parts of 14223 call for specifics), 14226,14228,14260, and 14261.

Valley Community Association Center
93 Leddy Street, Buffalo New York 14210
(716) 823-4707
Erie County is the region covered by this center.

Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 77
57 Main Street, Tonawanda, New York 14150
(716) 693-4479
Both Veterans in Erie and Niagara Counties in New York can get help.

Warsaw Area Food Pantry
10-22 South Main Street, P.O. Box 205
Warsaw NY 14569
Telephone number - (585) 786-3868

Additional free food programs in Erie County New York

For more details or referrals to free food pantries and/or distribution center in Erie County near you, dial 716.852.1305. Find everything from Meals on Wheels to free pet food or help from Feeding America in Erie County NY. There are also referrals to soup kitchens, government assistance programs including SNAP from the USDA or other organizations, senior meals, vouchers to by groceries and other support.


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